She hid behind a rack of clothing in a store."Girl what is wrong with you?why do you keep hiding?"Lebogang asked her friendMphoin confusion. "I'm hiding away from him." 

She pointed at a guy who was at a till paying for clothes.

"How long are you going to hide away from him?" 

"For as long as I can" She grabbed Lebogang's hand as ran away with her. Out she was with her at the store and dodged on-coming cars like bullets. She unlocked her caropened the passenger's front seat door and push Lebogang in. She then closed the door and went to the driver's dooropened and go in and off she went when the car engine started."Girl you have got to calm down. How long are you going to keep dodging him?I think you are interpreting things the wrong way."

"No I am not. The more I keep seeing him is the more I keep falling for him. I know he doesn't want me and so the is no need for me to keep lying to myself"

"But girl give him a chance to explain to you what is going on"

"No I will not.I don't want to hear what bad things he has to say to me"

Lebogang sighed and after thirty minutes

they arrived at the flats. As she parkedthey saw clothes being thrown at a guy on the second floor."Poor guy. How long is he going to keep tolerating this girl's abuse. They are always arguing and I'm sick of it"She said as they watched and got out of the car. She went to her ground floor flat and closed the door after Lebogang."what's for supper tonight?I'm starving"Lebogang asked she browsed the fridge."I don't know...maybe Macaroni and cheese" 


Just when the pots were about to be heatthe was a knock on the door.

"Who is it?" Mpho asked

"Its the mail man" The person outside answered

"The mail man?Who the hell does this person think we are?five year olds?" Lebogang asked as she rushed to the door. She opened the door and the guy who they were dodging at the shop earlier stood before Lebogang. Lebogang stared at Mpho who was surprised.

"Uhmm...okay I'm leaving. Bye"

"Lebogang wait..."

"No girl.I'm out.Sort out your things"

And out she was and left Mpho with the guy.

"Are you going to stand me up here all night?"

"No...sorry...come in."

He came in and they went to the sitting room.

"What are you doing here?"

"WellI saw you at the shop today..."

"What shop?!" She stood up nervously and give him her back.

"Please can you tell me why are you running away from me..." He stood up and went to her.He stood behind her and whispered

"Ever since you told me that you are a breast cancer survivor and had your breast cut out. And also that you have a child you have been running away from me"

She turned around and look at him in his eyes

"I was scared okay?!...No guy has wanted to be with me after they found out what happened to me. They treat me differently after they know my past" she buried her  in her hands and cried. He pulled her hands away softly and held her face.

"Lookwe are all not perfect okay?You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. Yes you are an albino and yes you have been through a lot. Raped at a young age and becoming a teenage mother then now cancer. If they think you are a problem then they are fools. You are a rose amongst sunflowers...I don't know what to say. I can't say much but to prove my love..." He then got down in one knee

"Mpho.Would you do the honour of marrying me?"

She then look at him in shock. Tears came down her face and she kneeled down

"Yes I will marry you"

She responded in excitement. He then got the ring out of the box and put in on her right ring finger and they shared a passionate kiss. Together they lived happily ever after.


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