My name is Isabella Thando Dlamini doing my third year in Ukz in lawI am my mother's second child living with my best friend I meet her when I was at my lowest from a heartbreak caused by one of my boyfriend Sandile we've been together for some time until I meet Zweli so I thought he was the one for meI thought that life has really given me chance in this love thing and finally I got to date one of the guy that would genuinely love me without sex includingour relationship was not perfect but it was worth ithe was one of the guys that was able to stay with me until I reach out 21y/old because I made a promise that I won't lose my virginity until this age well things were bit tough because he kept on going to his ex  and I never took it serious not until later when I learnt that he could never put up with me he was just looking for someone that wasn't smashed by the whole Durban and that was me which gave him a great name in the streetsI was addicted to his love addicted to his touch but that changed when I met my one and only love after Zweli I never thought I'll love againI never thought that love will be kind like it turned and I appreciate everything journey I walked with Zweli because I learnt a lot from him.

Bella and Zweli

Him: Morning Nana(waking me up with a cup of coffee) 

Me:Hey you looking great where you going

Him:Yes I've got an interview today with Durban innovation Hub remember? 

Me:ohh yah the intern one right.

Him:Yes BabeI gotta get going (him opening the door) I love 

I wake up to the sound of my phone ranging between the pillowit is Lihle I'll call her later.i jump off the bedfix my our bedgot to the shower finish and lotion my body put on my slippers and my man t-shirtput on my make up head to the kitchenput on my make up head to the kitchenmake breakfast and eat took out my phone to call Lihle and hear why she called this early

Lihle:Hey sleepy queen still sleeping

Me:oh Lihle so early kodwa

Lihle:Okay you don't wanna hear why I called you fine fine 

Me:whoa wait okay tell me 

Lihle:Mr small dick gave me his card let's go spend his money babyyyy

See Lihle only date those old guys with money but this one she has been dating him since I've known herhe showers Lihle with gifts and moneyhe said after she's done with varsity he is going to marry hernot my friend she's not that type and I'm her only friend 

Me:whoa Hunny lemme get ready I'll wait for you to pop in

You must be wondering how a virgin can be friends with a wild girl like Lihle here is the thing me and Lihle used to share a room before I could move out with Zweliit was more kind of sister sister relationshipwe the same age we understand each other the bond it's massive you'll swear that we siblings.

She was waiting outside calling my nameI got out and we got into this Uber and went to gateway mallwe had funcloths shoesbags girl I'm talking alot plus Moet champagneswe had our day shame.

We were done with shoppingwe went back to my house 

Lihle:Girl you are keeping up with this place one could swear that you are working looks great

Me:You know me


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