Lihle:You know not all guys are Zweli he is truly changing for you but how do he keep up with not sleeping with you he must be gay

We laughed

Me:I know I thought moving with him he won't be patient like he has been but that never changed anything

Lihle:And Soon we celebrating our 21st birthday 


Me:But babe we can't be spending Tyson's money atleast open an account that you'll put each cent he gives you

Lihle:It's already done babe I was really willing to spend it on my mother's house but life couldn't wait for her and now my uncle's are busy claiming the house so I'll let them be and spend it on shopping

Me:That's my babe soon we will driving soon soon babe 

Lihle:Soon love you know one thing about Moet it is so great just the taste of it makes you want more and more 

Me: Already getting drunk(we laughed and the door opened) it was Zweli he was looking so messed up I guess the interview didn't go as planned 

I stood up and went to him 

Me:Hey Chomz you look like a mess what's wrong

Lihle:Iyoh Zee you look bad 

Zweli:Lihle please not nowI'll be upstairs I need to sleep


I went upstairs and closed the door I swear I hate it when he is this low

Lihle:Your man and sulking you can just tell that things didn't go as plannedKanti what happened to man are strong

Me: Definitely not mine he is my little baby 

We laughed (I swear the percentage was hitting up)

Lihle:I'm getting drunk I need to call my man he is sure in a meeting now I how busy he gets argh

Me:You love Tyson why don't you give benefit of the doubt

Lihle:Never a 29years man he is surely tired of games that's why he is this serious me and I told him not be attached but that wasn't helping because he made sure that he is the only one can you believe that he told Sizwe that if he gets near me he will personally kill him 

Me:I've seen how he looks at you and how out of the blue when we out partying he be taking us home

Lihle:Well he tracked me

how I don't know but I'm moving with a tracker everyday 

I laughed

Me:His crazy about you

Lihle:His on his way he will be preaching and preaching ohh god and I'm sure his gonna fuck the shiit out of me 

Me: Atleast you'll be getting some I'll be with my sulking babe until he decides to be happy my boring life 

Lihle's phone buzzed and she checked it 

Lihle:It's my man let me go babe see you tomorrow

I went and helped her stand up Open the door for her and he was about to knock

Me:Ohh hey Tyson thank you for fatching her 

Tyson:You guys are so drunkit's fine Bella just take care 

He took her and they left and here I am alone with sulking Zee how do I even go upstairs..


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