Its been two weeks I dont  know what happened to Ndoni. I try not to think the worst but its hard. "Come on baby eat" that was Mama. My best friend is missing and she is busy nagging about food arg! 

Me:"Im not hungry Mama" I buried myself with my blankets 

Her:"Please sthandwa samama" she removed the blankets from my head. I sat up straight and looked at her

Me:"What if she is dead Mama?" 

Her:"Dont think the worst baby"

Me:"I cant help it Mama what if she starved to death and her mom buried her body" 

Her:"Hayi Azanda!" She eyeballed me

Me:"Its possible Ma please help me find her at least  find her body." Tears rolled down my eyes. 

Her:"Oh baby you know your father said we should not get involve" she wiped my tears

Me:"But why?" 

Her:"He is the man of the house Azanda we cant question his decisions" 

Me:"That shit expired long time ago its 50/50 now!" 

Her:"Watch your language young lady!" 

Me:"But Ma its true please help me dad does not have to know" 

Her:"What did her mom said?"

Me:"She screamed at me that I know where Ndoni is and Im making her a fool. "

Her:"Where could Ndoni be? Do you know a relative maybe or a close friend?"

Me:"No Im only her friend Ma"

Her:"Boyfriend maybe?" 

Me:"She does not have a boyfriend"

Her:"How sure are you?"

Me:"God Ma that girl does not have even a crush!" 

Her:"Unlike you! You have been dismissing me for the whole two weeks you are not a virgin anymore angithi?" She shouted. God seriously! 

Me:"My friend is missing you are busy worrying about stupid virginity are you for real!" I snapped

Her:"Watch how you speak to me young lady!" She yelled. I huffed and covered myself with my blankets "Im still talking to you Azanda!!" I said nothing. Few minutes later I heard my door closing. I removed my blanket she left. Thank God! My phone rang It was Sizwe. 


Him:"Klaby ukunuka!"

Me:"Haw what is wrong sthandwa sami"

Him:"Dont fucken dare call me that! Is it true that you slept with Thembalami?" Oh shit! 

Me:"Of course not baby who told you that!"

Him:"He told me" 

Me:"He is lying baby! He is mad because I said Im not interested in him so he want to cause trouble for us. I love you Sizwe" I really do. 

Him:"If I find out you are lying to me Im going to kill you Azanda!" 

Me:"Im not lying baby" 

Him:"When will I see you?" 


Him:"But I miss you"

Me:"I miss you too I wont be a good company baby  Im having a bad day" 

Him:"Okay Im sorry" 

Me:"Thank you baby" 

Him:"I love you"

Me:"I love you too" I hung up. That was easy. I really dont deserve Sizwe he is too good for me but I do love him. Out of the five he is the one that make my heart skip a beat. I wont let that boy with a small dick ruin my relationship with Sizwe and ngaloyomzuzu  Im not even dating with him. Ngiyakuzama ngekhekhe kuyazamula dade nx! 



"Answer the phone dammit!!" I shouted 


Me:"God Ngwenya why are you taking so long to answer the phone!"

Him:"Im busy!"

Me:"Its been two weeks now still you have not find Ndoniyamanzi!!" I screamed I was really angry at him. 

Him:"I told you Im on it what part dont you  undersrand! I will find her and stop shouting at me!"

Me:"You are damn too slow Ngwenya find her today!"

Him:"You are talking as if you paid me to do this!"

Me:"Haw Ngwenya we are friends nje"

Him:"We are friends when you want favours!"

Me:"That is not true!"

Him:"It is and if I may ask why do you want Ndoniyamanzi so much because you and I know how you feel about her!"

Me:"Vele I dont give a fuck about her I want my money that is why you have to find her alive Ngwenya!!"

Him:"Its that time already?"

Me:"Yes find her please!"

Him:"I want half"

Me:"Whaat? Uyahlanya!" (You are mad!)

Him:"Ah well Im telling my boys to stop looking for her then" 

Me:"Come on Ngwenya you have enough money!"

Him:"Money can never be enough baby. Its either half or I call off the investigation." Lenja inomhobholo yaz nx!

Me:"Okay fine!"

Him:"Goodbye you interrupted me Im busy."

Me:"Bye" I hung up and went to check on Lindelwa she have been locking herself in her bedroom these days I dont know why. I knocked on her door because I know how she hate it when I dont knock.  She didnt respond though

Me:"Baby open the door please" I knocked again and recieved the same result.  I opened the door my eyes darted on the pool of blood on the floor and she was lying there helplessly. I ran to her 

Me:"Baby wake up!"  I slapped her cheek. She didnt wake up "Baby noooo!" I cried.



All the way from the park to home it was silent. Did I said "home" Well I feel at home at Buti Nhlonipho's place. He went upastairs and left me wondering what did I do wrong? Oh please Lord dont let him kick me out not after I just felt home and welcomed. I felt tears burning in my eyes. Maybe I should go and apologise even though I didnt know what did I do. I walked uptsairs and knocked on his door but he didnt respond. I opened it he was not there. I went to the balcony he was not there.  I went to the studyroom and knocked. "Come in" He said on the other side of the room. I opened the door and went inside. He was swinging on the chair throwing a tennis ball in the air and catch it again. 

Me:"Im really sorry Buti Nhlonipho for whatever I did please dont kick me out of your house I enjoy to stay here with you" Tears rolled down my cheeks 

Him:"No no no Ndoni" He stood up and threw the tennis ball on the floor and walked towards me " Im sorry I made you feel like you did something wrong" He held my hands with his moist palms. "You didnt do anything wrong Im the one who should apologise for shouting at you. I wont kick you out  this is your home. I enjoy each an every second with you. Im really sorry please forgvie me" I nodded  that was a relief "I want you to say it" 

Me:"I forgive you buti" 

Him:"Thank you so much" He wiped my tears with his thumbs "This is your home yezwa" 

Me:"Eh"He pulled my head against his chest and embraced me. 

Him:"I didnt mean to shout at you" He broke the hug and stared at me right into my eyes "You are so beautiful do you know that?"

Me:"I know you want me to feel better but you dont have to bluff buti" 

Him:"Bluff? No Im not bluffling you are really beautiful Ndoniyamanzi" 

Me:"Oh come on buti Im dark and ugly. Im a ugly black dog Im sure mom and dad were doing a dog style when I was conceived" He laughed but I was not making a joke 

Him:"The colour of your skin is what make you mutiple beautiful. Look at your eyes they are breath taking. Your lip...uhm you are beautiful please never doubt that okay" I nodded even though I knew he was just trying to make me feel better nevertheless I was  happy at least there is someone who want to make me feel better for a change in my life.  I know its still early but I think God have found me a brother I never had. "Do you know how to play cards"


Him:"Let's go the lounge then" We walked downstairs sat down on the couch  and played cards. "How are your sessions with Linda?"

Me:"Great I guess"

Him:"You guess?"

Me:"They are fine buti" 

Him:"Just fine?"

Me:"They are working if you are looking for that word" 

Him:"Okay...take two" 

Me:"Ohhh I see this is your way of making me lose" I took two cards. 

He laughed 

Him:"Haibo what did I do"

Me:"You are talking to me so that I lose concentration on the game" 

He laughed

Him:"Its not my fault you cant do two things at once" 


Him:"Sorry...three cards left"

Me:"Hah already and I still have 5 left" 

Him:"Just give up already my dear" He threw a heart instead of a spade

Me:"Ahhah take two cards" 

Him:"Ahhh fuck!" I giggled 

Me:"I think its you that have to give up Mr Respect" 

Him:"Dont be so sure my dear" 

Me:"We will see...two cards left" 

Him:"Ay Ndoni you had five seconds ago now you left with two"

I laughed

Me:"Yes why you think I hid them?"


Me:"Ah shame lutho yaz...done!" I threw my one last card 

Him:"Mxm I let you win" 

Me:"Liar accept you lost" I giggled

Him:"Mxm" He sulked pouting his lips like a baby

Me:"Ncoohh ubuti baby" He giggled

Him:"Uyaphapha wena!" He said tickling me 

Me:"Ple..ase..stop" I was giggling and wiggling  but he didnt stop tickling me. "Buti..maan!" I giggled until I couldnt breath "Nhlonipho!" I gasped . He stopped and gazed at me as he was on top of me now.

Him:"Uhm..sorry" He got up from me and ran upstairs. Ok-ay!


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