Sanele: Why are you this fat what are you eating in Durban?

Me: lol I'm pregnant

Sanele: Do I look like I'm joking?

Me:mxm well I'm jokingI'm fat because I'm happy duh

Sanele: How long have you guys dated and since when you working?

Me: You won't understand YazI'm not workingand it's been 2years 

Sanele: fuck you no longer a virgin Thando?

Me: why say that of cause I am

Sanele: you can't tell me you've been dating this guy for two years yonke and never slept with himand Prince Zulu wanted to marry only if you still a virgin now we've lost urg

Me: Iyoh imagen me being married to that freaky guy never shamethere are lot of girls here he can choose one and marry why meyou should know he is your friendhave he told mom and dad

Sanele:he said he wants an educated wifenot someone who did finish schoolhe hasn't told them because you're busy posting your mr colleague all over the internet

Me:ohh you guys have been stalking me that's not nice big bro not at alland I'm never gonna separate with my man only because of PrinceI'll rather lose my virginity to someone not that Prince of yours

Sanele:The only way to stop you from losing your virginity is getting you married to Prince that's all

Me: over my dead body Sanele I'll run and never come backwatch me 

Anger was now getting over my headI tried ignoring it but couldn'tI was shouting at him

Sanele: Shhhhh don't shout okay I hear youbut can you atleast met him once then you'll tell him that you have your own guy

Me:I won'tand will never iyoh can't it be tomorrow already I need to leave this place

Mom came in 

Mom:Thando you've never been here for an hour already you two are shouting and fighting not in my houseyou father is calling for you to come and help him with grocery at the mall 

Me: how am I supposed to get there mama 

Mom: Sanele will drive you

Me: I'd rather drive myself

Sanele: no one is driving my car either I drive you or you catch a taxi

Me:Uya bora Sanele let's go


We got in the car and left to the mall funny thing is that mom and my other siblings were following us 

Me:Why are they following us 

Sanele: call them and ask themI'm here with you I don't know

Me:I only miss you guys but being around you is too much

My phone rang and it was Zweli

Me: Babe are you home already

Zweli:yes lovehow are things that side

Me: Hectic I really can't wait to theredad called me to help him somewhere and now everybody is following melike a small child

Zweli: Laughing maybe they missed so much that's why they reacting that why 

Me:Haas this is too much and Sanele...

He stopped me before saying anything

Sanele: Don't you dare that's our secret

Zweli:What is he talking about babe

Me: I'll call you later love you

Zweli: love you more

Sanele:You now telling this boyfriend of yours everything maybe I should tell everyone in the house everything

Me: sorryI didn't know you didn't want anyone to know

Sanele:what will people think about Prince think

Me: okay don't bite off my head

We arrived at the mall

Me: Sanele call dad ask him where he is 

Sanele:Let's go and get something to eat in Nando's he will find us there

Me:iyoh let's go plus I'm so hungry

Sanele:you must be eating too much

Everyone made their way to Nando's and there he was dad looking so old yet handsome

Me:Haw Baba kanti ulana 

Dad: Ndlovukazi (Hugging me)

I might say everyone missed me

dad don't usually hug me

Mom:We finally hereI'm so hungry let's order and eat 

We set down and order within minutes our food was here something was strange ever since we started eating everyone was busy giving me silly looks

Me:Unathi what are you looking at 

Unathi:Dad can I tell sisI can't wait anymore

Dad:After eating Nathi

Me:yini guys.who died 

All of the laughed at me dad stood up and gave me a small and said happy birthday

Me:ncoow dad thank youso only dad will be giving me present the rest of will just say happy birthday 

Unathi: Open the box sis please

Me:I want your present first

Unathi:I promise you will not want any present after opening that box 

I took a deep breath and opened the box

Me:Tears running down my faceohh Bab'Dlamini ngiyabong baba thank you so much

Dad:Go and test drive it

My family got me a carPolo R-lineI was so happyoverwhelmedwords failed meI couldn't even speakI kept on crying and hugging them allI went to test drive it and it was like I'm inside a boat

Me:Unathi let's go for a ride

Unathi:Bye guys 

We got in the car and drove offand believe me Unathi was happy more than I was

It was now latewe went homeit was so good like old times telling stories taking pictures singingdancing and laughing it felt so pricelesshow I missed thismy stomach was so painful from laughingUnathi and Sanele are the best to be around always making us smile.we said our goodnights and went to sleepI called Zweli to tell him about my new car 

Me: Guess what

Zweli:We are pregnant?

Me:no Zweli i got a new car today

Zweli:You What say you lie 

Me: I'm so happy babedad went all out for my 21st 

Zweli:I'm happy for you babeI can't wait to test drive it when are you coming back

Me:I think tomz or on Monday

Zweli:come tomorrow babe I'm already suffocating without you here

Me: laughing are you suffocating or horny

Zweli: Both babe 

Me: I'll be the end of you goodnight

Zweli: Goodnight love

I'm so sick guys I'll finish this later



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