Friday morning was waked by Zweli singing Happy birthday with lot of paper bags and a cake in his hand

Me:Aww babe you didn't have to

Zweli:Haiboh ntokaze njani anyway Happy birthday my love 

Me: Thanks Dladla 

He smiledhe really loves being called by his surname more than anything

We got went to the shower lotioned and got ready for the day

Me:Wow babe this looks greatI'm wearing them today I love this

It was a box of earings necklace and watch from DJ Zinhle collection

Me: I'm going to be crazy if I'm to open all thisbut so much presents for only me ??

Zweli: Anything for my sweetheart

Me:Awww babe come here lemme kiss those lips

Zweli:you kissing me would just be danger coming your waybut I'm coming anyway

He got closeI stood up and ran downstairshe followed me we ran all around the house until he got me and we kissed

Me:Let's fuckI want you inside me

Zweli:Are you sure

Me:yeah babe 

Zweli: Serious don't we wait till you come back on Sunday

Me:Chozi you've got two choices either you fuck me now or you don't

Zweli laughing

Zweli:Ohh okay sweetheartlet me show you another world

He placed me on the counter looking straight into my eyes slowly kissing mehis hands taking out his t-shirt and mine alsohe took out my bra playing with my nipplesone hand was now under my panty fingers rubbing my clit.i let a moan of pleasure

Me: Mmmm..

Zweli: You me to stop?

Me: Don't

He rubbed my clit fast and fastI was losing control become weakmy legs were now shaking non stoI let out a moan

Me:Ahhhh Mmmmh awwww 

He moved his tongue from my belly done to my cookiehe was doing things I could never explain

Me:Mmmmmmm mmmmm Zwelibanzi Dladla

Zweli: Want me to stop babe 

Me:Stop talking 

He laughed

He continued moving his tongue up and downI was so wet that I could feel water on my legshe carried me to the sofa placed me on the corner opened my legs wide

He put one finger inside my pussy

Me:Aww shiit Mmmmm

He started breathing so fastI was even scared came close to my ears said I love you so soft

Me: Mmmm aww 

As he was busymy legs started shaking uncontrollablyI could feel my body getting hotI started shaking my whole body

Me:Baby I'm hotI think I need toilet

Zweli:it's cum baby let it out

I did as he said and he was wet all over his hand and chest

Me:Did I pee on your chest 

Zweli: Nevermind this 

He came on top of me using his fingers rubbing my clit

Me:Ahh Awww 

Zweli:I want you to relax okay don't tighten up your body

He moved his manhood slowly into my pussyI felt it slip inside meit was pain yet good

Zweli:Ahh babe you good

Me: Ahhhh Dladla 

He went in up and down turned me on my back while inside meit was no longer painful but niceI can't explain the feeling 

Me:Ahh Awww 

Zweli:Ohhh yes babyaww I love you.......

Me:Awww Ahhhh 

Zweli:Fuck fuck fuckyou damn good babe

He was now moving faster and faster as I let out a loud moan holding him tight

Me: Mmmmmm ahhhhhhhhh yessssssssss 

Zweli: I love you I love you Ohhhh

Me:babe I'm gonna peeeeeeeee

He went even more faster and faster I've now reached an orgasm

Me:Babe peeee

Zweli:let it out 

I did as he said 

Zweli:Aww fuck Ahh 

Me: Ahh babe 

Zweli:I'm cuming inside you Ahhhh 

He remained still inside me and kiss my bellyhe dropped next to me calming his breath

Me:Did you cum inside me 

Zweli:I did babe Dladla junior is already being ready to be born

Me:No Zweli we can't

Zweli:okay we will get morning after pill on

our way to your party

Me:my pussy hurts a little

Zweli: You're the first lady I found that has kept her virginity for this long thank youthis gift is pricelessand I shall do right by you 

Me: Really babyy

Zweli:yes babe thank you so muchI'm gonna give you unconditional love

I just smiled at him 

Zweli:Let's go get a shower you'll feel better

He carried me upstairswe got to the bath and we set inside the water for more than an hour just changing water when it gets cold.

Me:we should get going babe my make up artist might be here anytime soon 

Zweli:okay babe let's get out

He helped me get out of the bath helped me lotion my body


Beep.my phone was ringing

Zweli: Unknown number should I bring it

Me:Yes please answer it for meput it on loud speaker

Zweli : Hello

Caller: Hello can I speak to Ndlovukazi

Holy shiit its dad

Me:Bab'Dlamini ngi khona how I missed you guys 

Caller:Ubani o phendule ucingo lakho 

Me:Haw Baba nevermind loyo 

Caller:Uzo ngi'phendul Kahle ksasa

Me:okay Bab'Dlamini

Caller: Happy birthday Khe

Me:Thanks dad bye I gotta get going 

Caller:Uyabona ngelinye ilanga nje uboke uhlukane phansi nesingisi ngiz'jabul kabe

Me:bye dad.

Zweli:Iyoh that was badyou know have to explain tomorrow njee 

Me:iyoh I have to babecan you pass me my jeans next to you

We got readywhile hairthere was a knock on the door Zweli went to open 

Zweli:Are you the make what what 

Anele: laughing it's make up artist yes I am 

Zweli:okay she'll be down here within minutes anything to drink

Anele:No thanks

Zweli:okay(shouting) Chozi 

Me:I'm coming 

Zweli: I'm out call me when you done 

Me :where to 

Zweli: I love you 

Me:Hey Anele 

Anele: Hey Bella still looking good I can see 

Me: really 

Anele:Yes Zweli is treating you good I can see honestly I never thought you guys could last this longI'm hoping that next time I'll be coming back to do make up for your wedding

Me: laughing let's hope sowhy say you never thought we could've last this long 

Anele:Ntombi and her stupid tricks also Zweli changing remember what kind of a player he was

Me:He was such a playerand Ntombi what tricks

Anele: Ntombi faking her pregnancy just trying to keep Zweli away from yougirl I could have left himI wouldn't stay to watch her bitter ex get to our relationship

Me:Oh thatNtombi is so bitter I wonder when will she learn that Zweli is now mine

Honestly I knew nothing about thisI'm so amazed by what Anele is saying right now

Anele:We are now doneand good to go 

I was looking so pure innocentall sorts of beautywhen I was about to call Zweli he made his way in 

Zweli:Now this is why I wanna lock you insideyou look beautiful Wifey

Me:Am I babe 

Zweli:I could just lock you inside the house today and say you disappeared or chain you to my legs so that no guy will even think of saying hello to you

Anele:You two love birdslet me love and leave you 




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