I dont know if I was in a mini heaven or what but I could feel someone trying to take off my pants. I opened my eyes immediately. Oh not you again!  I looked around I was  in an unfamiliar bedroom a beautiful one.  

Me:"Please dont" I whispered stopping him from taking my jean off.

Him:"Hay maan!!" He yelled

Me:"No please dont I wont tell anybody just let me go please" I was already in tears. I couldnt fathom the pain he put me me through I cant let him do it again. I tried fighting him oh mzala his grip on my pants was too strong and I was so weak. I knew the moment my pants is off it will be over for me. Fight Ndoni fight you can do it. I lifted my knees up to my chest and pushed them foward forcefully sending him reeling backwards until he fall on the floor.  

Him:"You little slut!!" He roared in anger. I jumped down from the bed and  took the bedside light then hit him on his head.

"Ahhh!' He screamed in anguish. I ran out from the bedroom with my bare feet looking for an exit. The house was too big making it hard for me to find an exit. My knees were wobbling I tripped and fall down on the floor. 

Him:"Come here you bitch!!" He said walking towards me. I got up quickly from the floor "You wont run away for me not after the money I paid for you!!" He neared me as I staggered  backward. 

Me:"Im begging you please sir just let me go please" I sobbed

 Him:"You are mine the whole night !!" Oh no the whole night. He carried me  and put me on his shoulder. I wiggled myself hitting his back several times. 

Me:"Let me go please!" I begged with  a teary voice. He walked with me. I couldnt let him reach his bedroom with me I bite his back.

Him:"Aaahhh!" He screamed but he didnt put me down. I tighten my teeth between his skin. "Ahh fuck you!!" He threw me on the floor. I fall with my backside oh mzala it hurt  so much. I got up  from the floor. He slapped me so hard on my face that I reeled backward and fall down. 

Me:"Please" He walked towards me I slid backwardly on the floor balancing with my elbows "Ngiyakucela bandla" I cried. 

Him:"You will pay for giving me a hard time!!" He said nearing and kicked me on my stomach twice.

Me:"Ahhh!" I screamed in agony pressing my eyes together and waiting for another kick but something strange happened.  I heard him choking I opened my eyes. He was holding his heart eyes popped out and mouth wide open.  He went on his knees and fall on the floor wiggling and rolling his eyes in. I was so scared.  He was  doing strange things that I have never seen in my life. "Hey what is wrong" I shook him. "Tell me what should I do to help you" I cried.  I think he was having a heart attack or something. "Do you have a heart problem? Please tell me where is your medicine" I shook him but he was no longer moving anymore. His mouth and eyes were wide open. I waved my hand across his face but he didnt flutter his eyelids nor closed his eyes. 

Me:"Oh nooo Ndoni what have you done!" I panicked  floods of tears gushing down my cheeks. I froze for a moment trying to digest what happend. Is he dead? No he is not dead he cant be dead. It was my only chance to find my exit before he wake up.  I got up from the floor and looked for an exit. I walked out damn it was cold. I realized the moment I was out that it was not a rural area but a township which means we were not at vedriet. I started running with my bare feet. I was so scared and my heart was beating like a drum.  At least it was not dark  there were street lights  all over the road but it was so empty I didnt even saw a glimpse of  shadow. Oh lord where am I running to. I kept running although I didnt know where  was I  running to. I felt a piercing pain on my left ankle. "Ouch!" A bottle of beer pierced my ankle. I couldnt care though I kept running  I  had to save myself before he wake up and find me. The more I ran it was the more I became weaker and I was out of breath. My knees tried until they couldnt contain the wieght of my body anymore. I collasped.



Its 7 oclock in the morning. Zikalala is not answering his damn phone. I was getting mad as minutes went by. He was suppose to be here an hour ago. I called him for 50th time. 

"The number you have dialed is not available please leave a message after the tone" 

Me:"Damn you Zikalala I told you should bring her at six oclock. I hope you are not messing with me!" I bellowed angrily

"What is wrong Mama" that was Lindelwa walking in still in her pjs

Me:"Why are you not dressed its 7 oclock"

Her:"I dont feel like going to school today"


Her:"Nje" (just)

Me:"No baby school is very important"

Her:"No matter how important it is I hate it!" 

Me:"Lindelwa go and have a bath you are going to school finish and klaar!"

Her:"No Im not I will stay here with inmate Ndoni!" she yelled

Me:"Ndoni and I are going to town you cant stay here alone"

Her:"Since when do you go with her and leave me behind"

Me:"Lindelwa stop questioning me and go prepare yourself for school!" 

Her:"Im not going to school awuzwa yini!" (Cant you hear me!)

Me:"Baby come on you need school to become something better in future"

Her:"Did school helped you to become something better you are just a police officer!"


Her:"What? its true!! I dont need school to be successful I can find a man who can take care of me" 

Me:"You are talking rubbish right now! Aint no child of mine that will depend on a man! You are too young to talk about that shit!" 

She giggled

Her:"Well ke mother let me tell you Im no longer a virgin so dont fool yourself and  think Im innocent and all" My heart broke I wish nothing but great things for my daughter. I dont want her to be played by boys who cant even wash properly. 

Me:"Oh Lindelwa mtanami why are you doing this to me. I give you everything to make you happy. What do you want me to do kanti?"

Her:"Do you have a dick?" I gasped. "I thought so." She left me standing there in disbelief. I decided to call Zikalala again! The call went straight to voicemail. 

Me:"Nx!" I took a bath and dressed up. Im going to his place this man is greedy now. He paid  me for one night not for the morning as well.  I went to Lindelwa's bedroom I found her busy on her phone emise amanqolo embhedeni "Im off"


Me:"Somewhere. Ndoni went to see her boyfriend are you sure you can stay alone?"

Her:"Im sixteen Ma not 12"

Me:"Okay bye call me when yout need anything"

Her:"Can you go already" I walked out and went to the bus stop. Luckily I got there early and wait for the bus while having a conversation with one of the women there. Before I knew it we were already on the way. At madadeni hospital I got off the bus and took a taxi to section 2. I need to get myself a ride ngemali ka Ndoni ave benomsindo abantu etaxin arg!!. 

Me:"Shot left driver"

Drive:"Dankie" He pulled off then I stepped out of the taxi and closed the door. I walked a short distance and  made my entrance to the gate. I got to the door and knocked. Cwaka. I kept knocking until my fingers became sore. I pushed the door luckly it was not locked. "Zikalala!!" I shouted as I walked to the kitchen "Zikalala where are you hiding!!" I walked to the lounge and I was shocked to see him lying on floor. "Oh jesus Zikalala!" I went close to him  that when I realized he is dead. I searched Ndoniyamanzi in all the rooms but I couldnt find her. I screamed in anger and kicked Zikalala on the floor "How could you be so stupid!! Ulayekile wafa arga!" I took my phone and called my old friend. 

Him:"Long time"

Me:"I need a favour"

Him:"I knew it"

Me:"Will you help me?"

Him:"Im listening"

Me:"Ndoniyamanzi is missing find her for me"

Him:"You are a police Nomthandazo find her"

Me:"I need to find her asap Ngwenya that is why I called you"

Him:"Send her picture"

Me:"Thank you!"


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