We have been waiting for a while now but no one has come through to tell us what’s going on with my mother. I can hear dad’s footsteps pacing up and down I wish he can stop doing that it’s freaking me out. I’m so scared I hope my mom is not badly injured.

“Dammit why are they talking so long!!” He shrieks causing me to jump. It’s not a secret that I’m scared of this man. I wish my mom could see how dangerous he is for her.

“I’m sorry sweetheart I didn’t mean to scare you” He says with a soft voice the angry beast that was screaming and swearing minutes ago is gone. How he manages to switch from sweet man to a monster to a sweet man again is a mystery to me. I swear even actors can’t be as good as him. 

“Here is the doctor coming” He says and I get up from the bench.

“Doc how is my wife and my baby?”

“Your wife is okay sir but I’m sorry she lost the baby” An unfamiliar voice of a male says. I can’t help but notice how relieved I am to hear that the baby didn’t make it and it make me feel horrible.

“Oh God” He sounds defeated but this is his fault.

“Can we see her”

“Yes but don’t stay long. I’m going to keep her for overnight” Oh no what about me this man is going to kill me in that house and bury me

“Do you have to keep her doctor” I ask 

“Yes for observation” I can’t go back to that house alone with this man. My life may not be going well right now but I’m not ready to die not yet.

“Thank you doctor please show us her ward”

“Follow me” says the doctor 

“Come Mira” Dad takes my hand but I yank it away 

“Doctor can you please show me my mother’s ward” I have never been here before and I’m freaking out.

“It’s okay Miss Khumalo come” I want to tell him that I’m Miss Mthimkhulu but what's the point. He takes my hand and we make our way to my mom’s hospital room. I can hear a beeping sound of a machine. 

“Mrs Khumalo your daughter is here”

“Thank you doctor” Mom says and the doctor lets go of my hand

“I will come to check up on Mrs Khumalo”

“No problem doctor” I can hear that she’s in so much pain and her voice is cracking. 

“Mommy are you okay”

“I’m okay my baby where’s your father?” I thought he was following us

“He’s not my father!”

“Would you stop this please. I don’t have energy Mira I just lost my baby” she breaks into tears and my heart sinks. 

“I’m sorry Mama” I fiddle for her hand and squeeze it. The door opens and I can tell that it’s dad as his scent fills the room. His footsteps are dragging towards us. 

“Bonga…”He whispers oh he suddenly lost a voice now.

“Vusi…” He cuts her off 

“I know and I’m sorry my baby I’m really sorry please forgive me”

“I have forgiven you for many times Vusi I can’t take this anymore it’s too much if it take my life itself to be free let it be” she burst into a loud sob 

“I don’t deserve you I know sthandwa sami please give me one last chance. I swear I’m going to find help. I will go for counseling therapy shrink pastor anything you want I promise” I chuckle this man got to be kidding me

“Help for what exactly? Why are you talking as if you have a disease that is pushing you to beat my mom up”

“Mira please shut up”

“Both of you are so selfish all you care about is yourselves. Maybe you both deserve this” mom gasps 

“Maybe you will now realize that he has killed this baby and you are next mom. I hope you will Rest In Peace knowing that I’m left alone suffering because of you. As for you dad I hope you will realize how much of a monster you are for killing an innocent soul. Your own baby I hope you will sleep at night. I hate you both of you!” I find my way out totally ignoring mom as she calls out for me. I bump into someone 

“I’m sorry can you please help me find my way out I need some air”

“No problem sis” She takes my hand and we walk out of the hospital.

“Thank you”

“Are you sure you will be okay here” 

“Yes” There’s no way I’m spending a night with that man alone. I will rather sleep on the street. Oh how I wish Gugu was here. I take my phone from my pocket and call uncle Sox.

“Hello” A voice of a lady says on the ther side of the line. 

“Hi can I speak to Uncle Sox”

“He’s busy” 

“Oh please tell him Mira called”

“Okay Bye” She hangs up before I even say anything. it’s getting cold now I contemplate on calling Lwenkosi he is as good as a stranger why am I even considering this but what if he could help. I call him and he answers on the third ring

“Dollface” Hearing his voice got me emotional I burst into tears. 

“That’s it I'm coming now. where are you?” I’m struggling to utter words correctly as I’m crying 

“Hang in there okay” He hangs up I go down on my butt and place muffin next to me then hug my knees letting out a river of tears. 

“Dollface” I pull my head 

“Lwenkosi that was so fast”

“When I heard you crying I just lost my mind. Stop crying now I’m here” I feel his hands scooping me up then he walks with me. He places me gently on the seat and buckles me up 

“I’m going to go get your stick I’m coming yezwa” seconds later I hear him getting in the car and closing the door. 

“Do you want me to switch on the heater”

“Yes please”

“Where to?”

“I don’t know but I don’t want to go home” The car starts moving 

“Okay...what happened?”

“Mom had a miscarriage” I say wiping my tears 

“Oh that’s horrible I’m sorry”


“You dont seem like you care” He says

“I don’t want her to have another child”

“Why not?” The curiosity in his voice is evident 

“She will forget about me and love her other child” 

“I don’t think that’s true Dollface your mom loves you”

“Of course she loves me but that might change the moment she has a baby who is not blind like me.”

“Dollface I may not know your mother that much but generally mothers love their children equally. Having another child doesn’t mean they will stop loving the other ones”

“Maybe you are right”

“I know I’m right”

“How did you know which hospital I am at”

“I had to locate you through your phone”

“I feel like you are stalking me where did you get my number”

“Does it matter?”

“Of course Lwenkosi who are you and what do you want from me” He laughs 

“Don’t tell me you are scared of me”

“You are as good as a stranger to me and I don’t know why did I even called you”

“Dilika ke!” (Get off the car then!) 

“Uh.ah I was still wondering where is the rude boy”

“Nx!” I say nothing I don’t want to piss him more. The rest of the drive is silence until the car stops moving. I hear him getting out of the car 


“Where’s muffin”

“Who is that?” He asks 

“My cane” 

“You call your cane muffin” he sounds amazed 


“Aw koda Mira usungaze ubize induku nge muffin sikhona thina” (Did you have to call a stick with muffin while I’m here) He says laughing and I join him

“You are not my life saver mos wena and you are so rude you definitely don’t qualify to be my muffin”

“Mxm!” I giggle 

“Uyinhlama nje wena” (you are a dough)

“Come let’s go”

“Where are we?”

“My home”

“Mmh where’s muffin” He helps me out and gives me muffin then takes my hand as we make our way into the house I presume. We can hear voices as we make our way in

“They are in the living room” my heart starts beating fast 

“No take me home

I shouldn’t be here” I’m talking fast I can’t even hear myself 

“Mira breath okay just breath in and out” I do as he say

“Good now relax my parents won’t bite you” I can feel my knees weakening as we walk to the living room. The moment we walk in they stopped talking I’m sure they are staring at us right now. The good thing about being bling you can’t see who is staring you.

“Hey Guys“ I greet after him 

“Mom Pops Gogo this is Mira...Mira Mthimkhulu”

“Hello baby” says a woman with a sweet voice

“Oh she’s so beautiful come to Mama” I hold on to Lwenkosi’s hands I’m so nervous 

“Don’t be scared koti you are welcome” Says a voice of a man I suppose that is his father. 

“Aw kodwa Lwandlelwenkosi besekuphele amontombazane yini usilethela infama” (Out Of girls did you have to bring us a blind girl) I suppose that is his grandmother. I don’t like her already. 

“Ma!!” Lwenkosi’s father shouts at the old lady

“Iza sis” (come sis) Says Lwenkosi’s mom as she envelopes me in her arms. She’s smell so nice.

“Akamhle maan” (She’s so beautiful) she plays with my cheeks. The man also gives me a hug then Lwenkosi helps me sit down. 

“Buti you didn’t introduce me” A tiny little voice Says

“Oh munchkin I’m sorry. Mira this is my little sister Snothando munchkin this is Mira”

“Your girlfriend?” The room erupts with laughter as I blush. How old is this little girl to ask such questions

“Yes say hi to Mira” I nudge Lwenkosi next to me for saying I’m his girlfriend and he laughs.

“Hello Mira” I feel her tiny hands on my hands and pick her up making her sit on my lap.

“Hey baby girl how are you”

“I’m fine thanks and you”

“I’m also fine you have beautiful eyes”

“Thank you so much I’m sure you are also beautiful. How old are you”

“I’m six years old and what do you mean you sure I'm beautiful of course I’m beautiful” I giggle 

“Yes you are munchkin but Mira can’t see you because she’s blind”

”Oh shame I’m sorry Mira” I can hear that she’s hurt 

“Don’t be sorry baby girl it’s okay” 

“What happened to your eyes” the little munchkin asks curiously 

“I was born blind” I say 

“How do you move around?”

“I use this stick it helps to me locate things before I get to them”

“Do you know how to read or write?”

“Yes I know but when it’s written with Braille”

“What is Braille now?” 

“Ay ay munchkin stop asking Mira questions” Lwenkosi Says 

“It’s okay I don’t mind really...Braille is a system of making raised dots on paper to form letters and words that are read by the blind with their fingertips.” 

“Do you cry normal tears?”

“Of course tears come from Lachrymal glands or tear glands outside the eye bulb that contains the layers or the surfaces responsible for recording light and capturing images that are transmitted to the brain through the optic nerve the information thus collected is interpreted as vision.”

“Do you dream at night?”

”Hayi Snothando imibuzo engaka!” (So much questions) Lwenkosi says with annoyance 

“The child is curious let her be please.” 

“Yes I do but I have auditory dreams only because I was born blind”

“What are autory dreams Mira”

“Auditory not autory”

“I’m not talking to you buti” We burst into laughter 

“Uyaphapha wena!”

“Nawe!” We laugh then I respond to my little interviewer.

“Are dreams with no pictures just the movement of people and everything but a person who was not born blind and somehow got blind later can see pictures the time he/she had sight. The faces of the people she once saw may be blur”

“Do you wish you could see”

“Yes but It is what it is” She carries on to ask me other questions much to Lwenkosi’s disapproval but he needs to buzz off. Lwenkosi’s mom gives me biscuits and juice. They are really nice people except the grandmother who couldn’t stop making snide comments. I don’t understand what her problem is but other than that the Nkosi’s are nice to hang out with. Lwandlelwenkosi informs them that I’m going to spend a night and they don’t seem to have a problem with that except the grandmother. 

My phone couldn’t stop ringing I had to switched it off. At 7:30 we eat supper while they are watching tv because I wouldn’t say I’m watching without audio description. It’s not easy to follow a show just by listening to what’s going on. Audio description is the narration of visual elements that would otherwise not be accessible to individuals with vision loss. A specially trained narrator announces what is happening when there is no dialogue taking place. The visual elements that are narrated in these descriptions include costumes facial expressions physical actions scene changes and settings. Many popular networks such as PBS FOX and CBS offer audio description for some of their programs. More TV networks will begin offering audio description in the near future. The menu to access these settings are entirely visual so we need assistance from someone who is sighted to turn on this feature. Audio description is also available in movie theaters and live performances. People who wish to listen to the audio description at movie theaters or performing arts theatres simply request a special headset and receiver provided by the facility. While audio description soundtracks for movies and TV shows are pre-recorded live performances are described by live narrators who are watching the play in a separate booth. Being blind or visually impaired doesn’t mean we cannot or do not enjoy television the movies or theatre performances. By using our imagination as well as having access to audio described media we can enjoy TV the movies and theatre as much as those with sight. Not everyone needs or wants to watch shows with audio description but for me it’s wonderful to know that this option is increasingly available thanks to new regulations.

“Lwandlelwenkosi will show you the guest room sweety”

“She will sleep in my bedroom mom. I’m sure that's where she would feel comfortable”

“Lwandlelwenkosi I hope you are not planning to have sex in my house” The father says

“Geee Dad!” 

“What is sex daddy?”asks Sno with her squeaky voice 

“It’s a dangerous game sweetheart” The mother says to the child. I tell Lwenkosi that I want to sleep. We say our goodnight then walk to his bedroom. His room is filled with his devine scent.

“Well I don’t do pjs so here is is my t-shirt and boxer” 

“Thank you” I take the clothes 

“I will be in the bathroom call me when you are done” I nod and wait until I couldn’t hear his footsteps then changed into his t-shirt and boxer that’s smells of his perfume.

“I’m done!” I shout and I hear him making his way in. 

“The bathroom is on your right hand side”

“Thanks” He helps me get in bed I don’t know if he thinks I can’t do that on my own or he is just being caring. 

“I would be on the couch if you need me. It’s on the far left side of your hand”

“Do you mind holding me until I fall asleep”

”Of course not” I feel him getting next to me and pulls me on his chest wrapping his arms around my body. 



“Can you please help me take down my stepdad” he releases a huge sigh 

“Are you sure about that”

“Yes but I want to know if I can trust you”

“Of course you can trust me Dollface” He runs his fingerstips through my hair causing a soothing sensation.

“But you have to know that it won’t be easy and it's dangerous ” He says 

“I don’t care I want him out of our lives”

“I will do whatever it takes”

”How old are you?”

“Just turned 19 last week”

“Happy belated birthday”

“Thank you”

“Your heart is beating fast are you scared?” I ask

“Of what?”

“Me” He laughs 

“Oh please woman you don’t scare me” 


”Haisuka sleep now” 

“Sing me a song”

“I’m not your nanny”

“You know how to spoil good moments wena why u-so mara” He laughs 

“I will tell you the day I qualify to be muffin” I giggle 

“Ah well good night my dough” He laughs 

“At least there’s MY” I chuckle 

The birds are chirping outside and I just knew it’s the next morning I can feel something poking my butt disturbing me on my sleep. I can do with some sleep we chat and joke around almost the whole night. It was really fun he can be nice when he want. 

I touch it and fondle it omg it’s big hard and long I jump out of bed like a speed of light screaming

“Mira what’s wrong?” Asks Lwenkosi with his sleepy voice.

“A snake!”

“A snake huh?”

“There’s a snake in the bed Lwandlelwenkosi!!”

“There’s no snake come here and let’s sleep” 

“I felt it okay!! It’s long big and hard oh lord please take me home I don’t want to be beaten by snakes” I’m shaking with fear he burst into laughter I don’t know what’s funny now. I feel his arms wrapping around me and I jump a bit 

“Hey Relax there’s no snake” He strokes my back 

“I felt it Lwenkosi”

“It was not a snake Dollface it was my cock”

“Your what?”

“My penis” 

“You are lying that was a snake your penis can’t be that long and hard Lwandlelwenkosi” He pulls me back and takes my hand then place it on...OMG I gasp and remove my hand like its burning. He shrieks with laughter. “Gosh a snake wow! you just made my day Dollface” He is cackling like a little kid annoying the hell out me. 

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