Lihle:ohh from a business man to a driver 

Me:suka Lihle how do you take me kantii

Lihle:Just asking (laughing) 

Me: whatever tell me about your night

Lihle:ohh Mr small dick now knows how to play wild I like it

Me:Spill the tea chomi

Lihle:Last time  did sex like usualuntil he got a call from one of his business partners but ordered me a classic vibratorgirl that thing is so good

Me:God Lihle 

Lihle:let's stop talking about mewhy do you think Zwii still communicate with Ntombi 

Me:Okay this other day he was sleepingI took his phone went on WhatsApp only to realise that they still talking and he changed her name into a guys name.

Lihle:Seems like he is not yet ready to leave that girl alonenow you have to make a move 

Me:But I still love him Lihle 

Lihle:He loves Ntombi not you 

Me:No he doesn't maybe there is something holding him back 

Lihle:like what

Me:Like a child

Lihle:Lame excusebut can happen yaz I'll have Tyson to follow him 

Me:you boyfriend seems to have alot of connection than I thought

Lihle:He does hunnyokay now we have to plan your birthday on Friday 

Me:I want you to handle guest list include Mpumi I want her to come on behalf of her snake friend (Ntombi)

Lihle:We could just invite her too I'd like to see her reaction around Zwii 

Me:No I can't have her on my party

Lihle:okay miss party

Me:I'll send you list of thing you'll be dealing with and money 

Lihle: Nevermind money Tyson got everything covered 

Us laughing 

Me: Well lemme save my cents then

Lihle:You better

Zweli made his way in 

Zweli:Hey ladiesgot you some fries 

Lihle:Ohh you such a mind reader give those to me 

Zweli: Babe can you come and help me with my pants 

Lihle:Ohh god is it necessary Zweli

Me: Right behind you 

Lihle:tell me what I don't know have you guys 

Me:No we haven'tI think he want us to talk 

Lihle:okay then I better get going I'm taking this with me

Me:no need to go I'll back

Lihle:Haaaa I don't wanna be in the middle of this so bye 

Making her way to the doorI stood up and went upstairs

Me:okay what's wrong with your pants

Zweli: Nothing is wrong with my pants just missing youalso want us to talk without fighting this time

Me:I'm listening

Zweli:Babe I know I did you wrong when I cheated with my exI didn't mean to hurt you or break your heartI know it's gonna take time for you to forgive mebut please forgive me.I know you have doubts about us getting married you're thinking that we will never be the same but believe me when I say since you came into myself alot changedI became a better personI became a better loverI now have a great relationship with my family only because you pushed methe person you see in front of you now is the new person I never thought I'd beyou know how I was when we first met but I want you to compare those days and todaysee how you've changed meand I'd do anything to protect and always be by your sidewe might not be perfect but hunny I'm trying my best to keep up with youI don't think I'll ever stand you leaving meI'll be the worst of me please forgive me 

Tears running downI've been waiting for this day for so long I've been waiting for him to say sorryhe finally did

Me: It's okay I've long forgiven you

Zweli:I love you babe I promise to do better by you(Tears running down on his face)

For the first time in relationship With him this was newI've never seen Zweli cry beforeeven when he had news of his sister he never cried but now he dohe is crying for me ohh my poor babyI went close to him and hugged him to kissinghis hands playing with my nipples

Waked up to the smell of beacon sausagessure must be him trying to impress me

I got up made my way to the bathroom brushed my teethand got into the shower lotion my bodyand got my summer dress with sandalstook out his suit placed it on the bed and went downstairs

Me: Bathong Chozi what if someone enters and find you this naked 

Zweli: They will have to be strong (Laughing)

We set down and ate

Me:Not bad at allbut still needs some learning

Zweli:Ahh babe it's nice 

Me:Babe this eggs are watery

Zweli:okay I agree 

Me:Can you drop me by the mall before heading to work babe

Zweli: okayare we out of grocery or 

Me:I need to buy few things for tomorrow

Zweli:I thought we had a planner for your birthday mos so what more do you need

Me:No babe you won't understandI need to look stunning tomorrowI need to look like a Queen

Zweli:IYOH okay Chomz 

Me:Thanks ChoziI need to look like a Queen

Zweli:IYOH okay Chomz 

Me:Thanks Chozilet's go get ready 

We went upstairs to refreshenwith five minutes we were out looking all glamour and finehe dropped me at the mallI went straight to my salon did my hairand tint eyebrowsalso did full body massageafter my treat I went to get my make up done after I was done I went to my designer to collect my dresson my way I met with Siyanda my ex

Siyanda:Bella is that you 

Me:Hey Siyabeen a long timewhere have you been hiding

Him:Well you know life can get one busywow look at you looking all beautiful and sexy last time I saw youyou were just slim fit and now all the fat ass curves wow

Me: Laughing ohh you haven't changed listen I gotta go I've got alot to dosee you I don't know when

Him:Mind giving me your numberwe will get in touch

Me:Mmmh okay

I gave him my number and Zweli's number if he can't get hold of me he will call him.We separated he went his way and I went to my designer

Me:Look what do we have here already in love with this dress Babyy 

Designer:ohh honey people will just cry when they see you

Me:Yes babe I believe youhere is your card you're invited

Designer:I'll sure make my way on a cat move wait for me sweedy

Me:I will surely willI know it's a short notice but can I get something for my man

Designer: Theirs never a short notice with mecome this side how about this suit not same colour with your dress but goes well with your colour

Me:I'm taking itI knew I could put my trust on you  

Designer:I just know my work 

Me:You really do Lemme get goingI still need to check on the venue and cake 

Designer:Bye sweedy 

Made my way out called an Uber and went to La lucia to check on the venueI found Lihle there sitting down just calling out orders so topical this is her 

Me:Hey Madam

Lihle:Someone looking like a heaterlike a fire 

Me:I'm stunning I knowhow's everything

Lihle: Everything is greatdid you manage to get the dresses

Me:I didI also got our boyfriend something something

Lihle:Good we can't be looking all good and he be looking all ordinary

Me: urgh whatever

Lihle:Let's go to my house I'm so tired

Me:We walking

Lihle:yes it's not like we going to your placeno need for a ride 

Me:Iyoh Lihle

Lihle:uya tetema Wenalet's go


We walked to Lihle's honestly it's not that far we did not even talk more than two minutes walking down her apartment

Me:I need to take a nap I'm tiredwake me up when Zweli get here okay 

Lihle:One would swear that you are pregnantyou always tired and sleeping getting fat each and everyday

Me:Stop annoying me chomi please 

Lihle:okay I rest my case

Lihle called for my nameI waked up and fixed myself and got out there he was standing by the counter holding car keys and his phonehow handsome he isI made my way to him kissed his lips while he holds on my waist and the kiss got deeper until Lihle joined the party

Lihle:Iyoh not in my house

Us laughing

Me:Bye babe See you tomz

Lihle:Take my dress I'll change at your place


Zweli:And I haven't found anything to wear

Me:I got you coveredgosh I wonder what will happen to you if I'm away for about a month what will you wearor eat

Zweli:Another struggle I'm not looking forward to at all 

Me: You need too start learning how to do things by yourself chozi 

We drove of to McDonaldit's already 7 I can't cook now so we will take takeaways and go homewe got home went to our room with food decided to chill in bed eating and cuddling all night long

It was now getting cold we stood up and got inside a throw sleeping under his wingthis is goodI'll forever fight for us no matter whatwe may fight and argue but I'm never leaving this fool anytime soon 




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