She stared right back at me for the moment there I thought she was gonna faint. She started gasping for air. Lihle rushed to her and helped her sit down than gave her the inhaler. She inhaled it. 

Lethu:"Are you okay Ma?" 

Lihle:"Oh please this is all your fault!"

Lethu:"Shut up wena!"


"Both of you shut up please" whispered their mom audible enough for me to hear as I was standing there still trying to figure it out how can this woman look so much like me. How is it possible that her voice is the same as Mam Nomthandazo's voice. Do they have another sister that they didn't know about? Nah ukufana nje kwabantu why was I even thinking about that.

Me:"Uhm let me just go I came at the wrong time" 

Lethu:"Don't go baby..."

Mom:"Please don't go my child sit down all of you" 

Lethu:"She is not here for you Ma just leave her alone you don't know her. Baby lets go" 

Mom:"Cebolethu my son I have something to tell you "

Lethu:"I don't wanna hear it!" 

Mom:"She is your sister!" she burst into tears. My heart stopped beating. 


Lethu:"Wha..what did you say?"

Mom:"You two are siblings I'm really sorry" 

Me:"No you are mistaken" I said with a tremulous voice

Mom:"Please sit down my children and let me explain" she sobbed. We sat down on the couch. "Years ago I met this guy he was loving and carrying. We fall in love. He was everything I needed in a guy and he treated my like a queen. I fall pregnant we were scared but happy. We were gonna be parents for the first time. I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and her father named her Ndoniyamanzi. My sister and I didn't get along. It started by fighting for minor things everyday until it turned into a rift. Sleeping with her boyfriend was never my plan everything happened in the twinkling of an eye. I tried to explain to her but she didn't believe me and I didnt blame her for that. So she revenged and slept with Fezile Ndoniyamanzi's father I was beyond hurt I punished him by not allowing him to see his daughter. I told my parents about what my sister did they disowned her. This other day I came back from town and my mother told me that Fezile asked to spend some time with his daughter and my mom agreed. I was so angry but I let him be. My father was a business man but he also had some few illegal dealings that he didn't want us to know about until on that same day he came back from work and told my mom and I that someone is after us we should be careful but he didn't elaborate more and that freaked my mom out but she respected her husband. I remember hearing screams in the middle of the night. I woke up only to find out that our house was on fire uncontrollable fire. I tried to save them but I couldn't . The smoke was suffocating and blurring I managed to get out but my back was already burnt. It was clear that the people that were after us were the one that burnt us so the only thing that was on my mind was to save my life. I kept running until I don't what happened coz I woke up at the hospital after three days even today I don't know who brought me to the hospital. I stayed in the hospital for two weeks grieving for my parents. I shared my story with the other woman who was also there she felt sorry for me and took me in. She was very nice to me but her husband was not nice at all. I had to run away before he did something terrible to me. I stole their money and ran away. I wanted to come back my child but I knew that you were safe with your father. I'm very sorry please forgive me for everything" she was crying and sniffing. 

Me:"No you are not my mother you can't be my mother! My mother died with her parents " I told my side of the story tremulously

Mom:"Oh my god! It was Nomthandazo? I knew that she hate me but I didn't think she hate our parents too...oh my" New tears escaped from her eyes. "Im sorry mtanami for everything I love you I really do It's not that I left you because I didn't love you. I thought about you every single day."

Lihle:"Tjoo Mama"

Lethu:"You never cease to amaze me Thandaza all this time you have a daughter but you never mention her! Mama do you realize what you did we... we..." he stopped mid sentence breathing out heavily

Me:"This is a fairytale you are not my mother owami umama washona" I stood up and ran out. 

"Ndoniyamanzi!" Lethu called out but I ignored him and jumped into my car then drove off. Oh God this can't be happening. Her side of the story is almost similar but It was too hard for me to believe it. My life is a curse all this time she is alive and all this time I have been dating and sleeping with my brother. The one I was willing to spend the rest of my life with. The one that I chose over Nipho. Lord why are you doing this to me. I kept driving tears flowing on my cheeks. I didn't know where I was driving to but I was going to stop where the road ends. I needed to be far away from my cursed life. 



Me:"Why are you always ruining my life why did you come back. Look now everything is a mess because of you! Wherever you are the is always a mess! "

Mom:"I'm sorry my child I know I'm a bad mom but please give me a chance to fix this..." I cut her off

Me:"Are you listening to yourself right now you will never change the fact that the girl I love is my sister!"

Mom:"Ngicela uxolo mtanami I didn't know you two will..." she burst into tears

Lihle:"So you left her just the way you did to us. Why did you had children if you keep neglecting them why?"

Me:"Good question sis" 

Mom:"I couldn't handle the death of your father. I dealt with it wrongly. I never meant to hurt you my children. I know I was suppose to be strong for the two of you after the passing of your dad. I dont deserve a second chance from you all but I'm willing to do anything to get it."

Me:"Im the one who is always suffering because of you! When you left us here I did things I never thought I will do just so that Lihle will sleep on a full stomach. Now that I'm happy with my girl you just gonna come here and tell me she is my sister that is bullshit! Im going to wife that girl end of story" 

Mom:"No Cebolethu you can't do that. The relationship between the two of you have to end. please Mapholoba is so wrong in many ways"

Me:"Wrong or right I don't care!" 

Lihle: "Haibo buti yake yenziwa yini into enjalo"

Me:"Izoqala ngathi ke sis!" 

Mom:"Mapholoba p.."

Me:"Leave me alone mother!" I stormed out. I love Ndoni I don't care if she is half sister or full sister or whatever to me she will always be the one and only. I tried to call her but her phone sent me to voicemail. I kept walking and kicking the stones all the way. I needed fresh air that woman's sight was suffocating me. 



"Ay ay ay when did you become a sissy now Nhlonipho" Said Sethu pulling the blankets away from me.

Me:"Just leave me alone Siphosethu" I pulled the blankets back but she tighten her grip "Siphosethu maan!"

Sethu:"Nhlonipho locking yourself here will not bring back Ndoniyamanzi. Have you forgotten that you have lives to save at the hospital?"

Me:"Who is saving mine I feel dead without her cuz. I can't handle the truth that she chose to move on. "

Sethu:"I don't blame her for moving on you were a jerk I would have done the same if I were her"

Me:"I wasn't myself cuzzy"

Sethu:"For the fact that she was willing to come back to you and leave her boyfriend it tells that she love you. Go get her back. If you love her you will fight for her. Dont just give up easily like you did the first time. Awuyeke ukunginyanyisa Nhlonipho! Two days yonke uzivalele la ay suka maan!" She walked out. I got up from bed and made my bed than I took a bath. After bath I dressed casually. I took my phone and my car keys and walked downstairs

Sethu was eating breakfast in the kitchen. 

Me:"Where is mine?" 

Sethu:"I didn't make it for you kunini ngikuncenga ngokudla ungadli" 

Me:"I'm sorry cuzzy"

Sethu:"Don't say sorry go and fight for what belong to you. I miss my cousin the one I use to talk and laugh with. Stop acting like a woman!" 

Me:"Wuuh I heard you loud and clear Ms the is no need to shout yerrr" she giggled

Sethu:"Sometimes kwamele kucace ukuthi who is the older one"

Me:"Yeah right"

Sethu:"Your breakfast is in the microwave"

Me:"I knew it thank you so much gazi lami" I took my breakfast and sat opposite her. 

Sethu: "How are you holding up without the little boy"

Me:"I miss him" I started eating

Sethu:"I'm sorry for everything that bitch put you through she never deserved you from the first place."

Me:"Ngizenzile I shouldnt have agreed to marry her"

Sethu:"Don't be hard on yourself. At least you know now its time to do what make you happy you are free at last cuzzy. Go fight for your girl and celebrate" 

Me:"Why do you always make sense" 

She chuckled

Sethu:"Ukuba yimi nje" she pat herself

I giggled my phone rang. I swallowed and answered 


Dad:"Masimba mani la engiwazwayo ukuthi wena ubophise umfazi wakho!" 

Me:"She committed a crime dad"

Dad:"The Buthelezis are furious they want a meeting we are coming that side tomorrow!"

Me:"Batshele ukuthi abahambe bayonya!" (tell them to go to hell!) I hung up. He called again I ignored him. 

Sethu:"And than" 

Me:"The Buthelezi's want a meeting"

Sethu:"Its your chance to tell them everything" 

Me:"I don't want them here I don't want anything that got to do with them" I stood up "Thanks for breakfast I'm leaving now...Oh umh can you do me a favour?"

Sethu:"Anything cuz"

Me:"Get rid of everything that belong to Nompilo even her scent. In fact I should be buying a new house"

Sethu:"Ay cuz that extreme I will make sure I get rid of everything"

Me:"You are the best"

Sethu:"I know" she giggled

Me:"Mxm" I poked her and walked out. I got in my car and drove to town. I bought a box of chocolate a necklace from American Swiss and flowers then I drove to My Ndoni's place. I knocked on the door that was left ajar. It swung opened appeared a girl around Ndoni's age her eyes were red and swollen. 


Her:"Hey come in" I walked inside 

Me:"I'm looking for Ndoniyamanzi"

Her:"Who are you?"

Me:"I'm Nhlonipho"

Her:"Oh you..Ndoniyamanzi is not here" 

Me:"If I may ask where is she?" 

Her:"She disappeared we don't know where is she" 

Me:"Wait what do you mean she disappeared"

Her:"We assume she is missing" 

Me:"No what make you say that? When was the last you saw here coz I have been trying to call her but her phone is off" 

Her:"Two days back. My parents went to report her missing as I'm speaking to you now." 

Me:"No no she can't just disappear something might have happened " 

Her:"Yes something happened her boyfriend told me that it turned out that they are siblings that was the last he saw her" I widened my eyes

Me:"Yhooo that's hectic she must be devastated. Let me go look for her please give me your digit when I find her I will call you" She gave me her numbers then I left. Honestly that was good news to me my heart sang Haleluyah. Seconds turned into minutes minutes turned into hours but I couldn't find Ndoniyamanzi. I looked for her everywhere but there was so sign of her. History can't repeat itself. I drove home with a heavy heart. Sethu was watching Mhvango.

Sethu:"Mmh things went well you spend the whole day with her"

I sat down next to her and sighed heavily

"What happened cuz?" 

I told her what happened 

"Oh my goodness! that... yhoo" 

Me:"What if something bad happened to her cuz" 

Sethu:"No I think she want to be alone and digest the news."

Me:"I can't shake this feeling cuz something bad happened I'm telling you" 

Sethu:"Stop being negative she will come back when she is ready." She wrapped her arms around me and embraced me.


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