You see me as a curse

You see me as a mistake

Fool are you to think of such

The same hands that crafted you crafted me

Hands that made me were filled with love

I was made with care

In his eyes we are one

In his eyes we are the same

His love is for all

He is also my father

Big your brain is 

Ironic how small

You refuse to see different

You refuse to accept different

You refuse to see the beauty in me

The is a reason why I am here

The change you make 

I make it thousand times more

You took the lives of my sisters & brothers

Its not up to you if I should die

You play white but you're a wolf in sheep's skin

My presence isn't for you to be rich

If so

the soil that made me had gold

I am proud of how I look

I look beautiful

I am beautiful

I am a star

The is more to me than what you see


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