He put me down.

Me:"I'm sorry for climbing on the table but its not broken as you can see ma'am" she chuckled

Lady:"What you did was amazingly crazy" she smiled

Me:"So you not going to throw me out"

Nipho:"We are leaving vele"

Lady:"I wish you all the best in your relationship"

Nipho:"Thank you so much" We walked out holding hands. 

"Hello have you forgotten about me?" That was Sis Sethu. Nipho and I looked at each other and burst into laughter coz we both indeed forgot about her. 

Sethu:"Mxm ningenza upopayi wenu yaz" 

Nipho:"Askies mzala"

Sethu:"Give me the car keys I'm leaving" Nipho gave her the keys. 

Me:"Thank you Sis Sethu neh"

Sethu:"Alright sweetheart" She walked away. 

Nipho:"What are you craving for?"

Me:"Nothing actually"

Nipho:"You don't want anything at all?" I nodded "You did you eat nje?"

Me:"Yes I ate"

Nipho:"What did you ate"

Me:"Haibo I ate mince and pasta" 

Nipho:"That's very light I don't want you to starve my son baby. Come let's get something for you to eat." 

Me:"I'm not hungry nje baby"

Nipho:"I didnt ask. What are you gonna eat"

Me:"Beef and cheese pie at least" We walked to king pie and bought the pie and a cold drink. "It's still hot I will eat it late" 

Nipho:"Let's go to woolies to buy few things for our baby boy" I eyeballed him

Me:"Yhoo you got no time to waste mos babazi" he chuckled

Nipho:" Wait for the why" We strolled to woolies. He kept giving me kisses now and then.

Me:"Usibukisa nabantu" (you bringing attention on us)

Nipho:"Says the table climber" We laughed I really don't know why I did that. Lol . We got to woolies searching through babies clothes. 

Me:"It could be a girl yaz"

Nipho:"Its a boy ngifunga oJobe bephelele" 

Me: "Ncoo look at these shoes they are so cute"

Nipho:"They are very cute but they are for girls baby" 

Me:"I wonder what with you men ngokuhlezi nithanda abafana"

Nipho:"I adore girls baby but I want my first born to be a son then the girls can follow. We can even have 10 of them" 

Me:"That will happen the day they declare that its possible for men to be pregnant. You will carry 7 and I will carry 3" He Laughed 

Nipho:"Do you know this guy" I turned and looked at the guy who was looking at us. 

Me:"No I don't know"

Nipho:"Since we walked in here his eyes are on you in a very disturbing way....Ekse bra why are you staring at her uyamfanisa yini" 

Me:"Leave the poor guy Nipho" 

Nipho:"I'm talking to you wapinya amehlo" 

The guy said nothing. "You better stop undressing my wife with your eyes If you don't want me to shit on you" After that being said the guy disappeared. 

Me:"Unochuku yaz let's leave people are looking at us now" 

Nipho:"Siyabukeka nje let them watch us. Let even pose for them" He pulled me closed 

Me:"You crazy let's leave we will do this some other time" I wrapped my arm around his waist as we walked out.Since Sis Sethu left with buti babe's car I had to drop him off at his place.

Nipho:"You are not coming inside" We were standing outside my car

Me:"No Ma didnt take the news well about the pregnancy I dont want to make things worse" 

Nipho:"Im sorry about that sthandwa sami"

Me:"I hope she will come around" 

Nipho:"I will miss you" he gave me a bear hug. I inhaled his lovely scent I never get used to it. 

Me:"I will miss you too" He let go of me and looked at me

Nipho:"Im overboard thank you so much for giving us this chance and trusting me with our little one" 

Me:"What will happen if he turn out to be not yours"

Nipho:"That wont happen"

Me:"If it happen ke"

Nipho:"I love him just the way I love you."

Me:"You really mean that?"

Nipho:"Yes with all my heart"

I smiled

Me:"I love you"


Me:"Yes are you doubting me?"

Nipho:"No Im not doubting you it just that when you chose to move on with him I thought you dont love me anymore" 

Me:"You know why I chose to move on it wasnt easy Nipho because you own my heart but I had to just for my sake. Looking at how things transpired its a sign that we were meant to be together. So right now lets forget about everything that happened and start on new page deal?"

Nipho:"Deal" he smashed his lips on me we kissed passionately. He moaned between the kiss. "I miss you" 

Me:"Im here nje sthandwa sami"

Nipho:"You know what I mean"

Me:"I will see you tomorrow" I kissed the space below his lower lip. "Lethu was involve in a car accident last night he is in ICU"

Nipho:"Yho that bad news Im sorry"

Me:"You know my history with Lindelwa so technically I grew up alone and now to find out I have a brother and a sister its good news to me although things turned out drastically but I hope we will over come this challenge we are facing right now."

Nipho:"Yeah baby that's right but it seems like Lethu doesnt want to accept that you two are siblings"

Me:"Its cant be easy Nipho to just accept. This is huge" 

Nipho:"That's true I wish usbali a speed recovery. So how are things between you and your biological mom"

Me:"Usafile kimi loyo" (that one is dead to me)

Nipho:"Haw baby"

Me:"I have to go now. I love you please never doubt that okay" 

Nipho:"I love you more" We share another long passionate kiss I felt his hard manhood poking me. 

Me:"Tell him to behave" he giggled and gave me squeeze.

Nipho:"I wish you never have to leave my sight" 

Me:"Im always with you" He let go of me "Call me" 

Nipho:"Will do my sugar cane" I smiled and got inside the car and started it then drove home. Nipho always had a way of making me feel happy even when things are not going well on my side. Eish kodwa Bab Nkulunkulu ungake ungenzele nje please khehla lami lomtwana abe oka Nhlonipho. I arrived at home and found Sindi watching tv. When she saw me she burst into laughter.

Me:" kitazwa yini" 

Sindi:"Beskwenzenjani usugibela phekwe tafula " 

Me:"Haibo were you following me" I sat next to her

Sindi:"No someone posted the video on facebook" 

Me:"Hayi wena!" I eyeballed her

Sindi:"Serious you are a celebrity now" she cackled

Me:"Dont laugh Sindi this is not good at all. Umhlaba wonke usuwazi izindaba zami manje. People in nowadays God!" 

Sindi:"Just joking Luthando was there at spur" I hit her playful

Me:"Dont do that again" she laughed 

Sindi:"That was so sweet"

Me:"Where is Ma?"

Sindi:"She is still sleeping"

Me:"Eish she is mad hey"

Sindi:"Dont worry she will come around"

Me:"Let me go check on her" I stood up and walked to her bedroom. I knocked on the door

"Come in" she said on the other side of the room. I opened the door and shuffled towards her bed. Her eyes were puffy she had been crying I sat down next to her

Me:"Ma Im sorry for disappointing you I was reckless and stupid and now..." 

Ma Khoza:"Shhh" she pressed her finger on my lips "You are still young baby so you are bound to make mistakes what's important is to learn from them." 

Me:"So you are not mad at me"

Ma Khoza:"Being mad at you wont change anything" 

Me:"Im sorry please dont cry" 

Ma Khoza:"Im not crying sis"

Me:"Im not a seven year old Ma" 

Ma Khoza:"Im fine really" 

Me:"Is the any other thing that is bothering you?" 

Ma Khoza:"I said Im fine Ndoniyamanzi can I be alone please" I stood up and walked to the lounge.

Me:"I think something is going on with Ma Sindi she is crying"

Sindi:"What is wrong with her?"

Me:"I think its more than my pregnancy"

Sindi:"Let me go to her"

Me:"She said she want to be alone" 

Sindi:"Eish I hope she is not dying jesus what would I be without her" 

Me:"Please dont say that you are scaring me" 

Sindi:"Let's hope its nothing big."

Me:"Crossing fingers...I decided to keep the baby and pray that buti baby is the father"

Sindi:"I will pray with you baby sis. You not going back to Wits since you are pregnant"

Me:"Im thinking of resuming my degree at Unisa. I still have to find out if it possible. My life does not have to be on hold. I will get that degree dark or blue!" 

Sindi:"I like the way you are handling the situation. Ngena la" We bump fist. 

"Hello bantwana bami" (hello my children) said Mr Khoza

Us:"Hello daddy" 

Sindi:"You look tired today"

Mr Khoza:"I had a long day" he yawned "where is your mother?"

Me:"In the bedroom.. can I dish up for you" 

Mr Khoza:"No angel I want to nap first I will eat supper" 

I nodded than he disappeared to his bedroom. 


At 6:45pm I drove to the hospital to see Lethu. I found Lihle sitting on the bench. 


Lihle:"Hello sis" 

Me:"Your mom is inside" 

Lihle:"Yes our mom is inside" I rolled my eyes and sat down next to her. 

Me:"Have you started school?"

Lihle:"Yes I started three weeks back"

Me:"Do you need anything maybe"

Lihle:"Ma only manage to buy me a skirt and one shirt so you can Imagine everyday I have to wash it"

Me:"Im sorry I disappeared I would have sorted that out. You cant keep changing schools Thembelihle you are in grade 10 now lobu mbulu bakho kwamele buphele"

She looked at me confused


Me:"Forget I said that..tell me why did you guys come back"

Lihle:"Uncle Mthokozosi was beating Mama everyday" she said with a neared tears voice 

Me:"Did he touch you?"

Lihle:"No he didn't" she wiped her tears

Me:"I'm sorry you witness that..come here" I gave her a tight squeeze. Thandaza walked to us her sight make wanna puke. 

Thandaza:"Hello mtanami"

Me:"Stop saying mtanami I'm not your mtanakho" I stood up and went to see Lethu. He was still the same. I stayed for few minutes then let Lihle to see her brother too after that I dropped them at their house. 

Thandaza:"Thank you so much my child" 

Me:"Your voice is irking can you just shut up."

Thandaza:"Ngiyaxolisa Ndoniyamanzi I know..."

Me:"Lihle tomorrow be ready I will fetch you"

Lihle:"Okay sis" I got in my car and drove home. The atmosphere was somber at home I don't know why 

Me:"What is going on" I whispered in Sindi's ear

Sindi:"I wish I knew" We ate supper while watching TV then later Sindi and I washed the dishes. After dishes we went to sleep. Nipho called me before I fall asleep we talked until I dozed off. The next morning I woke up feeling sick. I dragged myself to the bathroom and took a bath. I finished bathing and dried my body then lotioned it. I wore a black sissy boy skinny jean

we talked until I dozed off. The next morning I woke up feeling sick. I dragged myself to the bathroom and took a bath. I finished bathing and dried my body then lotioned it. I wore a black sissy boy skinny jean white sissy boy t-shirt and navy lacoste sneakers. I let my weave lose and sprayed my fragrance. 

Sindi:"Are we going somewhere"

Me:"I'm going to town with Lihle" 

Sindi:"Oh I see" she said coldly

Me:"That very cold may I ask why?"

Sindi:"Go and enjoy with your sister" she covered her face with the duvet cover. I sat on the bed and removed the duvet. "Yini!"

Me:"What is going on Sindi?"

Sindi:"Nothing is going on"

Me:"You can come with us then if that what you mad about. I figured since Ma is not herself you will stay with her but if you want to come its cool. We are just going there for her school uniform" 

Sindi:"Just go ke and leave me alone!" I huffed and took my handbag then went to the main house. Ma Khoza was drinking water in the kitchen

Me:"Morning Ma"

Ma Khoza:"Morning sweetheart" she was still not herself

Me:"How did you slept? "

Ma Khoza:"Well you?"

Me:"Me too. I'm going to town for Lihle's school uniform If that okay with you of course"

Ma Khoza:"Why would it not be okay?" 

I don't know Sindi is acting snax you on the other side you are not yourself. 

Me:"I was just saying Ma"

Ma Khoza:"Go sis" 

Me:"Thank you" I kissed her cheek "Bye" 

Ma Khoza:"Bye baby" 

I picked Lihle up then drove to town.

Me:"You good"

Lihle:"Yeah you"

Me:"I'm fine too" 



Lihle:"Do you think you will ever forgive Ma maybe one day?" 

Me:"I don't know Lihle."

Lihle:"She cried herself to sleep everyday. She is really sorry please forgive her. I want a happy family I'm tired of this life can we just be happy Me You Buti and Ma" 

Me:"Whenever you need me I will be with you that all you have to know" We got to town and bought her school uniform then we went to the mall. That's when I notice my wallet was missing. We searched everywhere in the car dololo. 

"Are you looking for this?" said a female voice behind me I turned around. 

Me: "Yes where did you find it?" she was carrying my wallet

"You left it at moolas " 

Me:"Oh thank you so much"

"It's my pleasure I'm Slindile"

Me:"I'm Ndoniyamanzi this is my little sister Thembelihle" 

"Nice to meet you ...here " I took my wallet

Me:"Thank you so much what should I do to show my gratitude"

"Ah nothing I was just helping a sister"

Me:"Ohk thanks once again" 

"Hope I will see you around bye" she disappeared

Lihle:"She was not at moolas when we got there sis even when we left I didn't see her phela bebenga baningi abantu lapha" 

Me:"What are you trying to say Lihle"

Lihle:"I don't know but something is sinister about her" I laughed

Me:"Don't be silly how she found my wallet if she wasn't there"

Lihle:"I don't know"

Me:"Haisuka asambe" (let's go) I locked my car then we made our way to entrance 2. I bought her some few clothes a phone and the grocery. 

Lihle:"Thank you so much sis" she hugged me for the hundred time with a big smile on her face

Me:"It's my job don't thank me...what do you want to eat" 

Lihle:"Anything" We went to ate at wimpy "If you don't mind me asking where do you get the money I mean like you are a student " I chuckled 

Me:"I inherited it from my dad"

Lihle:"Lucky you our dad left us nothing" 

I didn't know what to say I just nodded. We all hear stories how children recklessly spend their inheritance money but I think I'm not one of those. I spend when there is a need. I had to make sure it last till I graduate at least but now since there's a baby on the way things will be a little bit rough babies are expensive maan. At least I still got 40k that I invested and I know that Nipho will take care of everything but I also want to provide for my baby. After we finished eating we left. The way back was much better coz she was smiling and talking. It warmed my heart to see her happy and all. We got to her place there was a jeep parked in the yard

Lihle:"Oh shit!" she popped her eyes


Lihle:"He is here oh no he is going kill Mama!" 


Lihle:"Uncle Mthokozisi" We stepped out of the car as we approached the door we heard screams. We walked inside. Some man was kicking Thandaza on the floor countless times and swearing at her. His back was facing us he didn't hear us entering. 

Me:"Shh" I said to Lihle and took a vase then I hit him on the head with it. He staggered towards me then he collapsed. We ran to Thandaza who was lying on the floor helplessly and bleeding. Lihle shook her but she didn't wake up. 

Lihle"She is not waking up Ndoniyamanzi" she cried .I panicked and called the ambulance as well as the police. Hoping they will come here before its too late. I hate her but I don't want her to die.


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