I honestly didn't hear anything Professor Mdulu was sayingmy body was there but my mind was on fixing thisI didn't tell you Zweli can be bad when he wants especially when it comes to me moving on with my lifehe would kill just to have actually not haveown me he really thinks he can own meI need to protect T I don't want him to get hurt or anythingI like him but I love Zweli but I can't be going back to him while his still cheating with his exthe move I made now I've never done itI've never moved out on our bad days and me coming home to get my things and leave with a guy surely he did not take it wellokay the first thing now is cancel T and wait for Zweliso we can have a way forward. Class wa now over I went outside followed by Lily 

Lihle:I'm sure you're in Paris


Lihle:You always participate in Professor Mduli's class but today you were quite like you not in the classhe even asked you a questionyou did not respond

Me:This thing is messing up with my head

Lihle:Call doctor and tell him not to come

Me:You right almost forgot about that 

I called himit rang twice he picked up on the 3rd call 

Thabang: Pumpkin are you okay

Me:Yes I am T I was letting you know that I'm out and I'll be going somewhere with my girl I'll call you later to come pick me up

Thabang:Okay no sweatplus I'm still a little busyhave fun with your girlfriend

Me:I will thanks.

After talking to T Zweli's car came by 

Lihle:did he go to work

Me:I don't think so unless if he came with an excuse to come here

Lihle:You way forward?? 

Me:I don't know girlfriend

Just when we were standing thereZweli came out and went to NtombiI couldn't believe my eyes

Me:Fuck let's go Lihle

Lihle:Why is Ntombi slapping him

Me:Do I look like I care fuck let go munh

I got hold of Lihle's hand and pulled itjust when we were making our way Zweli was in front of us

Me:Fuck you Zweli fuck youthe only thing you need to do now is go back to your loverI fucken hate youI hate every breath you take

I was shouting out fighting Zwelihe just stood with Lihle helping me to beat himlike you know they took out their phones

Zweli:Tell me when you done beating me so I can beat you 

I felt like power was taken away from meI just stood there holding my waist Lihle holding her head

Me:I hate you yezwa 

Zweli:Get in the car Bella 

Me:Lihle let's go I won't stand for this 

Zweli: Either you get in the caror I fuck with you

Lihle:Let's go babes you guys can drop me off my place 

Me:Why Zweli why huh 

Zweli:Get in the car I'll explain why 

We got and sat at the back he came and asked me to sit with him in front but I didn't gohe drove off to this house I don't it

Lihle:Where we going

Zweli:You helping her cheat on angithiI'm gonna deal with you both after work get inside there's food anything you gonna need don't even think about any silly move

I was shakingand scared of this Zweli in front of usI did say anything he leftand locked us in

Lihle: Whatever plan you have with doc cancel itwe already facing shit munh Zweli is crazy

I just looked at herand started cryingshe held me tight

Me: let me send T text letting him know im not coming back


"T I won't be coming back to the hotel tonightcan you please pack my bags for me get them in my car I'll come tomorrow to get themwe will get time and I'll explain what's going on just be careful"xoxoxo Bella 

My phone rang and it was Sanele 

Me:Yebo my king laughing

Sanele:What did he do I'll be coming down there just tell me 

Me:What are you talking about

Sanele:The tranding video of you swearing at him and beating at him

Me:What have mama seen it 

Sanele:No they won'tcall me if you need me I'll come there 

Me:It's cool I've got this we will talk later 

Me:Lihle check Twitter and Instagram


Me:These mf took us an video hitting Zweli

Lihle:Iyoh who called you

Me:It was my brother

Lihle:Lemme check

Me:I'll check Facebook

We checked and I saw a post Ntombi's post to be specific she says she's"Even if he breaks up with mehe will come back.he might have left me now but tomorrow when they fight he will be knocking on my doorI mean who still date only for kissing and cuddling that's lamehe will get horny and come back to me just like all the time"

This crazy bitch tagged me  and share it in all my social platforms

Me:read what Ntombi tagged me on

Lihle:This bitch is crazy meaning when Zweli went to herhe was breaking up with this crazy bitch 

Me:That's why she slapped him

Lihle:All along Zweli was sleeping with this bitch

Me:And not using condom

Lihle:That's. Deep I don't think so

Me: Zweli don't even have max or choice condom yet alone know who much they cost

Lihle:He is a bitch 

My phone rang


Thabang: Your tranding video are you okay

Me:I'm fine T I just need time alone to deal with this humiliation

Thabang:So what is written about you and him is true. 

Me: Unfortunately yep

Thabang: Okay don't hesitate to call me when you need anything

Me:You such a busy personI don't want to overstep my limits 

Thabang:For you I'm so free anytime you call I'll leave everything and come to you


Me:ohh you 

Thabang:I love it when you laughyou always need to be happy

Me:I can't believe I'm blushing now

Thabang:I really need to se you blush 

Me:You willif you keep it up with me 

Thabang:I surely will okay later pumpkin

Me:Later T (he hung up) 

Lihle:Your smileyou need to forget about Zee his no good for you

Me:I really wish I canbut how when he has looked us here

Lihle:We will find a way of getting out of his life forever

Me:I pray I do even though I love him this much I've had enough

Just when we were talking about himhe got inside 

Zweli:my beautiful ladies

We kept quiet

Zweli:Lihle I'm letting you go

Lihle:I'm going no where with Bella

Me:What about me

Zweli:Bella you are mine and mine alone until you get that in your head you going nowhere

Me:Fuck up Zweli I've had enough spending 2years yonke with you and your cheating I've had enough spending 2years yonke with you and your cheating you've been sleeping with Ntombi for all the time you in relationship with mefor only god knows if you were using condom

Zweli:Babe I'm sorryso so sorry I've broken up with her believeI swear I won't cheat on you again

Me:Yeah you won't cause we are Done Zwelibanzi Dladla

Zweli:No Bella neverthe only way you gonna be getting out of my life is deathwho is he huh who is he 

Me: Someone worth me more than you someone I'll be welling to die for than you 

Zweli:Babe remember our cuddling times you said we will be together foreverso why let him come between us huh 

Lihle:You lied to her Zweli

Zweli:I'm not taking to you better shut up

Me:We are doneI need to heal from thisI don't have time for relationshipI need to find myselfthe last day when you saw me that was when I was leaving you 

Zweli:I can give you time to healfind yourself but you not moving outwe will sleep in different rooms if that's what you wantbut you not moving out

Me:I want out Zweli

Zweli: Don't test me Bella I'm trying to calm with you but you keep pushing me to the edge I don't like

Lihle:Bella it's okay

She was scaredshe knows Zweli can lose a the control he hasbut I was not scared at all

Me:Fine but you need to know that you don't control meI'm not your child and I'll never be 

Zweli:Finego in the car we going home

Lihle:That was easy than I thought


That video of Bella beating that guy has been playing in my mindI wonder why can't she leave himand move on with lifealso what was said by this Ntombi meaning their relationship included no sexnow this is the girl I've been waiting foreven if she's not a virgin anymore but she's worth keepingmean who get in a relationship for two-years with no sex that's something 

Phone ringing


Thabiso:Big brotheryou always not available since you moved to Durban

Me:I've been busy making money

Thabiso:Jwang because a the business are going welleven the diamond business we haven't had new supplies that could keep you busy

Me:not everything is about money

Thabiso:okay what's wrong 

Me:This girl my guy 

Thabiso:that's the firstshe must know how to get her game 

Me:MxmI love her and she in a relationshipI don't know what to call it

Thabiso:Kill that mf she's in relationship with and get her 

Me:NoI'll wait for herI'm in no rush

Thabiso:if you say soanyway how's things that side 

Me:Good I wish you could see herher smile she's good and makes every moment to be good 

Thabiso:I give you bye 

He hung upI got my things went to her hotel packed her thingsI saw this red t-shirt I kept it in my roomgot everything in the car and I was now waiting for her 


Zweli dropped us at the hotel and went to get food I had to make fast and leave before he comes looking for meI took out my phone and called T 

Thabang: Pumpkin

Me:T where are you

Thabang:In my room

Me:I'm coming

Me: Lihle stay here and be my eyes when you see Zweli call me 

Lihle:Don't take forever

Me:I won't

Knocked on his door

Thabang:come in

Me:Hey T(Smiling) 

He came close hugging me

Thabang:Are you okay?

I don't know why I felt so safe in his arms but I did and now tears were falling down

Thabang:Shhh Nana Shhhhh it's okayit will be okay 

Me:No T it's not okayI loved him with all that I havebut he cheated on me two years been telling myself that my boyfriend love but I was lying to 

myself now he thinks he can control meI'm triedI cannot do this it hurts my heart is brokenjust after giving him my virginityhe goes back to his ex invite her to my house nothing is okay T nothing will be okay

He hugged me so tighthe was crying with meI felt by water on my neckI looked at him and busted into laughter

Me:Why are you crying

Thabang:You won't understand

Me:You so stupid (laughing)so sorry for overwhelming you with my stupid storyI should get going bye 

Thabang:Are you sure you gonna be okay?

Me:I promise to call if I'm not okay now bye 

He kissed me on my forehead

Thabang: you've got a big forehead (laughing)

Me:I'm so mad at you right now

Thabang:I'm sorry pumpkin

Me:it's okaynow bye 

Thabang:Bye should I accompany you

Me:no I'll be fine I'm with my girlfriend

Thabang:okay thenbe safe 

Me:I will bye 

Just when I took one last step to Lihle she called 

Me: Right behind you

Lihle: There he is let's get out of here

Me:let's go to the parking

Lihle:Where are you bags 

Me:T already packed them 

Lihle:Aww doctor baeyou eyes are red 

Me:I'll tell you on the road

We drove to my apartment making sure that we get there before Zwelihe got here few minutes after us


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