Lihle:Woah girlfriend before killing I still have a man to ride 

I laughed at her and hung upBooked into a hotel for 3days and went to buy food and wine actually that was my plan until I met with this hottie

Him:Hey Beautiful

I smiled at himI honestly needed distraction or I will be crazy but I played hard to get

Him:so you just going to smile at me by the way I'm Thabang

Me:Hello Thabang but I really didn't say I wanted a friend or company

Him:I can see that my Queen is really not on a good moodbut I saw you checked on the hotelI wanted to make friends since I'm new here I might need someone that knows the place more than me

Me:And what makes you think I'm not new here

Him:I goggled you

Me: mean you were stalking me

Him:Not that really but please understand

Me:I'll only understand if you buy food and cocktails

He smiled

Him:I guess I won after a hard match 

I laughedwe went to order and after sometime we got our food and talkeduntil they were now closing the restaurant

Him:Wow you such a great person actually not as hard like earlier

Me:MxmI'm craving for ice cream

One thing about me when I'm heartbroken or sadI eat alotit helps me not to overthink

Him:We just had alcohol don't you think you should be sleeping

Me:The only thing that's gonna help me sleep is more alcohol or miracle

Him:You must be sadthat you want to drink the pain away

Me:You won't understand

Him: okay let's go in my room I have some sleeping pills they might help

We went to his room

My name is Thabang MoloiI  am a doctor by profession well I used to live in jhb running one of my father's surgery there until my brother moved to AmericaAll my siblings are doctorsand we have family surgeries that dad built for usthey about 4one in Capetown another here and the other 2in jhb since my sister graduated she'll be working on them both with the help of my parentsyes both my parents are doctorsmy brother left us because he wants to be what he wants not What our parents want enough about me and my familythe thing is Bella the first time I saw her I couldn't forgot about herher beauty is unexplained she's calm down respectablemost important she can dressnot in a way I've seen Durban girls dressbut more appropriate.i got sad when I saw on her page people talking about her and her boyfriendever since I tried to talk about that she would brush it off and never let me talkbut she seemed not okay

Me:Are you okay pretty face

Bella:NoI just need to sleep I'll be alright

Me:Okay take two of this and sleep you'll be alright

Bella: okay thanksfor the food and pills

Me:No sweatare you gonna be alright

Tears started to fill in her eyes

Bella:I will she walked out

I followed her locked my room

Me:You know I can be your guard till you fall asleep

Bella:It won't be necessary though

Me:I insist

Bella: Okaywill not fight you

We got into her room she went in her bedgave me a blanket and I made my self to the sofa even if it wasn't comfortable I managed to sleep there.

It was Monday morningI dragged my lazy body to the shower lotioned and got dressed I was starting with my last semester today and I wasn't ready at allI took out my black Jeanwhite t-shirt and black leather jacket with Nike kickscalled room service for breakfast and went to run T water so that he can get readyhe looked so innocent and sleeping peacefullyI squeezed his cheek and he opened his eye

Me:Wakey wakeyy

Him:Ouch my back hurts 

Me:I'm sorryyou could have gone to sleep in your room

Him:it's nothing I'll be fine

Me:I'll take you out for a massage since im the reason your back hurts 

Him:I like the sound of thatwhat time is it

Me:7:30 get up I fixed you a bath and breakfast will be here soon 

He got up and went to the bathroomI checked my phone I had 50 missed calls 3from my parents5from Lihle and the rest from ZweliI wasn't in a mood for himI'm enough and I'll be ending our relationship soon

I called mom 

Mom:Haaaa I thought you already forgot about me

Me:Sorry mama I lost my phone I had to get another onefor temporary

Mom:are you okay 

Me:Yes I am why 

Mom: Nothing I got a call from Lihle telling me she's worried about you

Me:It's nothing mama don't worry

Mom:Okay Ndlovukazi ii need to get ready for work bye I love you

Me:Bye mama I love you more kiss dad and Unathi for me 

Mom:I will 

I hung upand he made his way in with towel on his waist temptation was getting me weak

Me:Need something

Him: Yeah I need clothes

Me: You can wear those once you had and change when you get into your room

Him: I'll be late that's a long process how about you go and get them for me

I nodded yes with my headhe went into his pocket and gave me his card(key card)I took it and went to his roomcame back with a naive blue suit and tie that went up with the suit

Him:A good way to start my Monday

Me:I'm lost 

Him:I always make sure that I start all my Mondays with a naive suit

Me:ohh reallyI take I have same liking like yours 

We laughed and ate breakfast after I was doneI took my car keys 

Him:Can I drop you off to varsityI'll even get you when you outI smiled and said yes even though I wanted to show off my carhim dropping me off would be the start 

Me:Can you take me to La lucia I need to get my few things

Him:I don't know where it is but you'll direct me right

Me:I sure will 

We arrived at my apartment and I went in leaving him in the carI was really hoping not to find Zwelibut I did anyway

Zweli:Hey babe you back

I just looked at him and went to get my school things and outhe surely saw me getting inside T's car

Him:Who was that 

Me:No one to worry aboutjust some shiit that think that I can't live without him 

Him:ohhh really I'm interested in his story

Me:I'm not 

Him: okay what time will I be picking you up

Me:12:30 I think

Him:You not surehow about you leave your numbers so I can call to check up on you 

Me:okay 078 *** 67*9

He dropped me at the gate Lihle was already waiting for me outsideand Ntombi's eyes and other girls when T opened door for they were so over the moon even Zweli's friends were around

Him:Goodbye Pumpkin I'll call to check up on you(kissing my forehead)

Me:(smiling) Bye T

he drove off and Lihle came 

Lihle:Girl you've up your gamehis hot

Me: Laughing Periperi chomiie

Lihle:Who is he and did y'all meet 

I told her everythingand she was so happyI went in and I got a text from Zweli "I'll be getting you later I don't know what game are you playing but you need to stop itI know what I did to you was wrongbut you can't cheat on menever has anyone cheated on meif you think I'll leave you with a fight think againtell that nigga of yours he'll get what he's looking for."I showed this to Lihle

Lihle:Hell is about to lose

Me:I'm done with Zweli I'm done 

Lihle:Yoh Zee he won't let you go just like thatyou still remember James what  happened to him

Me: Don't remind me

Lihle:The poor guy doesn't need this now you need to fix your life first make a decision and after that choose who you want either the doctor or Zee 

Me:T doesn't have to go through thisI'll find a way to fix this


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