Me:"Shh don't cry I called help its on its way now " I said engulfing her with an embrace. At long last they arrived I was just happy they got here before the man gain his conscious back otherwise he would have killed us. The police asked few questions I answered them what I knew Lihle also added on that. 

Police 1:"Can I have water please" Lihle went to get water and gave the police. He poured it on Mthokozi's face. He jumped up with shock gasping for air. "Wakey wakey woman beater" 

Mthokozisi:"What happened" He rubbed his head

Police 2:"Ungazosinyela wena!" He grabbed him from the floor and cuffed him. 

Mthokozisi:"You little rat this how you pay me for everything I did for you and your mom!" he said looking at Lihle who hide behind me. She was really scared of him. They walked out with him the paramedics attended Thandaza and left with her. We followed behind the ambulance. 

Me:"Don't cry she will be alright" 

Lihle:"She can't die sis not now" she sobbed

Me:"She won't trust me" We got to the hospital and waited for the doctor. 

Lihle:"First it was buti now it's Ma why is this happening to me? Why can't I be happy like other children for once" 

Me:"Everything will be okay sis don't worry" I pressed her head against my chest and stroke her back until she calmed down. After what felt like forever the doctor called us to see her. Her face was really damaged mzala she was unrecognisable. Bloody asshole almost killed my mo..uhm Thandaza. I wonder after beating and beating a defenceless woman uyindoda kuthini kuwe. Does it make you think you are a man? Well you just fooling yourself uwumgodoyi nje wendoda odinga ithuna straight! 

Lihle:"Mama" she shook her

Me:"Let her rest Lihle"

Thandaza opened her eyes her left eye was bruised badly. 

Thandaza:"Where am I?"

Lihle:"In the hospital Mama Ndoniyamanzi saved you from that evil man he is on his way to jail as I'm talking to you now" Thandaza's lips curved forming a smile which turned into a wince. "I'm really sorry" she held her mom's hand

Thandaza:"Thank you so much mtanami I would have died today" she said staring at me .God this woman does not want to listen. I'm not her child if I was her child she wouldnt have abandoned me but I will let her be just for today

Me:"I couldn't let him beat you like that"

Thandaza:"Can I hold your hand please" Ay she is pushing it now! I gave her my hand she squeezed it tightly. "I love you my child. I love all three of you" 

Lihle:"We love you too" count me out. 

Thandaza:"I need to rest now"

Me:"No what do you mean now!" 

Thandaza:"Im feeling drowsy I think its must be something they gave me. I want to sleep"

Me:"Woh okay"

Thandaza:"Kanti what were you thinking?"

Me:"Ah nothing" 

Thandaza:"Oh I see you thought I'm dying" she smiled "I'm not going anywhere I need to fulfill my duties as a mother so relax" 

Lihle:"We will see you later then right sis?"

Me:"Ya" Thandaza kissed our hands then we left."I will ask Ma Khoza to let you live with us so long Thandaza is in the hospital and Cebolethu too "

Lihle:"Oh okay but right now I need to do my project with my partner. Can I take my books at home than you will drop me at his place"

Me:"I'm glad you not letting what is happening to distract you from scho..wait did you say his" 


Me:"Ay Thembelihle I hope you not making me to drive you to your boyfriend" 

She giggled

Lihle:"He is not my boyfriend sis"

Me:"I hope you are telling the truth for your sake. Boys are bad hhayi kancane futhi please stay away from them at least until you are 18" 

Lihle:"Hhah that two years mos!" 

Me:"Haibo what are you saying to me wena ngane you want boys now?" 

Lihle:"You should see your face right now...I was just playing with you" she said cackling 

We got to her home and unloaded the grocery. We put it on the cupboards. After that she took her school bag then I drove her to her classmate's place "Call me when you are done" I gave her my number

Lihle:"Okay can I kiss your cheek" 

I chuckled.

Me:"Do you have to ask" She leaned and kissed my cheek. "Behave tuu I don't want to be project's aunty" she giggled 

Lihle:"That won't happened" She stepped out of the car and closed the door then she walked away. I know I'm not a good example to her but that doesn't mean I want her to be like me having to deal with unplanned pregnancy. Yaz I thought my first born will be conceived kwi honeymoon. I'm really disappointed in myself right now I'm sure Daddy too. How I wish we can go back so that I can undo my wrongs. I took a deep sigh holding my tummy then I drove home. When I arrived at home Sindi was at the kitchen listening to Ma and Dad's argument. 


Sindi:"Hi" that was cold. 

They were arguing in the lounge. 

Mr Khoza:"I thought we are over this "

Ma Khoza:"Yes we are"

Mr Khoza:"You are lying Delilah that's not what you said to me!"

Ma Khoza:"Vincent I'm sorry those words came out wrong. I was so emotional please forgive me"

Mr Khoza:"You don't have to do this Delilah you can find yourself a good husband who can give you children. I don't want you to be stuck into an unhappy marriage"

Ma Khoza:"I'm happy Khoza I'm really happy"

Mr Khoza:"I can see it in your eyes you want a child of your own and I can't give you that I'm not a man enough I won't hold it against you if you want to leave " 

Ma Khoza:"Honey don't say that. I'm with you because I want to be with you I love you and we do have children"

Mr Khoza:"Ndoniyamanzi found her family she is going to leave us soon or later and Sindi will find a husband who will marry her and take her away from us. You and I will die lonely " 

Ma Khoza:"We are not lonely coz we have each other"

Mr Khoza:"You know deep down in your heart I'm telling the truth" 

Ma Khoza:"Where are you going now"

Mr:"I need some air" 

He appeared in the kitchen heading to the door then he walked out. Sindi glared at me

Sindi:"I hope you are happy now!" She turned to walk out I grabbed her hand

Me:"What are you on about?"

Sindi:"Leave me alone!" she yanked her hand. 

Me:"Sindi come on"

Sindi:"This is all your fault had you not fall pregnant Ma and Dad wouldn't be fighting about this! Your pregnancy bring pain to them!" My heart broke

Me:"I'm sorry It wasn't my intention at all..."

Sindi:"After everything we have done for you is this how you thank us by breaking Ma and Dad's marriage! We accepted you when you had no one and gave you a home love and warmth instead of showing gratitude you split them up!" Tears glistened in my eyes her words cut deep than a knife will ever will. 

Me:"Sindiswa I'm..." She walked out. 

Oh God what have I done. I really didn't mean to cause any trouble. Tears rolled down on my cheeks. I wiped them vigorously and took my car keys. I walked out and got into my car then drove to Aviary Hill. The gate was open I parked my car in the yard and stepped out of it. Just as I was about to knock the door opened. 


Me:"Hello Sis Sethu"

Sethu:"Hey darling I'm on my way out but Nhlonipho is napping in his bedroom"

Me:"Oh okay thank you"

Sethu:"I will see you " she kissed my cheek and walked out. I closed the door and roamed my eyes. It was still the same but there were few changes. I walked upstairs to Nipho' s bedroom. I knocked on his door he didn't respond. I knocked again still. I swung it open he was sleeping and snoring lightly. I walked towards his bed and tickled his feet. He woke up and smiled as soon as his eyes laid on me. 

Nipho:"MaNcwane" he said with a sexiest sleepy voice ever. I took off my sneakers and climbed on him. 

Me:"Please hold me" He wrapped his arms around me and squeezed me

Nipho:"What's wrong baby"

Me:"Just hold me tight and never let me go" My tear escaped and fall on his chest he was topless. 

Nipho:"You are crying what happened" he lifted my head and made me look at him "Is Lethu okay? "

Me:"Yes he is fine"

Nipho:"Than why are you crying"

Me:"I don't know maybe it's hormones" I didn't want to talk about it I just wanted to be in his arms where I find my comfort.

Nipho:"Sshh don't cry" he kissed my forehead then rested my head on his chest. "When did you got here"

Me:"Just now"

Nipho:"You know I was dreaming about us" 

Me:"Mhh what were we doing?" 

Nipho:"I was fucking you so hard and you were screaming my name Oh Nipho " he mimicked my voice on the last part. I giggled

Me: "You were having a wet dream emini kanje" He giggled

Nipho:"You want anything to drink or eat"

Me:"No thank you" 

Nipho:"I have been thinking baby why don't you get a transfer to Unisa I want to be with you so that I can be able to take care of you"

Me:"Yakopa wena" he laughed.

Nipho:"You were thinking that too"

Me:"Yeah but not the part of you taking care of me I can take care of myself"

Nipho:"I'm your man its my duty to take care of you"


Nipho:"We won't discuss this injalo nje."

Me:"Yes babazi" he chuckled.

I lifted my head up and sucked his lower lip stroking below it with the tip of my tounge. He moaned between the kiss and started undressing me. I made my trip down to his member and unzipped his pants with my teeth. I took it off and threw it on the floor then I planted wet kisses on his thighs while staring at his already half closed eyes. I pulled out his member it sprang up facing skyward. Gosh he is so huge and that alone saturated my cookie. I sat between his outstretched legs and fallate him while cupping his twins with my palm. He made all the right noise he was already at the orgasm city when I stopped and stare at him. He gave me "that's unfair" look. I chuckled and got on top of him kissing his lips. He flipped me over "You are so beautiful" he whispered in my ear as he entered fully. Oh damn I didn't realize I missed him this much. He moved up and down torturously slow building up the speed. I responded with groans and moans of pleasure. He made me lie on the bed in a bent position and spread my butt apart with his hand then inserted himself. I grasped the duvet cover as he was pounding me harder until I heard slapping sounds. He is so good that I could slaughter a cow and invite everybody to the ceremony. I can Imagine his father talking to the ancestors emsamu. "Eh Sithole nina bo Jobe ningamangali ngoba nibona kunomcimbi layikhaya umuntu ka Nhlonipho ahlekisana naye uthi ubonga ubumnandi obulapha kumzukulu wenu". I wanted to laugh at that thought mara ey ubuti baby ebela ngensundu. We had the second round at the kitchen the third on the stairs the fourth in the study room by the time we at the fifth round I wanted nothing I was sore. 

Nipho:"Damn! ngizibongele Manzini" he panted. 

Me:"I wish I could say the same you tore me apart"

He giggled

Nipho:"Askies sthandwa sami" he kissed my lips. "Come let have a shower" He got up even when his nigga is flaccid its still the hugest cock ever ay no wonder its sore down there. 

Me:"I want to sleep I'm tired" I closed my eyes. I was so tired you know that tiredness that you can feel it in the joints even my knees were wobbling. He disappeared I drifted into a nice sleep but I was disturbed by a cold air blowing on my queen. I opened my eyes and lifted my head up he was blowing air on my throbbing pussy causing a incredible sensation. His cold tounge landed on my pussy lips and did it magic there. A moan escaped in my mouth. He got on top of me and kissed me transferring an ice cube to my mouth. 

Nipho:"How does it feel now mamazi" 

Me:"A little better babazi"

Nipho:"Better that we can have another round" I giggled.

Me:"I was kidding its still sore" He chuckled and got off me. 

Nipho:"I will run a bubble bath for us" he disappeared to the bathroom and came back. "Come my sugar cane" I dragged myself from the bed my knees failed me I fall on the floor.

Nipho:"Yimi wonke lo" he said laughing.

Me:"Its like I was running a marathon" 

Nipho:"Aw shame sthandwa sa Nipho" He picked me up and walked with me to the bathroom. He put me inside the bath tub and jumped inside too. He bathed me I gave him a hard time coz I kept dozing off in the water. "Mh-mh baby maan" 

Me:"Mh" I opened my eyes

Nipho:"Don't sleep you will drown" 

Me:"You won't let that happen phela you will be losing two souls at once "

Nipho: "Messiah I will die too" After bath he dried our body and applied lotion then we slipped into blankets and cuddled.


Me:"Uthandwa yimi" He kissed the top of my head. I dozed off immediately after that.


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