It was Sunday morningI made my bed and went to take shower got my ass to the kitchen made every one breakfast while I was waiting for everyone to come downstairs to eatI went into my room packed my bag and left them on the bed when I had voices outside
Me: Morning Fam
Dad: Morning princess
Mom: Morning Thandommmm I can see you made food
Me:Yebo maI had to
Dad: they look deliciousI hope you still have it in head 
We all laughedand ate our food
Me:I'm going back to Dubz todaysorry I couldn't stay longbut I'll come over the long holiday
Unathi:I'm so sad sisyou hardly come homeI don't trust you that you'll come 
Me: surely will come Nana or you can visit
Unathi: That's even better I'd rather visit you there
Me:I will be more happy to have you there
Mom:it's okay my childjust study hardnext year it is your lastwe don't need drama all we need is for you to graduate
Dad:She better be behaving herself there or I'll come with my belt 
We all laughed
Me:I will father that is my promise 
Sanele choked
Sanele:And don't come up pregnantyou see I don't trust this city boys 
And now that was uncalled fornow he will have my parents questioning me about my virginity and allbut I managed to brush it off fast
Me:Never will I ever sleep with a guy without being marriedumthetho waka uyaphapha Wena
Sanele:I still don't believe you Haaaa 2years yonke 
You see this was his way of telling my parents about me and Zweli
Me:I gotta update my twitter and Instagram by this Prince thing Yaz
Mom:This early morningand what about Prince
Sanele: She's talking about some Twitter friend of hers
Dad:You see you youth and this internet things you will get crazy
We laughed at dadI got up and went to room calling Unathi to help me with my bags
Unathi:I'm going to miss you sister and your free data to hotspot me
Me:I can give you money to buy some data
Unathi: Shhhhhmama can't hear you saying or she'll just take the money
Me:let's do this lemme buy you now using my bankhow about that?
Unathi: That's more greatbut I still need some cashI need to take my girlfriend out
Me:I thought you broke up with Amo
Unathi:I did but we got back together
Me: Don't sleep with her or even think about thatcause I'll kill you myself
Unathi:Let's get this bags into the car
Me: Unathi don't tell me about the bags
Unathi:Yeah I won't sleep with her I promiseuntil I'm finished with school
Me: Until you financially stable
Unathi is doing his grade 11 in a private schoolwell dad does everything for us  but does not take no for educationwe are not rich but we get everything we wantafter dad retiredhe used all his retirement money to start up a farmhe has been doing greatand it made him more money than what he did monthly in teachinghis making about 100 000 every monthhe is in business with shoprite and Pick n pay.
Unathi:I'll try to wait
Mom made her waywhile I was having a talk with Nathi
Her:it's funny how you get along with your sister more than your brother
Unathi:You won't understandSanele is too messed up for me and I can't be around someone who is opposed about royalty
Me:Is he that close with the royalties
Unathi:Yes everyone in that house loves himhe sometimes spends days therehe almost lost his job because he is always running after them 
Mom:Haw Unathi that's not that bad
Me:Haa mama it's badhe needs to move out of this houseget married and start growing up than running after those people
Mom:I agree with youbut give him time he will come around
Unathi:Iyoh you always easy on himhe will never come around
Me:Let's go to the car before we get slapped
Mom laughed and helped us to pack believe me when I say Sanele was no where to be found we called him letting him know that I was leaving but went straight to voicemailI went to my carwaved everyone goodye I got out and connected my phone to the car and called Zweli
Zweli: Cupcake
Me:You still asleep?
Zweli:Not anymoreall because of you
Me:Ouch lemme hung up so you can sleep 
Zweli:No cupcake I missed your voicebut you sound busy what are you doing
Me: Looking at the road so that I don't make any mistakes
Zweli:You already on your waywhat time it is and how far will it take you to be here 
Okay that was offwhat did he mean by that
Me:It's 9:00 and I'm at the gate
Zweli:Fuck(hung up)
Did he just Hung up on meno no no something is not adding up
Called Lihle
Lihle:I hope you called to tell me that you waiting for me outside with your new ride 
Me:No babe I need a serious favor from you
Lihle: Anything Girlfriend
Me:I need you to go outside my house and watch whats going on there 
Lihle:On it 
I was driving like I had drugs just when I got inside Durban got a call from Lihle
Me:Yes what's happening
Lihle:It's bad chomi
Lihle:Ntombi just left your houseI was able to take pictures
Me: Zweli won't see this comingI tried being the best for him he do this to me
Lihle: Just get here I'll be waiting outside
Me:Okay I'll be there shortly
I was getting weakI cried till I had no more tears left in me 
Me:If this is how he wants to play itthen so be itim tried of being his toy tonight he will have to understand and know what I'm made ofnow it's time I show him what I'm made of(Within an hour I was outside our house talking to Lihle)
Me:Send me those pictures
Lihle:Just leave this bitch of a nigga and come back
Me:Not after I've given him my treasure
Lihle:Whoa when 
Me:Before my party
Lihle:Iyoh he messed moswhat are you gonna do 
Me:teach him a lesson clearly he wanna meet the bitchy side of me 
Lihle:Last time you said that you almost killed Siyanda I wonder what are you planning 
Me:Just go homeI'll call you later thanks for today we will go for a ride later 
Lihle:I gotta say you got a beast
I just smiled and went inside without knockinghe was busy cleaning trying to get the house and orderit smelled badmore like a club 
Me:Mmmmm I see you had the best time of your life huh
Zweli:Babe Uhm .....i...i
Before he can even explain himself I made my way to him
Me:In my house Zweli couldn't you get a hotelin my house huh 
Zweli:What you talking about
Me:The smell of sexor is there something I should be talking about
He held my hand tried to kiss mebut I wasn't on for thisa hot slap landed on his facehe got shockedhis mouth was wide open
Zweli:Bella cupcake (That's all his gonna say)I went in the kitchen took out cooking oil and knife
Me:Come and set down
Zweli:Whoa put the knife awayI can explain babe
Me: Explain what sleeping with your ex in my houseafter taking my virginity hell I don't wanna hear a word out of your mouth
Zweli:Chozi listen
He didbut you could see that he wasn't comfortable at allI went upstairs got his phone clothesput a cooking oil on them light up 
Zweli:You crazy Bella what's going on with you
Me:After this fire I'll be cutting off your balls and burning them 
Zweli:Babe pleaseI'm so sorry
Me: Sorry my foot(I boiled) one thing about this bitch when I'm angry I cannot control hershe takes over everythingI got up and went to Zweli put my hands on his dick 
Zweli:God please
Me:So you now know how to pray nxa 
I left him therewent to the kitchen got cold water and made my way to himI pured that water to him starting from his head after I was done I busted into laughter and few minutes I was cryingI knew by then the bitch was now gone instead of him being angryhe got to me hugged me singing sorryI got up and went outside
Me: Don't call wait or even think about me
Made my way out called Lihle
Lihle:I was worriedyou took too long
Me:Sure I didI'll be sleeping in the hotel tonight I need some space
Lihle: Okay I totally understandbut is Zweli still alive
Me:Fuck you


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