Sethu:"What is it Nhlonipho?"

Me:"The body... Ndoni... found" 

Sethu:"You are not making any sense" 

I couldn't even hear myself too she can't be dead no! 

Me:"I have to go" I got up

Sethu:"Where to? Tell me what is happening?" she got up too

Me:"She is not dead no! Not Ndoniyamanzi" I took my car keys

Sethu:"Oh noo they say she is dead?" 

Me:"They are lying My Ndoni is not dead" I walked out she followed me

Sethu:"I'm coming with you" We got into my car and drove off to the Khoza household. We waited for them until they arrived. I stepped out of the car and walked to them as soon as they pulled off in their yard. My knees were wobbling. 

Me:"Greetings Mr Khoza and Mrs Khoza" my voice was shaking 

Mrs Khoza:"Didn't I tell you I dont want you here "

Me:"You did I'm sorry I dont mean to disrespect you Ma and you too Mr Khoza I just wanna know Is it true that Ndoni is dead?"

Mr Khoza:"Who are you" 

Me:"Uhm uh I'm her friend" 

Mr Khoza:"Just friend?"

Me:"Yes" I said looking at Mrs Khoza if looks could kill I would be dead now. 

Mr Khoza:"We identified the body it was not Ndoniyamanzi"

Me:"Uzohlezi umkhulu nkathi zonke baba" I said looking up the sky. 

Sethu:"Thanks God this means she is still out there alive the police have to search harder"

Mrs Khoza:"You heard what you want to hear now leave"

Mr Khoza:"Nkosikazi why are you so rude"

She said nothing and walked inside the house. This woman really hate me shame ngalayomzuzu akangazi nokungazi. I know she doesn't know the whole truth but she does not have to be this rude. 

Me:"Thank you Mr Khoza"

Mr Khoza:"Kulungile bantwana nami" (bye my children) We headed to my car and drove off.

Sethu:"Mrs Khoza does not like you hey"

Me:"Tholukuthi hey she is stuck with me. I'm going to be her son in law dark or blue" 

She giggled "Let search around or you want to go home?"

Sethu:"Most important thing now is to find Ndoniyamanzi" We looked for Ndoniyamanzi until it became dark. Around 9pm we went home with sad faces. "You want something to eat?"

Me:"No I just want to sleep now. Goodnight" 

Sethu:"Night" I went to sleep with a sore heart. 

The following morning I woke up feeling melancholy. I made my bed then I freshen up. I wanted some distraction so I decided to go to the gym it been a while. I took my sport bag and walked downstairs. Sethu was still sleeping and I didn't want to wake her up. I took the S40 and drove to the gym. 

"Long time man" said Zakes the manager of the gym as we bumped fist

Me:"Long hours saving people's lives man sothini"

Zakes:"Yah neh how have you been though".

Me:"I'm still breathing man wena"

Zakes:"Everything is well I'm getting married December "

Me:"Oh yeah"

Zakes:"Yeah man"

Me:"Congratulations man"

Zakes:"Let me leave you to it"

Me:"Sure" I started doing my workouts. It was really helping to focus on something else instead of thinking about bad things that could have happened to my Ndoni. 

"Hello" said a female voice behind me as I was wiping sweat with my towel on my face. 


"I have been watching you since I got here you look familiar"

Me:"I have never seen you before "

"I'm Sli..Slindile Kwenda" 

Me:"I'm Nhlonipho...Kwenda I have never heard such surname" she chuckled

Sli:"I get that a lot actually its my mom's surname I prefer to use it instead of my dad's surname....Let me not disturb you Hloni I hope I will see you again " she smiled

Me:"Yeah sure" She walked out I looked at her behind until she was out of sight.

"She is hot hey" I snapped out of it


Zakes:"Every guy want her but they are scared "

Me:"Ubushimane lobo"

Zakes:"No man they are not scared like that they are scared of her family. Apparently her grandfather was a notorious gang lord she stepped down and gave all the ropes to her mother"

Me:"Ay wena are you telling me that her mother is the boss lady"


Me:"Mmh Interesting"

Zakes:"I think nawe you should stay away from her if you don't want to die. They say that woman is cruel like her father"

Me:"Haibo she came to me not the other way around and beside I'm not interested in her."

Zakes:"Oh come on who wouldn't be interested she is the hottest of them all" I laughed

Me:"In your eyes my brother in my eyes she got a fine ass that all" 

Zakes:"Ah well if you say so"

Me:"Let me go man"

Zakes:"Sure" I took my sport bag and walked to the parking lot. My eyes darted on the note on my windscreen. I took it and read it. "Give me a ring: 079.....Sli" I chuckled and slipped it in my pants pocket. I got in my car and threw the sport bag on the back seat and started the engine then drove off. I arrived at home and found Sethu preparing breakfast and talking on the phone. She saw me and dropped the call immediately. 

Me:"Morning Mzala"

Sethu:"Morning mtaka aunt"

Me:"You good"

Sethu:"Yes and you?"

Me:"Ah what can I say...who were you talking to?"



Sethu:"Haibo do I have to report my calls to you now kanti who is the older one " I walked towards her and took the phone on her hand. "Nhlonipho!" I ran away with it "Bring back my phone cuz" I went through her calls. 

Me:"Vusi really? What do you want from him Siphosethu"

She said nothing and looked down "So you two are seeing each other now?"

Sethu:"We tried to fight it believe it but we couldn't I'm sorry "

Me:"He is my enemy Siphosethu that means nothing to you?"

Sethu:"Of course it does but he is really sorry yaz"

Me:"Mxm you such a snake just like him"

Sethu:"Haw cuzzy come on I'm not getting any younger I need stability in my life"

Me:"Out of all guys Vusi really? He is going to hurt you uzobona phela I know him more than you know him."

She swallowed spit and looked down. I walked upstairs and took a shower. Kimi if you hurt one of my family just know you hurt me too angiyisebenzi indaba yobuphixiphixi. I finished showering and dried my body then lotioned it. I wore a addidas black short white v neck addidas t-shirt and addidas flops. I brushed my cut and sprayed my fragrance then I made my way to the kitchen to make something to eat. 

Sethu:"Your breakfast is in the microwave"

I said nothing and made a cereal then I walked to the lounge white v neck addidas t-shirt and addidas flops. I brushed my cut and sprayed my fragrance then I made my way to the kitchen to make something to eat. 

Sethu:"Your breakfast is in the microwave"

I said nothing and made a cereal then I walked to the lounge watched TV while eating. Sethu walked in and sat down. "Cuzzy I'm so..."

Me:"Hold it right there I don't wanna hear it" I flipped through channels until I found an interesting movie. Hours later we heard a buzz at the gate. 

Sethu:"I will get it" She stood up and went to attend whoever was visiting. Seconds later I heard noise and laughter. 

"Sawbona Nhlonipho mtanami" 

Me:"Ma what do you want here"

Mom:"I want to apologise for everything I'm so sorry my son"

Sethu:"I will take your luggage to upstairs "

Me:"Upstairs yani this woman is not staying leave mother" 

Mom:"Nhlonipho please I'm begging you I miss you my son"

Me:"I said..." My phone disturbed me. I took it and answered "Hello"

"Hey how are you"

Me:"I'm good thanks how are you"

"I'm fine too am I speaking to Nhlonipho Sithole"

Me:"Yes who am I speaking to"

"Simi..Nosimilo Msibi I have been trying to call Ndoniyamanzi's parents but I can't reach them can you please come to Utrecht Hospital its about Ndoniyamanzi" My heart skipped a beat

Me:"Is she okay? What happened? Are you with her right now? "

"Yes she is okay please come now" 

Me:"Okay I'm on my way" I dropped the call. Yeeeeessss! "When I come back I want you gone!" I took my car keys and rushed out driving to Utrecht Hospital. Without a waste of time I went inside when I arrived there. A beautiful girl not as beautiful as my Ndoni obviously approached me.

"Her: "You must be Nhlonipho"

Me:"Yes and you must be Samu"


Me:"Oh I'm sorry Nosimilo beautiful name by the way"

Her:"Thank you come let me show you Ndoni's ward" She led me to Ndon's ward

Me:"What happened to her?"

Her:"She fainted" 

Right there at the corner bed there she was lying there peacefully. Seeing her beautiful face brought a million dollar smile on my face. 

Me:"Hey baby I missed you so much" I kissed her forehead and brushed her face. She fluttered her eyelids and opened her eyes roaming them around.


Me:"MaNcwane" I smiled

Ndoni:"You called him really Simi"

Simi:"I'm sorry I couldn't reach your parents I panicked when you fainted"

Me:"I missed you so much. Everybody missed you how could you disappear like that I almost had a heart attack " she sat up straight

Simi"I will give you guys a space" she walked out

Ndoni:"I needed to be alone and away from my cursed life"

Me:"Your life is not a curse sthandwa sami. You guys didnt know are siblings you can't punish yourselves for that "

Ndoni:"I hate her with passion. I hate her more than I have ever hated Aunty Nomthandazo" Tears rolled down on her cheeks.

Me:"Its understandable but you shouldn't have left we are here for you. We had sleepless nights thinking about you and your safety"

Ndoni:"I'm sorry I didn't mean to worry you guys" I pulled her in my chest and squeezed her tightly. 

Me:"I missed you so much" 

"Mmmh" someone cleared their throat we broke the embrace. It was the doctor. "Greetings"

Me:"Hi doctor"

Doc:"How are you feeling miss Zungu"

Ndoni:" I'm fine doc"

Me:"What seem to be the problem with her doc"

Doc:"Are you family" he said looking at me under his glasses


Doc:"Miss Zungu is he family"

Ndoni:"Yes Doc"

Doc:"She is under a lot of stress which is not good for her condition..." she cut him off

Ndoni:"What condition?"

Doc:"You are pregnant" 

Ndoni:"Ohh noooo!" tears glistened in her eyes

Doc:"Yes you are..." she cut her off

Ndoni:"Let do the termination now doc please" 

Me:"What no!"

Doc:"You can't decide now miss you need to think about it thoroughly"

Ndoni:"There is nothing to think about doc Im sure about everything"

Me:"Doc I think she is still shocked she need to process everything. Thank you so much "

Doc:"I will keep her for today and discharge her tomorrow morning" He smiled faintly and walked out. 

Me:"Why you want to kill my child? " Teardrops were rolling on her cheeks one after the other. 

Ndoni"There's a possibility that it might be Cebolethu's baby Nhlonipho!" she sobbed "I can't have my brother's baby noo!" she cried painfully

Oh Messiah I brushed my head. 

Me:"He is mine I can feel him please dont terminate I will take care of you guys." I cupped her wet face and kissed her forehead.

Ndoni"No Nhlonipho I can't have this baby I'm sorry"

Me:"Baby please ngizwa egazini ukuthi uMondise lo osesiswini sakho and I trust my gut" I said brushing her tummy

Ndoni:"I said no!" she yelled

Me:"How could you be so careless Ndoniyamanzi look now my baby have to die because your carelessness!"

Ndoni:"Ukuba wacabanga ukugqokisa lesivombolozi sakho sompipi i-condom ngabe unesiqiniseko sokuthi akusi owakho lomtwana ungazenzi ngcono ngami Nhlonipho Talent Sithole!" (If you thought about using protection you would have been sure that this baby is not yours don't act better than me Nhlonipho Talent Sithole!)

Me:"I'm sorry I didn..."

Ndoni:"Please leave I want to be alone" 

Me:"Baby I..."

Ndoni:"I said go!!" she screamed. I sighed heavily and walked out.


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