Me:"Baby our son is at the hospital. You named him Seluleko and I named Mawakhelomuzi cant you remember?"

Ndoni:"It felt so real hey but we have nothing to worry about."

Mom:"Ay she is going crazy now" 

Ma Ngcobo:"We shouldnt have gave her the space. She needed to be with people so that she will stop overthinking and over stressing" 

Mom:"Should have wont help now we need to take her to the loony bin"

Ma Ngcobo:"You just cant wait to get rid of my daughter" 

Mom:"Haw Mlingani nawe uyambona useyahlanya." 

Ma Khoza:"Ndoni is traumatized she need counselling nje qha"

Ma Ngcobo:"Exactly Dee not a loony bin that will make her worse" 

Me:"I will ask one of my collegue to help her" 

Mom:"We cant stay with a lunatic that is dangerous. Lunatics are erratic"

Ma Ngcobo:"Then go back to your house mlingani no one is stoping you yaz"

Mom:"I want to be here for my son he need me"

Ma Ngcobo:"Might as well just leave coz instead of supporting your son and coming up with solutions you want to get rid of his fiancee. You are adding more stress to him. The hate you have for my daughter is misleading you. Derogatory remarks you throw at my daughter doesnt sit well with him too. If you keep on doing like this you will lose your son and blame my daughter for that"

Thank you Ma Ngcobo she needed to hear that

Mom:"Look at her now" she pointed at my fiancee next to me who was smiling none stop brushing her fake big belly. 

Me:"Baby" I nudged her she looked at me 

Ndoni:"He is kicking none stop today you wanna feel it" she took my hand and placed it on her pillow tummy "You feel that" she giggled "God his kicks warm my soul" 

I sighed heavily she was really losing it. 

"Wee my boy your daddy is grumpy" 

Mom:"Uhlanya hla lolu" she clapped her hands

Ndoni:"Come on everybody why are you all grumpy. Bo mama bami nawe monster in law show me some smile" 

They all showed faked smiles except my mom

Me:"Dont you want to have a bath baby"

Ndoni:"No Im fine"

Ma Ngcobo:"You need to have a bath mafungwase"

Ma Khoza:"And eat food too"

Ndoni:"Okay I guess that wont hurt right boy boy. Im sure you are starving" 

Me:"I will run a bath for her"

Ma Khoza:"While we prepare something for her to eat"

Me:"Thanks Ma"

They all walked out I went to the bathroom and run a bath for my fiancee then walked back to her. 

Ndoni:"Dont be sad my love everything is fine" I sat down next to her and cupped her face 

Me:"I love you so much and I promise you all this will pass" I planted a long peck on her lips. 

Ndoni:"I love you too" After kissing her I pressed her to my chest brushing her back. It look like as more days pass by it getting harder. God must give us a break bathong we have been through alot already. I let lose from the embrace but she held me tightly so I let her be. 

Me:"You want me to bath you or will bath yourself?"

Ndoni:"I will do it myself thanks for the offer though. You know im really blessed to have you as my fiance. "

Me:"Im the blessed one" I pulled back "You need to undress now a soothing bath is waiting for you. Start by removing this pillow" I put my hands under her robe and grasped the pillow

Ndoni:"What are you doing now!" She slapped my arms

Me:"Baby you are not pregnant this is a pillow"

Ndoni:"Get out!"

Me:"Our son is..."

Ndoni:"I said get out!" She screamed

Me:"Im not going anywhere I want to be with you. We are in this together I will find professional help for you" 

Ndoni:"I dont need any help Im fine you are the one that need help." She got up from the bed the pillow fall down on the floor. "Yabona into oyenzile manje!!" She screamed like a crazy person 


Ndoni:"Stop it!" She kneeled down on the floor and cuddled the pillow "You killed him Nipho..you killed our son." She wailed squeezing the pillow in her arms

Me:"Im sorry..."

Ndoni:"Why dont you want me to be happy huh? He is dead now because of you...Ohh baby Im so sorry" She kissed the pillow her tears falling on it. My heart bled tears threaten in my eyes. I knelt down next to her and engulfed her with a hug. She cried painfully and loudly that made our moms to come to us.

Ma Ngcobo:"What is going on?"

I told them what went down. 

Ma Khoza:"This is so sad she really need help"

Ma Ngcobo:"Oh my baby" her voice neared tears. Ma Khoza embraced her

Ndoni:"Get away from me Nhlonipho you killed my son!" She wiggled herself from me and got up

Ma Ngcobo:"Sthandwa sami your son is okay. This is a pillow" Tears flow on her cheeks

Ndoni:"All of you out!" She roared in anger and started throwing things on us "Get out!!!" 

Me:"Calm down Ndoniyamanzi"

Ndoni:"Calm down my foot! Or you want me to kill you just the way you did to my son?" She threw her fragrance at me I ducked. 

Mom:"You see I told you that she is dangerous she will kill us all! Let get out of here and let her be" 

Me:"We cant leave her alone what if she hurt herself" 

Mom:"Take her to the mental institution Nhlonipho!"

Me:"Would you just stop it arg! Ma Khoza please get me water we will force her down the sleeping pills" 

Ma Khoza:"Okay son" she disappeared and came back with water. I walked to the corner where my fiancee was curled up and crying.

Me:"Baby drink here they will help you ease the pain"

She said nothing but cried louder. I kneeled down and shoved the pills in her mouth and made her drink water with the help of Ma Khoza since she was fighting. 

Mom:"When she wake up what will happen?'

Me:"She will be calm when she wake up." We listened to her loud sobs until they became soft sobs then she was out. I scooped her and laid her on the bed then covered her with blankets. "Dont cry Ma Ngcobo she will be okay." 

Ma Ngcobo:"She doesnt deserve this she went through a lot already" she wiped her tears. 

Me:"Let me go and check on Mawakhe please let me know when she wake up"

Ma Khoza:"Okay baba" I went to the other bedroom took my car keys and left. 

Upon my arrival I greeted Elizabeth and walked passed her desk going straight to Intensive Care Nursery. 

Me:"Hey son" I sighed and closed my eyes blocking tears from coming out. My heart was sore the was this weight that I was carrying on my shoulders. I felt so helpless and useless. As if it was not enough that my son is not recovering now my fiancee is going crazy. Lord what do you want from me entlek. I felt a tap on my shoulder and opened my eyes tears just fall anyway. I wiped them and looked at Zwide

Zwide:"He is a strong boy he will recover." 

Me:"I wish he can just recover now his mom is going crazy Zwide like really crazy. I found her in our bedroom brushing her fake big belly. She thinks she is still pregnant" 

Zwide:"Yhoo that hectic man Im really sorry." 

Me:"Kubuhlungu Zwide ekujuleni kwenhliziyo." 

Zwide:"You will get through this Sithole. Your son and your wife will be in my prayers" He gave me brotherly hug. "Qina ndoda for your family" 

Me:"Thank you" I pulled back and smiled faintly. "Is Gcinile available today I want her to help my fiancee." 

Zwide:"No she is off today but Laila is available"

Me:"I will call Gcinile and ask her. I prefer her than Laila." 

Zwide:"I get you man Laila is uptight"

Me:"She need a man that will fuck her hard she will loosen up"

Zwide giggled

Zwide:"And uyashisa sbali"

Me:"You are married Zwide" 

He laughed

Zwide:"Yah phela that doesnt mean Im blind obvious I wont cheat on my wife I love her"

Me:"That's a relief" 

Zwide:"Let me carry on with my rounds man. I love you man" 

Me:"I love you too" 

Zwide:"Is it me or we do sound gay" 

We laughed

Me:"You stole my words" 

Zwide:"I will see ya"


He walked out I spend more time with my son then went to do my rounds too even though I didnt have to. I just wanted distraction. 

On my way home I called Gcnile and informed her about the situation. I wanted her to handle this matter personally and she agreed. When I got home Ndoni was driving out. I followed her and signal for her to stop the car but she didnt. Why did they allowed her to go. I tried to caught up with her but her speed was on another level. I arrived at her spot and parked my car next to hers and rushed out.

Me:"Baby please dont do that Im begging you" I said with a tremulous voice I was panicking and my heart was beating like a drum. 

Me:"Ngiyakucela sthandwa sami dont jump into the river I need you we all need you" I begged desperately as she walked closer and closer to the edge of the river


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