Chapter 10

Life without a mother's love

Menziwa Ndlovu (Menzi)

I messed up big timeif it wasn't for father I wouldn't be here yes only a week left before I get married I've been hanging alot lately with my choosen wife she's good but I can't choose her over Mama(Ayanda)argh my father already choose her

Me:Ntombi I'm sorry for what happened just now but please call Uber I have to go

Ntombi:You running after her seriously Menzi we getting married in a week and you still running after her

Me:I'll explain later(I left her money and drove home with Mduduzi busy Calling me I answered)


Mdu:Whoa whoa am in Balitors and guess what Ntombi is here having lunch

Me:I already know I'll call you later man(Hung up)

I arrived at our home open the gate didn't even park the car went straight into the house



Mama I can explain where are you I ran upstairs to our bedroom and she was nowhere to be found just as I was about to close the door I saw five sticks on the bed I went close I couldn't believe this am I dreaming or seeing thing Ayanda is pregnant (sigh)I'm going to be a father (Smile)Wow(one tear fell down).Now I've got more reason to fight for her I can't leave her nor my child both of them are my life I took one stick and called her phone went straight to voicemail. Wait she was with karabo she might be at her house cause Phila is not aroundgot my keys drove to her apartment

I took deep breath before knocking

Door opens 

Karabo:Menzi you not welcomed here leave

Me:I just want to talk to my woman Kay nothing more please

Karabo:She made it clear that she doesn't want to talk to you

Me:Damn Kay she's carrying my child at some point we have to talk 

She sighed and opened the door wider I got in and she showed me her room 

I knocked once it went unanswered I got in and found her sleeping so peacefulI went close to her brushed her hair back she slowly opened her eyes 


She eyes fully opened and tears streamed down I hate it when she's this broken and to think that I'm about to break her again fuck I hate my father right now

Her:Leave Menziwa just go I don't wanna see you

Me:I'm gonna leave but not until I've explained everything to you and I also found this on our bed(I took out the pregnancy stick

I don't wanna see you

Me:I'm gonna leave but not until I've explained everything to you and I also found this on our bed(I took out the pregnancy stickshe took it and looked at it with more tears streamedI went close to her hugged her tightshe tried escaping from my hug but I tightened up)

Her:(Crying)I'm pregnant Menzi and you gonna leave me alone with this baby I don't want itno I can not allow him to come in this cruel world without you by his side.

She looked at me 

Her:(Crying)Am I not enough?Why did you cheat on me why MenziDid you sleep with her?Answer me damnit.

Me:No mama you are enough sometimes we do things to make others happy not being aware that at the end our decision hurt the once we love listen that lady you saw me with todayshe's my choosen wife(She escaped from my grip and looked at me)Like you know that I'm the eldest sonI have to take after my father now it's time for me to take over but before Dad want me to get married to his choice before I can take overso in a week I'll be getting married to herI was just spending few moments with her trying to find something that will make dad believe that she's not good as he think and I didn't not sleep with her Mama I swear

Her:(Crying)Wow Menzi you only telling me this nowwhen you getting married in few daysif I didn't catch you today would you have told me?

I looked down 

Her:(Shouting)You know what fuck off Menzigo to hellmarry who ever you want forget about me leave me alone Menzi just leavego go( breakdownI hate this man)

Her:(Crying)Hamba Menzi leave

I stood up and walked to the door 

Me:I love you mamaI promise I'll solve thisI promise to come back to you and my son(sigh)I left


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