Still she doesn't like me ah well tough coz this time she is not getting rid of me. 


Her:"What? You know its a pity you and Nompilo didn't work out she would have gave you beautiful babies. Yinhle phela leyantokazi iphelele" 

Here goes there comparison mxm!

Nipho:"Ma what is wrong with you? Why are you so rude?"

Me:"Baby let's me leave I will call you" 

Her:"She is disrespectful she didn't even greet me but she want to leave now"

Haibo isn't she the one that should greet me she found me here mos

Me:"Sawbona Ma" 

Her:"Yebo if I may ask where are you going?"


Her:"Haibo ntombi who is going to cook for me?"

Nipho:"Haibo Ma Ndoniyamanzi is my fiancée not yours you will cook for yourself"

Her:"Hhe nansi imihlola she knew what she was getting herself into when she agreed to marry you." 

Nipho: "She's pregnant Ma she shouldnt over work herself "

Her:"She is pregnant not sick I want home cooked meal prepared by my future daughter in law." 

Nipho: "Ma..."

Me:"It's okay Nhlonipho I will just go and cook before I go home" 

Nipho:"Don't let my mom bully you baby"

Her:"I'm not bullying her naye she knows what is expected of her as ingoduso yakho" 

Yes I know but that doesn't mean she have to be rude about it. Icacile ukuthi angeke sizwane nalomama. Nipho kissed my cheek than I left leaving him with his mother. I got to his place oh well our place. Ma Rose was about to cook.

Me:"Sawbona Ma" 

Ma Rose:"Hello Madam"

I chuckled

Me:"Ma please don't call me that"

She chuckled.

Ma Rose:"Sorry Ndoniyamanzi"

Me:"I see you are about to cook I will take over"

Ma Rose:"You are pregnant you shouldn't be over working yourself this is my job let me do it Madam" 

Me:"Nipho's mom is here she want a home cooked meal prepared by her future daughter in law"

Ma Rose:"Oh I see I assume she was the one that was here an hour ago. She left her luggage in the guestroom and left she sound like a difficult woman"

Me:"I have a headache already" 

Ma Rose:"Let me cook we will say it's you that cooked" 

I giggled 

Me:"Sound like a good plan but its cool Ma. Thank you for the offer"

Ma Rose:"Okay if you say so I should go then" she took off the apron and gave me. 

Me:"Thank you" 

Ma Rose:"Bye Madam"


She chuckled

Ma Rose:"I will see you tomorrow"

Me:"Okay Ma" she left

I wore the apron and washed my hands then started cooking. My feet were swollen and painful but what choice did I have. Nipho's mom arrived while my pots were still on the stove. I opened the gate for her she drive in and got inside the house. 

Her:"Can I have a glass of water" I took the glass and rinsed it than pour water for her. 

Me:"Here" She took the glass and drank her water

Her:"Out of all guys in the world why my son?"

Me:"He is special"

Her:"Oh please stop that crap I can see you"

Me:"I love your son Ma I'm not with him for his money."

Her:"You can fool him but not me. I can smell a gold digger miles away"

Me:"It take one to know one"

Her:"You are so disrespectful I don't even know what does my son see in you Arg!"

Me:"I know you don't like me but I will really appreciate it if you could pretend at least just for the sake of your son and the last thing I want is to cause a rift between a son and a mother. You and I know how your son is this time he won't forgive you if you keep on giving me your attitude." 

She clicked her tounge and turned to walked out then she stopped and look at me

Her:"Oh please change the sheet in my bedroom its smelling "

Me:"That's impossible we don't even use that bedroom"

Her:"I don't care but I want new sheet and covers" she walked out. I sighed and checked my pots then I went upstairs and changed the sheet and covers replacing with clean ones even though they were clean and smell fresh. She was being difficult nje. After that I walked downstairs. As I was stirring he snake his hands from behind and sniffed me

Nipho:"You smell so nice" He nibbled my ear and that alone made me wet just then my baby decided to kick "Wooow! we have a soccer player here" 

Me:"He love it when you make his mama wet" 

He chuckled turning me around and kissed me hungrily. I moaned as I wrapped my one leg around his waist. He inserted his two fingers in my nun and fingered me "I love you baby"

Nipho:"I know baby I know" 

Me:"Oh God its feels so good" 

"Don't you two have manners this is a kitchen not a bedroom Arg!!" Screamed his Ma. God I forgot that we have a visitor. She walked out we burst into laughter. 

Me: "Ay go you make me lose my focus on my pots"

He giggled

Nipho:"I miss you baby"

Me:"Im right here baby"

Nipho:"I want to eat you like now now now"

Me:"Stop it you are turning me on"

Nipho:"You spending the night right?"

Me:"No baby"

Nipho:"Come on my love" he pouted I kissed his lips. 

Me:"I will see you tomorrow baby you brought the pregnant test right?"

Nipho:"Yes baby they are in my car" 

Me:"Ngiyakuthanda Nhlonipho Talent Sithole"

Nipho:"Ngiyazi Ndoniyamanzi Zungu" I pinched him "Uyakthanda ukuncwebana ngathi wakhula nesalukazi" I giggled pinching him again. "You make me happy"

Me:"Who asked you" 

He tickled me

pinching him again. "You make me happy"

Me:"Who asked you" 

He tickled me I giggled 

Nipho:"Uyaphapha doti"

Me:"Ngikuthanda ukufa Mondise" 

I kissed his lips seductively

Nipho:"Don't start something you won't finish"

I giggled and kissed him again his guy got irritated and poke me. "Oh MaNcwane uyangihlanyisa yaz"

Me:"Go spend some time with mom while I finish here"

Nipho:"I love you Ndoni"

Me:"Thandwa yimi bheypee" He pecked my lips then disappeared. 

Around 7pm I dished up and serve his mom

Her:"I hope you didn't put poison here"

I rolled my eyes

Me:"Why would I kill the mother of my fiancé "

Her:"Angeke sazi phela" 

Nipho:"You know I don't want you to drive baby since you are pregnant "

Me:"Let's go then with my car you will come back with your car " Day before yesterday I left with his car. 

Nipho:"Our car baby"

His mom rolled her eyes.

Me:"Let's go then"

We left him driving baby red. I turned on the radio my favourite song was playing 

Me:"♪♪♪ Ngiyamthanda 

Noma etheni noma enjani ngithanda yena owangempela oooh


Uhlale nami emihleni njalo njalo uyafanoo


Ahh yabona mpinsthi yami angidlali mpinsthi yami ngiyamthatha ngo December


So mamela skeem sami themba mina out yami ngzomthanda"

Nipho:"Uzomthanda wena kodwa uzozisola

Ngathi uyabakhohlwa abangani bakhe

Uzomthanda wena kodwa uzozisola ngathi uyabakhohlwa bathanda Imali"

Me:"ahh akanamali kodwa uthanda yonke yonke into engiyiyo

Nipho:"Ahh akananmali kodwa uthanda yonke yonke into engiyiyo ♪♪♪

Me:"Mxm abasiyeke wena baby"

Nipho:"We might as well make our album baby"

Me:"You read my mind my love" I kissed his cheek. "Ouuh"

Nipho:"My beard prickled you"

Me:"No baby its hi...aaahhh" I screamed 

Nipho:"What's wrong baby" He let go of the steering wheel and held me 

Me: "It's too soon baby he is coming...Aweeehh" I screamed in agony. Noooo it's too soon. "Nhlonipho you want to kill us!" 

Nipho:"I'm sorry" He said grasping the steering wheel.

Me:"Oooh God he is coming Nipho please stop him its not his time please" I screamed in aguish


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