I burst into a loud sob. 

Lihle:"He..is..in..ICU" she sobbed. 

Me:"Why didn't you say so!" 

Lihle:"His condition is very critical"

Me:"This is all my fault" If I didn't cheat on him he wouldnt be fighting for his life in ICU

Sindi:"Its not your fault baby sis I think we should go and see him" 

Ma Khoza:"Let's go" We walked out and got in Ma Khoza's car then we left. We arrived at the hospital and enquired they told us to wait a little since his mom was still inside. One person was allowed at the time. I was pacing up and down and praying within myself. Please don't take him Lord.

Sindi:"Sit down you are making me dizzy" I ignored her. 

Lihle:"Ma is coming" We all looked up and saw Thandaza. God she is me even the walk. Mxm! 

Thandaza:"Greetings" her eyes were red. They greeted her back. "Oh mtanami I'm glad you safe I was worried about you" she hugged me I pushed her roughly she almost fall. 

Me:"Get away from me!" 

Ma Khoza:"Ndoniyamanzi maan!"

Me:"What Ma I don't want her to touch me"

Lihle:"You should have said so hayi ukuthi umphushe..are you okay Ma" 

Thandaza:"Yes I'm fine" she whispered her lower lip was shivering. 

Ma Khoza:"Apologise to your mother!"

Me:"She is not my mother" 

Lihle:"She is your damn mother whether you like it or not!" 

Me:"Awuthule wena mntingilizane!" (shut up!)

Ma Khoza:"Ndoniyamanzi I said apologise to your mother!" 


Ma Khoza:"Sorry nja?" 

Me:"Sorry Thandaza" 

Ma Khoza:"Don't make me lose my mind Ndoniyamanzi!"

Me:"If you want me to say "mother" forget it coz I won't say that. She doesn't deserve to be called mother. A mother does not run away from her responsibility instead she protect her children no matter how rough it may be. She is just a baby making machine."

Lihle:"Don't you dare talk like that about my mother!" Thandaza was in tears now mxm

she thinks she cry blood.

Me:"Musa ukuba isilima wakushiya unyoko wagijimisa amadoda notshwala and you call that a mother mxm!"

Ma Khoza:"At least she didn't abort her children" 

Emotional blackmail oh I see.

Me:Come and show me Lethu Lihle" she ignored me as if I was not talking to her. 

Thandaza:"Your sister is talking to you Thembelihle!"

Lihle:"Come" she said with annoyance in her voice. I followed behind her she showed me then she left. My knees were failing me as I made my way towards his death bed. His sight was traumatic I looked up trying to prevent tears from coming out but they fall on the sides of my face. 

Me:"Uhm hey I don't know if you hear me but I just want to say I'm deeply sorry. Our relationship is catastrophic right now but I still need you in my life you can't die and leave things hanging like this. Please fight for your life Mapholoba" I wiped my tears than walked out. 

Sindi:"How is he"

Me:"He is bad" 

Sindi:"I'm sorry" she hugged me. 

Thandaza:"Thanks for coming we really appreciate y'all support" she said looking at Ma Khoza

Ma Khoza:"It really not a big deal sis"

Thandaza:"Thank you for taking care of my daughter"

Ma Khoza:"She's a lovely child"

Me:"Let's go now" the chit chat between the two was boring me! 

Ma Khoza:"I will keep your son in prayers"

Thandaza:"Thank you" she smiled faintly. 

Ma Khoza:"Kulungile ke sis" (bye sis)

Thandaza:"Nihambe kahle"(Go well)

We made our exit and drove back home.

Sindi:"Wow you really look like your mother"

Me:"And its irking you know" 

Ma Khoza:"You really need to work on your attitude towards your mother it make me wanna puke. I understand your anger but she is your mother!" 

If she understand she wouldn't be saying this right now. I have every right to feel like this and I don't need to be reprimanded. We arrived at home. 

Ma Khoza:"I cooked mince and pasta dish up If you are hungry I want to take a nap" 

Sindi:"You never take nap in the afternoon are you okay?"

Ma Khoza:"I'm fine sis" she disappeared to her bedroom.

Me:"I disappointed her Sindi"

Sindi:"She knows?"

Me:"Yeah..please dish up for me too" 

Sindi:"Okay...how far are you? " she placed two plates on the counter table

Me:"Four weeks"

Sindi:"So you want to abort" she dished up

Me:"Its the only way Sindi this baby could be Lethu's baby"

Sindi:"Wait if you say it could be usho ukuthini"

Me:"Nhlonipho might also be the father of the baby"

Sindi:"Aw kodwa Ndoniyamanzi you slept with both guys without protection really!" 

Me:"I know Sindi please don't make feel worse than I feel now"

Sindi:"Sorry ay fambulile kodwa" 

Oh God. 

"Here's your food " she placed my plate in front of me and a glass of juice. 

Me:"Thank you" I stood up and went to wash my hands then I sat down again .

Sindi:"Are you sure this is what you want" she sat down too and we started eating.

Me:"After the conversation with Ma I'm not sure anymore. I feel bad really bad " 

Sindi:"I think you should keep it than since there's a possibility that Nhlonipho is the father. That guy love you yaz" 

I gave her an astonished look


Me: "I thought you said he is bad for me"

Sindi:"I know but since you and Lethu are siblings you two should be together. I saw the side of him when you went AWOL. Uyakuncanywa blind does he know about this? "

Me:"Yes" I went on and told her what went down. 

"I will never forgive myself If the unthinkable happen to Lethu"

Sindi:"Eish ku rough neh"


Sindi:"Call Nhlonipho and apologise to him" 

Me:"I don't think he will forgive me I even reminded him about the wheelchair incident cabanga. I feel so bad"

Sindi:"Call him now" I took my phone and called him but he didn't answer his phone. I tried several times. .

Me:"He is ignoring my calls" my heart sank. 

Sindi:"Let me call him we will see if he is busy or he is ignoring you" She called him and put him on louder speaker 

Nipho:"Sindi" Ouch he is really ignoring me.

Sindi:"Hey unjani" (how are you) 

Nipho:"I'm fine how are you "

Sindi:"I'm fine Ndoniyamanzi want to talk to you please answer her calls"

Nipho:"She made it clear that I should stay out of her life " 

Sindi:"She feel sorry about what she said"


Sindi: "Come on Nhlonipho let her talk to you please "

Cwaka "Hello" 

Me: "He hung up God he is really mad" 

Sindi:"Do you blame him" 

I sighed heavily "Stop looking at me and go to him!" 

Me:"I don't know the directions" 

Sindi:"Call his cousin" 

I called Sis Sethu

Sethu:"Hello dear"

Me:"How are you Sis Sethu"

Sethu:"Ngiyaphila sthandwa sami unjani wena" (I'm fine my love how are you?)

Me:"I need a favour I want to see Nipho could you please send me his directions"

Sethu:"Come to the mall now he just went to the toilet hurry up I will try to make us linger" 

Me:"Thank you" We hung up."They are at the mall I'm going now" 

Sindi:"That's my girl!" I went to freshen up fast then I drove to the mall .I asked Sis Sethu where are they she said they are at spur. I made my way to spur. I was nervous I don't know why. I spotted them they were laughing until our eyes met he stopped laughing. I walked to them 

Me:"Sanibonani" (Greetings)

Nipho:"Let's go Sethu" 

Me:"I'm sorry Nipho"He stood up

Sethu:"Just let her talk mzala"

Nipho:"You don't want to leave? Ah well I'm leaving" He said walking. I climbed on the table and screamed his name. 

Me:"Nhlonipho Sithole!" He turned around and looked at me and everybody's eyes were on me now. God what am I doing. "I know I said I want you out of my life but I really didn't meant it. I was angry and I said things that I didn't mean and things that were hurtful. I..." I was disturbed by a white lady

Lady:"Get off the table miss"

Me:"Please let me finish please....As I was saying Im really sorry. 

Lady: "I will have you thrown out!" I ignored her

Me:"Truth is you have always been the one for me regardless of everything that happened. As scared as I am I have to trust your guts so what I'm trying to say is that I and the little nigga will be very honoured to have you back" I couldn't read his emotion and everybody was now looking at him even the white lady next to me. He walked towards to me still with his unreadable emotion. 

Nipho:"You and the little nigga" I nodded "Wozani kubabazi zithandwa zami" He smiled widely I jumped into his arms he catched me we share a long passionate kiss. People cheered and clapped their hands.

"Khawulani phela"(stop it now) that was Sis Sethu .We broke the kiss and giggled.


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