She paused music from her phone


she listened as her downstairs neighbours were arguing. She laughed as she stood up from a stool in the balcony. She got in her almost empty flat and closed the sliding door after her. The sitting room barely had enough furniture; only a 40 inch flat screena one person chair and a three persons chair. She sat at a one person sofa that faced the front door at the kitchen. She sat there until dark and then the door was opened after a battle with the keys.A male figure entered and closed the door.He then switched on the light

"Turn off those lights and tell me where you have been"he heard as he turned around. To the horror he was used to everyday he found Grace sitting on the chair looking at him with devil eyesa wig that was neatly brushedan untied rob with a black bra and lace panty. The scene was screaming Hollywood movie but this time it was in reality and the was no easy way of escaping it."I'm from work"he answered as he put down his office bag and few plastics on the floor."Lies. You don't get home this time"she lit her cigar to smoke and starred at him suspiciously."THEN I WENT TO THE SHOPS MAN DAMN IT GRACE WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?!" 

"STOP SHOUTING AT ME YOU DAMN LIAR!...WHO IS SHE?IS SHE BETTER THAN ME?DO YOU LOVE HER?" She asked as she stood up and walking towards him aggressively. He looked at her and sighed"I'm tired Grace. I can't take this anymore. I'm moving out"he banged his hands on the kitchen top. As he was about to go to the roomGrace pulled him by his blue shirt

Grace pulled him by his blue shirtopened the door and pushed him out. He tripped and fell on his back. She closed and locked the door and he stood up to dust himself off and knocked on the door."Grace open the door"he knocked until ten minutes passed by and the door was unlocked and mountain of clothes were thrown at him."STAY AWAY FROM ME FROM NOW ON!"She then closed the door on him. He took his clothes and along the stairs he went down from the second floor. After the triphe got in his Audi8 red car and drove away to his friends. Even though he was embarrassed of how he was thrown outhe was relieved that he was out of that toxic relationship. When he first met Grace at a supermarket. It was love at first sight for the mechanical engineer when he saw the cahier. He fell in love with the respectable loving and independent Grace. Everything turned left when she quit her job at the supermarket because she has met her "saviour". She started being controlling and aggressive. Kevin loved her so muchhe was not determined to give up on her but it came to a point were he couldn't take the physical and verbal abuse anymore so he planned a way to break up with her. Though it failed countless times as she would get physicalat least now Grace had let him go. Now he was relieved that he can start a new life somewhere and forget about Gracewho depended on him. He didn't even care whether Grace gets kicked out of the flat or what.


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