I don’t know what's so funny because I didn’t know that was his penis. I have never imagined it could be that size. I wonder how they keep this thing in their pants I mean it’s a private part right so people don’t have to see it. He is still laughing and I feel like pulling some juda karate on him. Don’t ask me how I know juda karate because I don’t know it but a girl got to make a plan. 

“It’s not funny!” 

“Oh it is. Out of all things a snake Dollface” He says laughing 

“I was joking hawu who doesn’t know a penis” I defend myself that make him laugh even more

“You don’t want me to answer that do you” 

“Mxm!” I’m super annoyed now 

“You are so cute when you are mad...come here” He pulls me to his arms annoyed as I am I hold him. I don’t know anything about heaven but his arms make me feel like I’m in a safe heaven. I inhale taking all his scent in my nostrils gosh he even smells heavenly. I move my hands on his bare back going down I gasp when I feel his bare butt. He groans and I push him back 

“Why are you not wearing any undies Lwandlelwenkosi”

“I can’t sleep with my any piece clothing in my body”

“You are lying you want to trick me and have sex with me!” He chuckles 

“Oh my Dollface I won’t trick you to have sex with me. You are the one who will be begging for it trust me” 

“I’m not going to have sex with you!”

“Okay if you say so but you don’t have to shout” He rubs his palms on my arms and pull me close to himself. I think I’m addicted to his hugs. 

“I’m sorry for making you feel uncomfortable but It’s the truth I can’t sleep with any piece of my clothes even in winter I rather add blankets or use my electric blanket when it’s cold” He sounds so sincere so I believe him.

“Come let’s sleep It’s still early” He scoops me up and walk with me. He gently tuck me in then slips next to me pulling me to his chest. The plan was to fall asleep again for a few hours but we ended up chatting. He comes from a well to do family his father owns a chain of business and his mom is a doctor. He had two siblings but his brother passed on last year. The way he talks about his older brother you can tell that he was very close with him. Maybe having siblings is not a bad thing yaz. He is doing first year dramatic in art at AFDA. 

“You will make a good villain in a movie” He laughs 

“Why a villain though”

“You are rude and arrogant” He chuckles 

“But im not cruel Dollface”

“Your arrogance and rudeness is cruel” He burst into laughter 

“Is there such a thing though” I giggle now it’s my turn to share and I’m amazed how I find it easy to talk to him. 

“So what about this year are you going to study something?”

“No im taking a gap year” Honestly a gap year is not really something I want. I can’t help myself I think it’s going to be a blessing in disguise though because I will have more time to focus on bringing down my step dad. I don’t know why but I feel like I have to ask

“Do you have a girlfriend?”

“No” That is not what I expected

“Why not?”

“I just broke up with my girlfriend two weeks back”

“Still new hey..did you love her?”


“Why did you break up with her”

“I felt like I was not important to her I had to beg her for her attention and I got tired”

“I understand”

“Wena do you have a boyfriend?”

“You seem to know a lot about me how come you don’t know about that?” He chuckles 

“Just say yes or no Dollface”


“Why not”

“No one has ever showed any interest to me”

“Are you sure about that?”


“Okay lets say someone show you some interest now would you date him”

“That will depend”

“On what?”

“What kind of a person he is does he really want to be with me or he just feels sorry for me because I’m blind or he’s just using me for whatever reason it may be”

“I see…we have somewhere to go I will go run you a bath”

“Okay” He slide out of bed I take my phone on the bedside table and switched it on. Tons of messages comes through just then it’s ring. 


“Bitch where the fuck are you!!”

“Gosh Gugu do you have to scream”

“Really Mira your mom is freaking out. She called me last night that you disappeared”

“I’m okay Gugu you have nothing to worry about”

“Where are you?”

“I’m at Lwenkosi’s place?”

“Who’s that now?”

“The rude boy” 

“You lying! What are you doing there Mira”

“I had nowhere to go I just needed to be away from home Gugu”

“You spent a night with him?”

“Yeah we slept together”

“Iheeee you go Mira! I want all the details it’s seems like you have juicy news”

“Uthanda izindaba Gugu we didn’t have sex if that's what you thinking. We are partners working on some project together nothing more”

“Project what project?”

“I have to go bye” 

“Mi…” I hang up before she could finish. She won’t stop asking and I’m not ready to tell her about my abusive stepdad. 

“Your bath is ready” I didn’t realize Lwenkosi is here. I slide out of bed and take muffin then he shows me  the bathroom. 

“Here’s the new toothbrush I have already put the toothpaste” 

“You should have just showed me everything I would have done everything”

“I know Dollface I just love taking care of you” 

“Oh that’s so sweet” He chuckles and make his way out. The hygiene process takes longer then usual as I’m not use to this bathroom and reaching to some other stuff is a mission. By the time I finish I’m so frustrated I feel like crying. Today is one of those days where I hate moving around. I should have stayed home. I make my way to the bedroom 

“Hey what’s wrong”


“Hey hey what’s wrong ” He’s right next to me rubbing his hands on my arms. I try to open my mouth to speak but words fail me. I burst into tears 

“Oh Dollface don’t do this to me please” He pulls me to his chest and embrace me 

“It’s okay...I’m sorry whatever that upset you” He’s stroking his hand on my bare back there’s something mysterious about his hugs gosh. I can feel myself calming down. I pull back and he wipes my tears with his hands.

“Talk to me please”

“I don’t want to talk about it”

“If this is about Mr Khumalo abusing your mom I promise you I will deal with this matter no matter how dangerous it is okay” I nod 

“I washed your clothes and dried them you can get dressed they are on the bed” Ncoo he  is so sweet bakithi

“Thank you” I sit on the bed and fiddle for my clothes gosh he even washed my panties

“Koda Lwenkosi you shouldn’t have washed the panties”

“Why not?” Gosh this guy

“Undies are private you moron” He laughs 

“Not my girlfriend’s undies”

“Girlfriend huh?”


“Haibo buti ungishele nini? Ngakuqoma nini?” I say giggling 

“You called me YOUR dough” I burst into laughter 

“Haisuka get out of here I wanna get dressed” 

“I will go take a bath” I hear his footsteps shuffling away then I start getting dressed. Once I’m done I sit on the bed and wait for him. He doesn’t take long few minutes later he   is done. 

“That was the quickest bath ever”

“Hey I'm a man I don’t bath like a woman taking hours in a bathroom. Tell me what y’all doing in a bathroom for an hour nisuke nikarabha amazeze yini?”(Y’all scrubbing flees?)I burst into laughter 

“You are crazy” 

“No but serous Dollface maybe you will tell me I’m curious” I giggle and take my phone.

“I’m done let’s go have breakfast they are waiting for us” He takes my hand and we join everyone for breakfast 

“Morning everyone” We both say at once 

“Morning” and they all chorused 

“Mira come sit next to me!” Says Snothando

“No no so that you will pester her with questions”

“Hawu buti Mira doesn’t mind angithi”

“Yes” I reply

“Well I do mind”

“Hawu buti” she sounds hurt so I forget about Lwenkosi’s protest and sit next to Snothando.

“Do you have allergies Mira” asks his mom

“No Mama I don’t”

“Well we have toast eggs bacon sausages soft porridge cornflakes and scones”

“I will have soft porridge Ma” 

“Here you go… you want it with milk or?”

“Yes milk and sugar” 

“Give it to her mom she knows how to do it herself” 

“Hay ngeke makoti mthelele wena masequnyela wonke ushukela la nebisi akaboni phela lomuntu” (Hay my daughter in law do it yourself what if she pour all the sugar and milk she can’t see) this old hag is getting under my skin now.

“Mom would you stop this please” The father say sternly 

“Kodwa Bheki mtanami iqiniso lento engiyishoyo. Angaz ukuthi nibuvumela kanjani ubudlelwane phakathi kwale ntombazane engaboni no mzukulu wami ufanelwe okungcono kuna lokhu” (But Bheki my child I’m telling the truth. I don’t know how do you allow this relationship between this blind girl and my grandchild he deserves better then this) Her words ripped my heart into millions pieces. I lost my appetite in an instant. 

“Mama what is your problem huh!”

“This girl will bring bad lucks in our family!” Wow it’s enough now I don’t want to hear any more insults from this old woman 

“I’m sorry if I cause any problem for being here it was never my intention. Thank you for the breakfast Mrs Nkosi. Lwenkosi can you please take me home” I get up from the chair and take muffin 

“But what about your breakfast sweetheart” says his mother 

“I’m fine really”

“Dollface sit down and eat”

“Take me home please” I whispers I’m close to tears but I won’t let them fall here.

“ Baba awukhuze umamakho please!” (Dad talk to your mom) “Lets go Dollface” He takes my hand 

“Bye Mira”says Snothando

“Bye baby girl” 

“Would you come back some other time please” I nod just to make her happy. I’m not coming back here. I don’t want to bring bad luck with my blindness. I bid farewell his mom hugs me and kisses my cheek then we make our way out. The drive is silent until he breaks it

“I’m sorry for how my grandma treated you she’s bitter and treat my mother like trash”

“It’s okay really” 

“I don’t feel okay that you didn’t eat your breakfast which restaurant do you want to eat”


“McDonald’s it is” The good thing is That McDonald’s have Braille menus. We are at McDonald’s now waiting for our food.

“I’m sorry Mira” 

“I said it's okay Lwenkosi”

“But I feel like you are still mad at me”

“No Im not it’s not you who said hurtful words to me” He takes my hands into his and kisses them. 

“Tell me what made you upset when you were taking a bath” I take huge sigh and tell him

“I feel so useless and hopeless”

“Hey I told you to tell me if you need help”

“I didn’t want to bother you”

“Bother me?” He chuckles bitterly and continues “Don’t you dare make assumptions about me!!”

“Are you not the one who said you don’t have time to babysit a blind insolent bitch” He groans then there’s silence for a moment

“Look I was out of line and I’m sorry about that please forgive me”

“What about the day you bumped into me you called me a bitch and you said I must stay home if I’m blind. So places like restaurants are not meant for blind people Lwandlelwenkosi?”

“No no of course not I’m sorry okay and I have no excuse for what I said. I was rude please forgive me my Dollface.”

“First impression lasts forever Mr”

“Eish okay let’s start over” He gets up but I’m not sure what is he doing 

“What are you doing?” I can feel him make his way on my side

“I’m kneeling down before you” oh no not in front of  people 

“Hey get up I’m sure people are looking at us now”

“I don’t care” He takes my hands into his “Nkosazane enhle ungichazile yaz ngithe mangikubuka Inhliziyo yami yothokoza ekujuleni kwayo. Igama uLwandlelwenkosi isbongo uNkosi ngabe isphalaphala esiphambi kwami ubani sona” (Beautiful princess I like you when I laid my eyes on you I felt joy from the depth of my heart. My name is Lwandlelwenkosi and my surname is Nkosi  who is the beautiful lady before me)

everyone went “awwww” oh man I swear I melted. 

”Mira” I whisper

“Angikuzwa ndoniyamanzi ” (I can’t hear you dark beauty)

“Mira Mthimkhulu”

“Oh Mashwabada wena owashwabadela inkomo nempondo yathi mayifika emphinjweni yadlamalala. Umkhulu Bhungane!” (Praises) What is this guy doing to me.

“Can I join you please” I nod not trusting my voice. I'm feeling so giddy. He sit on his chair 

“Oh so you can be a Zulu guy” He laughs 

“What do you mean I can be a Zulu guy I’m a Zulu guy” 

“Osphalaphala no Nkosazane” I giggle blushing. Our food arrives we eat over a chat. It’s official I enjoy spending time with this guy even though he makes my heart pounds rapidly and make me feel giddy. He makes me forget about my not so perfect life. When he calls me Dollface I melt like chocolate. When we finish eating we leave I’m not sure where are we going but he said I have to meet someone so here we are. 

“Sho Malumes”

“Ntwana” Says a man with a hoarse voice 

“This is Mira Dollface this is my uncle my mother’s brother”

“Hi Malume” 

“Hey Mira”

“This man is the one that is going to help us bring down Khumalo” 

“Ahh...ntwanas can we talk in private”

“Sure Dollface I’m coming yezwa” He kisses my cheek and they walk away so I stand there. I can hear them talking but I cant grasp the actual words. Minutes late they come back and Lwenkosi says we will come back tomorrow to work on the plan and the uncle agrees. 

“What were you two talking about”

“Family matters”

“Okay...so how is he going to help us?”

“He’s computer geek he can hack any information and he’s also connected”

“Oh so he’s the one you got all the information about me including my stepdad”


“But why Lwandlelwenkosi”

“Because I like you” 

“I don’t believe you”

“What do you want me to do for you to believe me”

“You used this information to get to me”

“Kind of”

”You don’t care about bringing down Khumalo”

“What no baby! Don’t say that.. I used this information to get to you because I want to help you and your mom” 


“You don’t believe me”

“Look it’s not that I don’t want to believe you but people don’t just help you Lwenkosi they want something in return and what do you want from me?”


“You know my stepdad used to be sweet like you but look now”

“Hey hey don’t you dare compare me with that animal!” I jump up a bit. He sighs “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to shout at you. Let me pull over and let’s talk about this. He pull over and take a huge breath 

“I once had a friend who was beaten up by her boyfriend and the day I realized It was already late. I hate it when I see men abusing women. I failed to rescue my friend but I can rescue you and your mom Mira” 

“I’m sorry about your friend”

“It’s okay” He runs his fingertips on my cheek and there’s silence the only sound I can hear is my thudding heart

“You are so beautiful Mira”

“Thank you” I whisper 

“Please allow me to kiss you” I feel his breath on my face we are breathing the same air and our noses are touching. I swallow spit my heart is screaming gu-gu-gu. I feel his lips brushing against mine my eyes automatically close. We hear a loud bang on the window. 

“Ey ey open the door!!” I can never mistake that voice. 

“You will break my window man!” Says Lwandlelwenkosi 

“Vula!” (Open up) we get out of the car

“What hell is your problem man”

“I’m here to fetch Mira I have been looking for her!”

“I’m fine Malume Sox Lwenkosi was driving me home”

“You heard her so buzz off”

“Ey ntwana ungalinge ungifake umunwe ezinqeni ngoba ngizominca bese uyanqamuka...woza wena” He grabs my hand and we get in his car. He buckles me up then goes to his side. The drive is awkwardly silence 

“Where did you sleep Mira I was looking for you the whole night! Do you know how worried I was and your father almost killed me because I couldn’t find you!” 

“I called you nje but you never returned my call”

“You did?”

“Yes it was answered by some woman he said you are busy and you always tell me you will never be busy for me” 

“Shit!” He groans “I’m sorry she didn’t tell me” I said nothing when we arrive at home I take my muffin and we both make our way in. Mom attacks me with a hug 

“Oh baby I was so worried about you”

“I’m okay mom”

“Thank you Sox” says my stepdad 

“No problem Mr Khumalo Sir…. mtwana I’m sorry Okay” He hugs me and bid farewell then he leaves

“Where did you sleep baby” my mom asks 

“At Lwenkosi’s place are you done packing?”

“Who is Lwenkosi” she asks again 

“The boy I told you about”

“You sleeping with boys now Mira?” Aks my stepdad

“Mom are you done packing should we go?”

“Mira I’m talking to you!!” I jump with fright 

“Mom” I say with a shaking voice

“I’m sorry Okay I’m sorry my princess it’s just that I was worried about you” He hugs me

“I will go take a walk to calm down” 

“Okay” Mom says then I heard dad footsteps shuffling away 

“So are we leaving”

“And go where Mira ay musa ukuba islima!”

“Gosh what’s wrong with you huh? You want him to kill you”

“He will get help baby… this is the first time he talked about getting help. He’s willing to change let’s give him one chance” I chuckle 

“I don’t know if you are a fool or a moron or an idiot”

“Yey! You are out of line now im still your mother!!. I’m doing all of this for you!! How will you survive on the street huh!!”

“Have you ever thought how I will survive when you are dead!” I make my way to the bedroom and crawl on my bed then cry my lungs out. I can’t live with the fact that mom has to endure all this pain for me. I feel like a burden maybe I should just die maybe that’s when she will have strength to leave this man. 

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