Anele made her way outme and Zweli got up with our things and went straight to Lihles apartment.

Zweli:are you ready for your big day Chozi 

Me:I think so babe 

Zweli:Okay babe let's get going

We drove off to Lihle's apartmentit was now 16:30 and the party starts at 17:00we found Lihle ready and already drinking that's. So her

Lihle:I thought you guys are on the runwhoa I've been waiting for my dress where is it

Me:Ohh Drama queenI left them in the car go and get them 

Zweli:Lihle where is the room we will be using

Lihle:Your girl knows where it is she'll show you

Me:Let's go babe and get on our quicky before changing (laughing)

Lihle: Outside my house yes

Zweli:Let's go babe and stop Fighting with Lily

Me:Let's go 

We went into one of her rooms changed and damnwe looking hotlike Jay and Beyonce.

Zweli:I feel like eating you right now you look so delicious


Me:You are a fool 

Zweli:Your fool babeyour fool

Me:Let's and and bang them with our entrance

Zweli:Let's go sthandwa 

We got out and went to the venueit was looking so stunningI almost cried

Me:it's overwhelming babe 

Zweli: I know babe but need to hold on and celebrate your day to the fullest

Me: yeah babe (breathing in and out )

Guest were now settled and it was full than expectedwe had everything talking from securitycamera guy mean everything that's neededmore like celebrity partywe made our way inall eyes were on us.

Zweli: Don't fall 

Me:I won't babe 

The party was good people we now enjoying themselves speech didn't take much time cause it was only LihleZweli and Linda speaking and then me with special thanks to everyone who made it today.we had fun until it was now 2am and I was so tired drunk and weak Zweli carried me and got me to that car talked with security and cleaning serviceshe looked for Lihle she was no where to be seenhe came back and drove homeI was already sleeping in the carhe took me to the bedroom and put a throw and joining me within a blink of an eye it was now morningI had a headache and my body felt so heavy

Zweli: Take more sleep I'll wake you up an hour before your driver comes 

Me:okaybut babe can't you drive me home please

Zweli:Okay I will now take a napI'll wake you up

I closed my eyes and I don't know when I fall asleep

Zweli calling Lihle

Lihle:Hey chomi yam 

Zweli:where are youare you save

Lihle:Yeah I amyou guys don't worry

Zweli: okay bye

Lihle:can I speak to girlfriend

Zweli: She's sleeping she'll call you when she wakes up

Call dropped and My phone rang

Zweli: Bella's phone hello

Caller:Hey it's Siyanda can I speak to her

Zweli:Siyanda from where and why you calling my woman

Caller: woah bro chill she's just an old friend nothing to worry about

Zweli: Better be she'll call later

Caller: cool bro 

Nana needs to explain her relationship with this Siyanda something doesn't sit well with me Zweli got up and packed me my bags with everything he thought I was gonna needsuch a dear

He waked me up with kiss on my forehead

Zweli: wakey wakeyy


Zweli:water is ready let's go and bath

He helped me got up and we made our way to the shower with his hands on my buttwe started kissing when we got in the showerthe kiss was so romantic that it took us to another level 

Me: mhhh yeah

He sat down on the bath putting my leg on his sidehe touched my pussy which was already wethe rubbed the head of his penis few times before inserting it in

Me:Ahhhh fuck 


I started tweaking my ass on his dickohh it was damn goodhe held my waist helping me to tweak on his dick.

Me: awwww Ahhhh 

Zweli: Yes baby ride this dick it's all yours

Me:aww Ohhh 

He was groaning like he was doing some heavy work

Zweli: Mmmh Ohhh Mmmm

I reached climaxand I could now feel my body getting hotu knew from right then what was about to happen

Me: I'm cuming babe 

Zweli:Let it out babe 

I let it out and could feel doors of heaven opening for good Zweli stood up and instructed me to kneel on the toilet seatI don't know how I managed to kneel but I didhe stood behind me and penetrated me going in and out

Me: ummh Mmmmh Awww

Zweli: you good babe you good

Words started failingI became weakI was letting out another cummy legs began shaking non stop he carried out and placed me on the bed facing upput my right leg on his left shoulder his dick was going in and out he penetrated and he let out a cum

Zweli: Ahhhhhh 

Me:Awww sleeping on his chest

Zweli: remember we wasn't able to buy morning after pills yesterday we need to get them today

Me:okay let's get going

We walked to the shower lotion and took out our clothesin few minutes we were now leaving the house on our way leading to pharmacywe got in and got two pack of morning after pill and we went to buy food we were now on the road leading to my home.

We got homeand luckily dad wasn't hometo question me who is driving meI introduced Zweli to all my family not as a boyfriend but a colleaguethe look and my brother's faceI could tell that he doesn't believe me

Zweli:Ba ohh Chozi I think I should get going

Me:let me take you out

Sanele(My brother):I also wanna take him out 

Me: Haiboh Wena why 

Sanele: Laughing you might be fooling everyone in the housebut I saw your pictures on Instagram with him most of your post it's him him 

Me:kodwa Sanele can we talk about this inside when am back

Zweli: EishI didn't mean for you to found out like this 

Sanele: you both better be careful and make sure that you don't sleep with my little sister before you marry her or I'll kill someone

Zweli:I see someone is protectivesure thing brother

We said our goodbyes and Zweli drove offI was now left with Sanele and his million questions


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