Me:"Baby don't do that please ngiyakutusa Ncwane elihle" 

Ndoni:"I have nothing to live for anymore" she wiped her tears

Me:"That's is not true you have your two mothers your father your brother your sister me and our son baby please" I took few steps towards her

Ndoni:"You mean the son you killed?"

Me:"I didn't kill him baby I saved him."

I had to play along I was so terrified. 

Ndoni:"You are lying!"

Me:"I'm not sthandwa sami. He is alive I took him to the hospital"

Ndoni:"But he was covered with blood and not breathing"

Me:"He was unconscious baby I swear on his life. Have I ever gave you a reason not to trust me?"

Ndoni:"No" she sniffed wiping her nose.

Me:"Come to me baby and let's go see our son." I opened my arms for her "Woza sthandwa sami" 

Ndoni:"Just let me go Nipho"

Me:"I can't I love you our son love you and need you" She moved and almost fall into the river I swear my heart stopped beating. "Baby come to me please don't do this to me. What would I be without you" the last part came out a whisper. I felt warm liquid rushing down my cheeks. "Come" She walked to me and threw herself in my arms. I squeezed her for dear life the fear of losing her sank in. "Promise me you will never do that again please "

Ndoni:"If you promise me that you are not lying to me our son is really alive"

Me:"I promise you"

Ndoni:"I promise you too" 

I picked her up bridal style and walked with her to my car. 

Me:"Open the door sthandwa sami" she did I got her in and buckled the seat belt "Your car keys"

Ndoni: " In the car" I closed the door and walked to her car

I got her in and buckled the seat belt "Your car keys"

Ndoni: " In the car" I closed the door and walked to her car I opened it and took the car keys and locked it. I went to my car and got in then drove to our house. 

Ndoni:"I want to see him" 

Me:"I will take you to him after you had bath and some food"

Ndoni:"I'm not hungry"

Me:"You haven't had food for 3days that is not good for you"

She said nothing staring outside the window. I reached out for her hand and squeezed it "I love you Ndoniyamanzi" she smiled faintly and said nothing. At that moment I wish I was a mind reader I just wanted to know what was she thinking. 

When we arrived at home I opened the door for her and helped her out then closed the door. We walked inside the house as I held her waist. 

Mom:"Oh you found her"

Me:"Yes why did you let her go?"

Mom:"She threatened to kill me"

Ndoni:"Are you two talking about me?"

Me:"No baby...Ma Khoza and Ma Ngcobo left?"

Mom:"Yes and left me alone with this lunatic"

Me:"You are becoming a nuisance now mother" 

I picked my Ndoni bridal style and walked upstairs with her to our bedroom. "Let's have a bath my baby"

Ndoni:"Okay why your mom is calling me a lunatic?"

Me:"She's being rude baby don't mind her" I undressed her and undressed myelf then we took a shower together. "Baby tell me what are you thinking right now" I said scrubbing her back. I just wanted to know what was on her mind coz right now she looked so calm the Ndoniyamanzi I know. 

Ndoni:"My son Nipho I want to see him"

Me:"After the shower baby" I decided to just drop it and leave it to Gcinile. After showering I dried lotioned and dressed our bodies. "You look so beautiful" 

She smiled faintly

Ndoni:"Thank you" 

I held her hand then we walked downstairs. 

Mom:"Going somewhere?" 

Me:"Yes we are going to see our son"

Mom:"I cooked supper "

Me:"We will eat out "


Me:"Yes..oh before I forgot my friend will fetch my fiancée's car keys...here please give him he have to collect her car at Ncandu River"


We exited and drove to the hospital. On the way I asked Zwide to fetch Ndoni's car at Ncandu river and he agreed well I didn't went through with all the details coz I didn't want Ndoni to hear. I didn't want another episode coz at the moment she was really calm. 

"Mr and Mrs S" greeted Elizabeth

Me:"Hey Lizzy"



Me:"Thank you"

I held my fiancée's hand and walked with her before Lizzy say more things that will trigger whatever that is going on with her. "This is our son" She looked at him but I couldn't read her emotion

Ndoni:"Why is he in this box?"

I swallowed spit

Me:"You know newborns have to be kept warm"

Ndoni:"Oh he is so tiny"

Me:"Ain't all newbabies are...don't you want to hold him"

Ndoni:"Yes please" she whispered tears rolling down on her cheeks. 

Me:"Take off your t-shirt so that you contact with his skin" She did as I said and sat down on a chair that was provided. I took our son carefully and gave her. 

Ndoni:"God you made this baby alone mos"I giggled 

Me:"Shiya umona daa"

Ndoni:"This is very unfair"

she beamed at him that moment I realized the mistake I made. I should have never let her spend 3 days alone I should have been with her and gave her hope I should have made her touch and hold our son. That would keep her sane and it will also help to speed up our son's recovery. A smile crept on my face it was such a beautiful sight just then my prince decided to open his eyes. He hardly did that over the past days that was the first sign of recovery 

"He is awake baby!" she half screamed I moved closer to them. 

Me:"Hey boy" I smiled he blinked his white pure eyes ncooo man my heart skipped a beat. 

Ndoni:"At least he took my eyes"

Me:"Yeah yeah yeah" we shared a chuckle and

looked at each other with a twinkle in our eyes 

"Thank you so much for making me a daddy"

Ndoni:"Thank you for making me a mommy" she shifted her gaze from me to our son "Sampona wemfana kamama nkosyomuntu" she smiled

Things are looking up thank you Lord



My daughter's predicament was taking a huge toll on me. I could see myself going back to that old Thandaza. I felt like running away and never look back. Alcohol and sex used to be my solace and right now that a last thing I wanted to do. I don't want to disappoint my children. They gave me a chance I'm trying so hard not to ruin it. 

Dee:"Sssh its going to be okay sis" I was in her arms crying. Dee and I have become friends even though she is 4 years older than me. She is 44 years I'm 40 years old. I love her and I will always be grateful to her and her husband for giving my princess a home. She is very good with my daughter and I could see that my daughter love her more than me but that's understandable. 

Me:"I'm scared Dee I will go back to myself. I have always been a coward and run away from my problems "

Dee:" I think you never dealt with passing of your parents having to abandon Ndoni and passing of your husband. You also need counseling"

Me:"The last I want is to disappoint my children. You know I have never in my life been this happy and enjoy being a mother. I can't mess things up now "

Dee:"You won't sis I'm here for you always know that "

Me:"Thank you so much that's mean alot to me" I wiped my tears "You know I don't trust that woman she doesn't like my daughter and its scares me."

Dee:"I don't like her too but we have to keep peace for the sake of the children. They love each other" 

Me:"True that" 

Dee:"I think I should go now "

Me:"Thank you so much Dee I have never had a friend like you in my life "

Dee:"Would you stop thanking me already" 

We heard groans from Lihle's bedroom and rushed to her.


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