We took time in the shower I was now getting coldI got out and lotion my body with his help and went for his nike tracksuitwent downstairs to prepare dinner

Zweli: What are we eating today 

Me: nothing fancy babe 

Zweli:okay babenow since I'll be working at Durban Hub I think I should start saving for your lobola

I really never thought Zweli is this invested in methis guy love me so much but to be honest I'm not ready to give away my freedom just because we've spend more than 3months that does mean either his ready for marriage.

Me:And Ntombi??

Zweli:Nana where does Ntombi has to do with me marrying you huh

Me:You cheated on me Zweli not with anyone but your ex so if we gonna be married I need you to be clear about your feelings for me 

Zweli:What are you exactly trying to say

Me:I don't trust you anymoreno matter how I try to prove that you've changed but it's hard Zweli it's hard(tears falling) You've never said sorryyou still communicate with her and you want me to believe you ohh no 

Zweli:I'm out don't wait for me 

Me:Run Zweli run like you always do 

See Ntombi is Zweli's ex before we could date but they have been trying to work out their relationship with no helpit's like on and off till he met me.after 9months into relationship with me he cheated with herfor about 3months when I found out about this he was so sorry and I didn't wanna let him gonot realising that I'm just naive for not letting him because from that day I didn't trust him.

Me:I gotta call Lihle  

My Phong rang when I was about to call Lihle it was Mom

Me:Hello Ma

Mom:Are you crying

Me:who me ohh no mamajust missing so much

Mom:But Thando I know your voice

Me: Honestly ma

Mom:okay if you say sobut just know I don't believe you 

Me:Duh haw ma 

Mom:okay I called you today letting you know that you are needed home on Saturday and I'm not taking no for an answer

Me:Mara Mama.yini are you guys doing party for me 

Mom:Haii iparty yani

Me:I'm sure you even forgot that it's my day on Friday wow

Mom:Ohh aww my Babyy 

Me: That's all you gonna say now I'm really crying

Mom: laughing bye Thandowe will be waiting for you 

Me:Bye Ma I've missed you guyssend my love

Calling Lihle 

Lihle:Hey babe I'm busy right now call you later laughing I love you

Me:wow bye 

She must be riding dick

I was done cookingbut not hungry anymoreI just went to one of spare rooms and took a shower before sleeping

It was  morningI waked up getting ready went to our room to change only to see that he didn't even sleep at home maybe he went to Ntombi maybe that's what he does everytime we fight or have an argument maybe he loves her more than me tears started falling down I cried my lungs out

Me:You know what I am a big girl nowI won't let this get to me if he wants Ntombifuthi I'll let him be

Took out my white dressblue blazerblue heelsdid my make up

put on my 26inch weavetook my bag and phone.on my way out there he was making his way in the gate looking like a drug addict

Zweli: Where are you going

Me: Don't wait up for methere is food in the microwave if it happens you hungry

Zweli:Babe can we talk please you can't go out looking like that

Me: Haiboh Zweli just leave me alone go and get ready for work before you get late

Zweli:Babe please listen to me first

Me:A friend is waiting for me and I need to get going

Zweli: A friend?What friend?

Me:Just go inside tuuu 

Audi R8 stopped at the gate behind his carI looked at him looking lifeless 

Me:my ride has arrived better get going

Zweli:You going no where

Me:Hell I am Zweliyou get to go wherever you wantI don't even have to question your moves now you questioning mine butle 

I went to the car and it left while his holding his head

Driver:Where to Mam

Me: Didn't Lihle tell you where she is

Driver:She said she is busyI should just drive you wherever you want mam

Me:Ohh okay thenlet's go to three rivers

Driver: Three river it is 

He dropped me at three Rivers and said I should call him when I'm doneHe then drove offI made my way in

Waiter:Table for you Mam 

Me:For one please 

Waiter:okay follow me 

He pointed a table 

Waiter: That's where you'll be seated

Me: okay thank you

Waiter: Anything to drink or eat 

Me:Get me Mojito with menu please

Waiter: Alcohol or non


WaiterOkay mamfeel at home

Took out my phone to 30 missed calls from Zweliohh god he's never gonna leave me alone 

Zweli:Hello babe please come back so we could talk 

Me: ain't you suppose to be at work Zweli??

Zweli:I'm getting readyI can't find anything to wear

Me: Don't you have eyes and hands

Zweli:Baby please

Me:Go to the left next to my red coatthere is a blue suit take italso white shirt and blue tie behind my black coat  

Zweli:I love you and I hate it when we have a misunderstanding


After my callsome guy came by asking if he could be my company

Guy:My ladyall looking formal I could tell you want a break from workcan I be your company

Me:ohh thanks but I need to be alone

Guy:I understand my ladytake my card call me when you free 

Me: thanks 

After an hour in a restaurant I made a call calling the driverto come get me within minutes he was hereI got it and he drove off

I got hometook out my heels went up to take shower and remove make uptook time in the shower.i got out and went straight to bed to lay down .

Their is a knock on the doorI tried ignoring it but kept on knocking

Me:I'm coming

Lihle: Open up vula 

Me: Lihle........

Lihle:Hey babyI'm sorry I wasn't able to come when you needed me 

Me: it's okay babe actually I had fun with the driver laughing 



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