Mom:"I'm really sorry son I didn't mean it that way"

Me:"Oh so now I'm lying or I have a hearing problem?"

Mom:"No what Im trying to say is...uh.. ehh..I" 

Me:"Just leave mother I don't want to see you again and this time is for good"

Mom:"Baby please you can't do that to me again. I love you so much. I'm sorry I ..."

Me:"I don't understand why do you hate my fiancée. Why don't you want to accept that I love her she is my world. Dont you care about my happiness? "

Mom:"I do I really do but I don't think she is your happiness. She doesn't su...."

Me:"Stop it right there and leave "

Mom:"But baby..."

Me:"I said go Nomfundo!"

"At least let her leave tomorrow morning sthandwa sami" said my fiancée behind me. I turned and looked at her. She was wearing her robe and slippers. 

Me:"Baby you are awake" she walked towards me 

Ndoni:"I understand how you feel but its already late"

Me:"Baby how can you say that this woman is..." 

She pressed her finger on my lips

Ndoni:"I know my love I heard everything b.."

I removed her finger from my mouth 

Me:"Ndoniyamanzi Sithole I want this woman gone!" 

I was shaking uncontrollable. 

Ndoni:"She can't be driving at this time of the night" she held my shaking hands with her smooth soft palms "I'm begging you Mondise" she looked at me with pleading eyes. 

Me:"Okay fine"

Mom:"Thank you so much son" 

Me:"You should be thanking her not me" 

Mom:"Thank you Ndoniyamanzi" she whispered wiping her tears. 

Me:"I can't stand you go to your room or whatever"

She stood up and shuffled her feet to upstairs. I was so ashamed to even looked at my fiancée. She pulled my trembling body and held me tightly in her arms. I tried believe me I really tried but I couldn't hold them anymore. I let out of tears that I have been holding ever since Mawakhe was born. She pulled back and walked with me to the couch and pressed my head on her breast. Men do not cry fuck it God wouldn't have made us with tears if we shouldn't cry. My heart was very sore I cried so much wetting her robe. 

Ndoni:"Sshhh my love" 

Me:"Its hurt baby my own mother want my son to die? What kind of a mother is she? I wish she wasn't my mother"

Ndoni:"I'm sorry baby that she is doing all of this because she doesn't like me. I don't want you to be hurt it double pains when you cry. I wish she could give me a chance to know me. I love you baby I'm not with you for your money you know how did I fall pregnant I didn't trap you with a baby. Im just in love with you Nhlonipho Talent Sithole. I don't care about anything else you have yourself is enough to me."

I pulled back and looked at her teary eyes

"What should I do to make her love me or at least tolerate me. Should I bleach my skin or maybe I should wait until I get a job and have my own money. I don't want anything that will hurt you and our son. I can do anything for you guys "

Me:"Baby no this got nothing to do with money and your skin mom is wicked. You have never asked me even an airtime you always want to do things with your money but I insist on doing things for you coz you are my woman. I have to take care of you and spoil you coz you deserve it. The colour of your skin multiple your beauty your pure eyes make my knees weak your smile make my heart skip a beat your thick lips are shaped beautifully make me wanna kiss them every second. Your body is like piece of art ooh your curves baby how can I forgot my banana basket even though it make me cry like a kid"

She giggled and tears rolled down on her beautiful face. 

"I love everything about you sthandwa sami. Umuhle unje Uyindoniyamanzi uZungu akadidekanga mayekwetha Ndoniyamanzi. Ngikuthanda unje ndoni yami" 

She smiled teardrops flowing on her cheeks

Ndoni:"Oh God what have I done to deserve you"

She wiped my tears and my mucus with her palms 

Me:"No what have I done to deserve you" 

She cupped my face and planted a long peck on my lips

Ndoni:"Uthandiwe Mondise"

Me:"Uthandwa yimi kuqala Ma Mondise" I wiped her tears with the back of my palms

She smiled sweetly Lord is my witness I had missed that smile of hers. 

"Why did you wake up?"

Ndoni:"A dream woke me up" 

Me:"You wanna share" 

Ndoni:"Stand up"


Ndoni:"Get off your flat ass on the couch" 

I giggled

Me:"Point of ccorrection your ass" 

She laughed

Ndoni:"Okay get off my flat ass on the couch"

I smiled and got up she relaxed her body on the couch "Come to mamazi babazi" 

I chuckled and got on top of her resting my head on her chest

Me:"Tell me about the dream"

She ran her fingers into my hair making me to let out a moan

Ndoni:"Its not vivid"

Me:"I'm sure you must have pick up few events"

Ndoni:"Let's forget about that dream and tell me something sweet"

Me:"I love you"

I heard her chuckled then she kissed my head.

Ndoni:"Carry on"

Me:"You are beautiful"




Me:"Uyathanda ukuncwebana"

She laughed

Ndoni:"Hey that's not sweet" 

I laughed

Me:"Its sweet to me coz its done by you"

She lifted my head and we kissed. The kissed intensified as I ran my finger tips on her thighs while biting and nibbling her neck gently. She moaned sliding her hand into my pants and grabbed my butt I groaned. "I want to get in" I whispered in her ear

Ndoni:"No you can't you know that"

Me:"Don't you want me inside of you"

Ndoni:"I do baby but...." I shut her up with a kiss caressing her thigh

Me:"How long do we have to wait"

Ndoni:"4 months"

I looked at her my eyes popped out

Me:"You are joking right"

Ndoni:"No I'm not" 

I groaned

Me:"Haibo unyaka ozayo phela loyo" 

Ndoni:"Kunjalo Bab Sthole"

Me:"Eeeh madoda indlala engaka"

She giggled

Ndoni:"But its worth it"


Ndoni:"Stop complaining hawu"

Next year? Yhooo I won't have some even on xmas and new year's eve nci nci nci lentwana yangibulala mos. We decided to stop petting coz it was making me wanna fuck her so bad Oh boy it's gonna be the longest four months of my life. 



Aroma of bacon and eggs woke me up. I opened my eyes and rubbed them. He smiled widely carrying a tray

Nipho:"Morning Mamazi"

Me:"Morning Babazi"

Nipho:"I made breakfast for you"

Me:"You such a darling" 

I sat up straight and took the tray. 

"Mmmh its smells devine." I wiped my hands with a dump dish cloth "You not joining me?"

Nipho:"If you want me to" He got on the bed then we started eating

Me:"Mom left already?"


Me:"I'm sorry"

Nipho:"I'm sure you hate her now"

Me:"Nah I don't hate her but I don't like her. At least she will be away from my son."

Nipho:"Yeah..Gcinile is coming we have to hurry up"

Me:"Haw I thought I will go to the hospital"

Nipho:"Nah I want you to be comfortable so all your sessions will held here"

Me:"Okay that's great I guess"

Nipho:"Then later we will go see our son"

Me:"Okay baby"

After eating we took a bath together lotioned and get dressed. Little bit later Gcinile arrived. She is a beautiful lady I'm even jealous that my fiancé is working with such a shandapha in fact all ladies are beautiful there even the receptionist Elizabeth. We had our first session. I have nothing to say about it but I just hope time as goes on I will have something to say. 

Two months passed and few days when I say two months I'm counting from the day Mawakhelomuzi was born 11 October to 11 December. 

Well nothing much have been happening except that mom chased Lihle out of the house. I had to beg her and she told me how disrespectful Lihle was to her. I made peace between them. I wrote my exmas well. Lethu accepted that Mawekhe is not his I must say my son is a blessing because he made my relationship with Lethu to become better than it was before. He love his nephew so much that he came more often. Oh yes my love he is out of hospital now and growing everyday. He is such a strong little boy . Gcinile helped me shame I don't wanna lie. I cried so much when I found out that I went crazy Kodwa ke asidlule lapho mzala yabo and be happy that all of that is over.

My fiancé was at work so I was with Ma Rose she was busy with the laundry. 

I heard a buzzer when I was breast feeding my son. I went to attend whoever was visiting without putting my son down. I opened the gate few minutes later the was a knock on the door I opened it. I couldn't believe my eyes my saliva vanished in my mouth. my heart beat accelerated I closed my eyes and opened them again. Oh my ancestors!! ubuthakathi emini kangaka!!

Me:"Hamba moya omubi!...Hamba moya omubi!" I screamed with my shaking voice. 


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