She let go of me and looked at me

Sethu:"She will come back don't worry I can't even imagine what she is going through" I sighed

Me:"I want to be there for her cuz why can't she let me be why did she disappeared"

Sethu:"This is big Nhlonipho she could do with some time alone and process everything"

Me:"I guess you are right" 

Sethu:"Let me dish up for you"

Me:"I'm not hungry I just need a shower and a good sleep"

Sethu:"Okay I love you hey"

I smiled

Me:"I love you too gazi lami"

I walked upstairs and took a shower. I thought about everything from the day I found her the day I developed feelings for her the day she cried for me when I left her at Sethu's place. It was a sad sight to see her crying but other part of me was happy to see her that she was crying for me and that day I kissed her for the first time. The day I kissed her and she kissed me back the day she told me she love me too the day I made her reach her first orgasm and that day was the last day I saw her until this other day 

"Waze wapaka umphambili wakho manje mina ngidlulephi ke" I chuckled she can be rude when she want to but the way I was so happy and stunned to see her I forgot she said that and embraced her for dear life. The day of our first intimacy oh Messiah when I first entered her I was honoured. The last time of our intimacy she made me cry. I chuckled funny hey I know but that how good she is and I'm not even I ashamed of that. You can fuck thousands of girls out there and feel good but when you finally fuck the one that owns your heart the one you love wholeheartedly it a mysterious feeling ever. I finished showering and dried my body then I went to my bedroom and lotioned my body. I wore my pjs and kneeled on the floor placing my elbows on my bed then closed my eyes. 

"Dear Father I know that I'm not a church goer and I don't even know a single verse in a Bible but I know my Lord you exist. Please send your Angels to My Ndoni wherever she is to protect her guide her and make her realize that she got us guide her and make her realize that she got us she doesn't have to be alone in this difficult time we are here for her. Im here her family is here for her. Amen" I got up and slipped into blankets. I kept turning and tossing until I dozed off hours later.

The following morning I was woken up by the vibration of my phone. I answered without checking who was calling. 

Me:"Hello" I said groggily

"Oh so you are still alive" It was Zwide

Me:"Yes I'm alive"

Zwide:"We need you man come back to work I can't keep doing your work as well as mine I got family too"

Me:"I'm sorry the thing is I have some crisis"

Zwide:"Why don't you take a leave coz right now you seem like an unreliable doctor "

Me:"I will make sure I avail myself tomorrow just do my rounds for today please man I will owe you my life"

Zwide:"Okay but please come tomorrow"

Me:"I will" I hung up and checked the time. It was 8 o'clock in the morning. I yawned I was exhausted I hardly slept last night. I dozed off again. 

"Nipho please help!" cried Ndoniyamanzi

Me:"Where are you I can't see you?"

Ndoni:"I'm here down here"

I looked around but it was too dark.

"Nipho please!" she screamed in agony. Her voice was piercing through my heart. 

Me:"I can't see you baby please show me the sign!" She didnt respond. "Baby? Ndoniyamanzi! " I said stumbling in the dark "MaNcwane talk to me please!" 

"Cuzzy!" I jumped up in fright 

Me:"Ndoniyamanzi" she looked at me

Sethu:"What about her"

Me:"She is in danger cuz she need my help" 

Sethu:" You are stressing too much about this but I understand. Ndoniyamanzi is alright trust me" She pressed my head on her stomach. "You have a visitor" she let go of me

Me:"So early in the morning"

Sethu:"Its around eleven o'clock now"


Sethu:"Yes" I got up and wore my slippers than we both walked to downstairs. It turned out the visitor was Vusi he was with Ntokozo


Me:"What do you want?"

Ntokozo:"Dada" he smiled and jumped on Vusi's lap raising his hands for me to take him.

Vusi:"He want you man. He have been crying since you left him. I can't handle this" I chuckled

Me:"What do you expect me to do Vusi he is your son make him get use to you!"

Vusi:"Please let him stay here I will visit regularly until he get use to me than that when I will take him. Where is his mother?"

Me:"She is in jail" I told him what happened but I left out the part that I'm the one who killed Zitha.

Vusi:"Tjo!" His eyes popped out "Please help me man I know I'm asking too much after what I did to you." He was damn right how could he ask me that!

Me:"Get out of my house Vusimuzi"

Ntokozo:"Dada" he jumped up from his dad's lap

Sethu:"Don't punish the child Nhlonipho he knows nothing" I looked at Ntokozo who looked at me back smiling. 

I sighed heavily

Me:"Okay fine but you will find a nanny for him"

Sethu:"Don't worry about a nanny I'm still around I will look after him"

Vusi:"Thank you so much Sethu"

Sethu:"You are welcomed" They smiled at each other. I took Ntokozo and threw him in the air then catch him again he giggled

Vusi:"I didn't know he can laugh like that."

Sethu:"Don't worry he will get use to you kids are like that"

Vusi:"You think so"

Sethu:"I know so" They looked at each other their lips curved forming a smile. 

Vusi:"Uhm let me get his things in my car" 

Sethu:"I will help you" 

Me:"He didn't ask for your help Siphosethu"

Vusi:"I don't mind" I eyed him and he knew what does that look mean. He walked out and came back with Ntokozo's things. "Thank you for doing this for me"

Me:"I'm not doing this for you I'm doing this for Ntokozo" 

Vusi:"Yeah thanks though..bye guys" 

Sethu:"Bye" I looked at her as he was staring at Vusi. 

Me:"Cela singajwayelani kabi mzala"

Sethu:"What are you on about "

Me:"What are you on about" I mimicked her voice "You think Im a fool huh?

Sethu:"Ah come on you are not a fool" 

Me: "You were drooling over him!" 

Sethu:"Mina ay mzala uyangisukela" 

Me:"Don't even think about it Siphosethu he is my enemy. My enemy is your enemy your enemy is my enemy!"

Sethu:"Okay don't shout you are scaring the little boy...can I take him" she took him "Hello boy" she played with his cheeks and he giggled "God he look like his father"

Me:"Mxm I'm gonna take a shower" I went upstairs and took a bath then got dressed. I sprayed my fragrance then walked downstairs. "I'm going to look for Ndoni" 

Sethu:"Okay I hope you will find her today " 

Me:"I hope so too" I walked out and drove off to My Ndoni's place. The same girl from yesterday attended me yaz I didn't ask her name. 

Her:"Did you find her"

Me:"No I was hoping you will tell me she is back"

Her:"No she is not back"

Me:"What did the police said?" 

"Who is that Sindi?" asked a woman behind the girl

Her:"It's Ndoniyamanzi's friend Ma" 

Her Mom:"What is your name boy?"

Me:"Hi Ma I'm Nhlonipho"

Her Mom:"That name sound famiiar ...Uhm let me think you are not the guy that married someone and broke Ndoniyamanzi's heart"

Oh Messiah

Me:"Yes I am Ma but It complicated than that"

Her Mom:"What do you want here?"

Me:"I care about her Ma I want to know what did the police said?"

Her Mom:"You don't deserve to know after what you did to her. Go to your wife and leave us alone "

Me:"Ma please I'm sorry but she knows the whole truth."

Her Mom:"Go just go boy" I sighed heavily this woman was being unreasonable. 

I turned to walked out and pumped into some guy. 


Him:"Watch where you going man nx!" 

Me:"I said I'm sorry there is no need to be rude about it!" 

Him:"What you gonna do about that!" I chuckled nakhu ngilingwa

Me:"What did you say?"

Her Mom:"Nhlonipho go!"

Him:"Nhlonipho? Sindi this is Ndoni's ex?" the girl looked at him and nodded. "What are you doing here? She doesn't love you anymore she chose me!" Oh so this is the boyfriend-brother

Me:"Oh please stop being childish even if you were not her brother you wouldn't manage to keep her. You are too young my boy she belong to me the big guy" 

Him:"Fuseg!" my blood boiled I threw a punch that sent him reeling backwards until he fall down with his butt. 

Me: "Nx"I walked to my car got inside and drove off. I called Ndoniyamanzi but her phone was still off. Where are you my Ndoni? I looked for her again but still I couldn't find her. I went home and found police car parked in my yard. 

"Oh here he is" said Sethu as I walked in. 

"Mr Sithole"

Me: "Uhm yes"

"You are under arrest for assaulting Mr Cebolethu Ngcobo"


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