Chapter 4

Life without a mother's love

Menzi (Ndlovu junior)

I watched her as she was making her way to the shower her chubby body going left and right big curves big behind and small boobs not to talk about her Fupa(Fat belly) but she really looks beautiful

I went downstairs to make her coffee and light heater she came down wearing my t-shirt and towel rapped around her waist

Menzi:Are you done 

Ayanda:Yes I am done but with my big body your sweatpants couldn't fit(She looked down)

Menzi:It's okay um lemme go and checkI think I have something that will fit you 


Menzi:Sit down and drink your coffee before it gets cold 

I went to my brothers room he has a wide muscular body surely his sweatpants will fit her but I have pray that he doesn't get home early or I'll never hear the end of itShe fitted good in my brother sweatpants I was now jealous argh 

My name is Menziwa Ndlovu junior(32years)the son of the most famous Ndlovu senior the eldest son you what does that mean right? that I have to get married before taking over my father worse of it all he is the one choosing a wife for me that's what I hate about my father he always wanna control us everything that we do must be about him not us.

We've been watching money heists for more than two hours Yanda is so talkative she has been complaining about how after every five minutes they pointing guns at each other

wow I thought she would be asleep by now but no still complaining

Ayanda:You know what I hate about this kind of movies they turn us into idiots I mean every five minutes they pointing at each other with guns nothing interesting at all the director needs to re write this serie

Menzi:But it is great....(Didn't let me finish)

Ayanda:It can never be great I'll never watch this kinda of series again better watch Tyler Perry and cry till the end of it than this I'm actually hungry from watching this 

Menzi:We can order while we finish this episode

Ayanda:Haaa Menzi we've been watching this for the 100 times now 

Menzi:(Laughing) Okay finechoose your own 

She side smile and took the remote away from me and guess what we will be watching *Diary of a black mad woman* I can't believe this 

Menzi:Are you for real now?(annoyed)

Ayanda:You know you gonna love it I haven't got enough time to watch it so now it is 

Menzi:I feel like I'll be sleeping through out the whole episode

Ayanda: Whatever Menzi


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