Chapter 3

Life without a mother's love


After my meeting with the lawyer at the Ndlovu law firm we went to check on few apartments and drove my car to serviceit was already giving me problems so I had to Phila called and bolt to take him back to work while I go chill in the park to my surprise Durban weather just changed getting me wet as ever mind you I didn't even have my umbrella with me I ran down the road trying to call an Uber until this black BMW stop in front of me did he/she really wanna kill me in this kind of weather wow the window opened and I rolled my eyes

Me:You could have killed me yet you still smile like a fool

Driver:Sorry Ntokazi get in and I'll drop you off 

Me:Do you really think I could go with a stranger worst the same stranger that tried to kill me

Driver(Guy):My bad but luckily I did not hit you now get in you get in you'll catch cold

Me:I'm not getting in you could be a human traffickerI'll wait for bolt

Driver(Guy):Who's gonna allow you get in their car that wet

Me:You just did mos 


He drove away like seriously did he go

I was just being big head but I know he was right nobody is gonna allow me in their car this wet I looked at the road there he was taking a u-Turn 

Guy:I'm not asking you now get in the car(He was so bold I couldn't fight him anymore I got in and he turned on the heater

Guy:I'm Menzi and you are??

Me: Ayanda

Guy: Right okay Ayanda I'm taking you to my house you'll change and I'll drive you later after this rain 

I nodded and looked outside the window

Guy:Words please

Me:(Sigh)Fine but even if it still rains I have to get to work around eight 

Guy:(Chuckle)Fine then I will drive you

Me:Look Menzi I didn't have a problem with waiting in the rain but I don't want you feeling like I'm using your kindness you've already done alot the rest I'll manage

Guy:I still insist Ntokazi I'll drive you to work

Me:(Roll my eyes) Okay but I'll need my uniform

Guy:After being tucked in warm clothes we will go and get them 


Guy:Why what 

Me:Being kind to me I mean alot of guys out there do things waiting for something in return so what's your price

Guy:(Chuckle)I get you but you have to understand that I am not "most guys" yes alot of guys do that but I want nothing from youjust another child helping another one in need 


The car stopped and I didn't even realize that we've even got in the garage we got out and wow it is a beautiful house surely his girlfriend or wife knows what they doblack and white only I could even see myself in the tiles

Me:Uhm you've got a beautiful place

Guy: Thanks you can take a shower while I take out clothes for you come this way

Me: what will you wife think if she finds me taking a shower in her bathroom

Guy:(Laughed) Don't worry I don't have a wife

Me: Okay thanks

Guy:No sweat


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