As I was walking back home my mind was reeling with thoughts about Ndoni's situation. I really dont understand how can a mother treat her own daughter like that. Is she really her mother though? But Ndoni do have resemblance of her mother it just that she is dark skinned just like her father but she is darker than her father.   "Azanda awume lapho" (Azanda wait) said a familiar voice behind me. I turned and looked behind. God it was that guy with a small dick abathi ngu Mthobisi or Thobane something like that. I waited for him than we walked together. His  status body spray was too much and suffocating. I coughed. 

Him:"How are you" 

Me:"Im..."I coughed again "good wena" (you)

Him:"Im happy that Im walking with you...why are you ignoring my calls?" 

Durh because I dont want to talk to you

Me:"Sorry I have been busy"

Him:"I miss you nana" I rolled my eyes. 


Him:"I really enjoyed myself that night I know you did too" Lol the guy's dick couldnt even reach my g-spot. 

Me:"Yes I did" 

Him:"When will I see you again?"

Note to self: Azanda never ever give izishimane the cake because they keep coming for more 

Me:"You knew nje it was a once off thing" 

Him:"Yes but I cant help it" 

Me:"Ay Im sorry Thobane but I cant give you what you want" 

Him:"Its Thembalami" 


Him:"My name is Thembalami" 

Thobani Mthobisi Mthobisi Thembalami its all the same! 

Me:"Oh okay...look bra it was nice having sex with you and that was it SEX so stop calling me like Im your girlfriend"  I made my entrance to the gate and walked inside the house. I found mom cooking in the kitchen. 

Me:"Mama" she glanced at me and said nothing. "Ma" 

Her:"Yini?" (What) 

Me:"Are you okay?"

Her:"Im not okay you wanna know why?"


Her:"I heard that you are busy fooling around with boys is that true?" ondaba zabantu sebenze abadume ngazo (the nosey people did what they are famous of.) 

Me:"No its not true Mama" 

Her:"You are lying Azanda" 

Me:"No Im not Mama bayangisukela" 

Her:"Let's go to the bedroom I want to check if you are still a virgin" I giggled and  stopped when I noticed the seriousness all over her face

Me:"Mama they are lying Im still a virgin" 

Her:"Ngifuna ukuzibonela ukuthi abakalixhophi yini abafana ihlo" (I want to see it myself if you are still a virgin) 


Me:"I started my periods today" I lied

Her:"When you are done let me know" Whew!

Me:"I will" 

Her:"Now help me with the veggies your brother is coming today"

Me:"Really?" I asked excited. My brother and I are very close. He's my ntwana and Im his ntwana. 


Me:"That's wonderful...Mama can we stay with Ndoni?" I asked washing my hands

Her:"Haw what is wrong with her home"

Me:"Her mom is abusing her. She is locking her up in the house without food" I said wiping my hands

Her:"Ahy wena what kind of a mother is that!"

Me:"A bitch" 

Her:"Hayi Azanda I didnt taught you to swear at adults"

Me:"Sorry..so do you agree"

Her:"I have to talk to your father first" 

Me:"Thank you"

Her:"Dont get your hopes up I dont feel good about this"



At last I have been waiting for this moment to get rid of that little bitch. I dialed my friend Thenjiwe she knows about the procedure. She answered on a second ring. 


Me:"Hey Thenj how are you?"

Her:"Im fine thanks and you?" 

Me:"Im also fine...my first daughter turned 18 today so I was wondering when is the right time to claim her money"

Her:"As long as she is eighteen now she can claim"

Me:"She have to go to master of high court?" 

Her:"Yes at pietermaritzburg"

Me:"What does she have to bring there?"

Her:"Her Id and the death certificate of your husband" 

Me:"Okay thank you sweetheart"

Her:"Its a pleasure my friend...does she  have a bank account?"


Her:"She will need it too"

Me:"Will they allow it if she use mine?"

Her:"They wont she need to have her own account"

Me:"Okay then. Thank you neh"

Her:"No problem sis" 


Her:"Bye"Just as I hung up my phone rang.

Me:"Zikalala" I answered

Him:"MaZungu unjani" (how are you)

Me:"Im good  and you?" 

Him:"Im very good. She was sealed just the way I like them" 

Me:"Good you want some more?"

Him:"Yes of course" 

Me:"Come tonight she will be ready for you or you can pick her up" 

Him:"Mmh I think picking her up is the best option"

Me:"But please make sure you bring her in the morning I need to take her to somewhere" 

Him:"No problem MaZungu" 

Me:"Zikalala" We hung up. I walked out of my bedroom and headed to the lounge. I dont how does my little princess manage to do too many things at once. She was watching tv while busy with her phone and writing homework at the same time

"How do you do it?"


Me:"How do you manage to do 3 things at once" She giggled

Her:"I just do" 

Me:"Ndoniyamanzi have not return yet?"


Me:"Im going to kill that bitch!!"



Mom said I must fetch water first before cleaning the house and cooking. So I was at the tank with Khethokuhle and Thandokuhle they are siblings. I love their bond Its amazing. They are always together. I wish my little sister and I were like that. 

Khetho:"Where is your sister?"

Me:"She is at home" 

Khetho:"Tell her to stay away from my boyfriend!"

Me:"Your boyfriend?" 

Thando:"Yes her boyfriend Mxolisi"

Me:"Mxolisi that arrogant boy from 12 B?"

Khetho:"Yes but he is not arrogant" 

Me:"Oh please he is and I dont know why are you girls throwing yourselves at him. Unesidina" (he is annoying) 

Khetho:"Haibo Ndoni indoda yami njalo leyo" (Haibo Ndoni that's my man)

Me:"Oh sorry" I said removing her bucket and filled up mine. 

Khetho:"Utshele lesfebe sakini esincane ukuthi ngizosinyathela" (tell  that little bitch I will stepped on her) 

Me:"Okay I will" I really dont know why she was making me the messenger coz I was never there bethathelana amadoda. Angizihlanganisi nje namadoda mina. 

Thando:"Okay bye girl." God there goes that word "Girl" 

Me:"Bye" They left. I filled up another bucket. I was drowsy like hell.  As I was waiting for the bucket to fill up someone covered my eyes from behind. The hands were too soft so I assume its was a girl but I couldnt guess who did they belong to. I pinched her arm.

"OUCH!" I turned around it was Sanele.  

Me:"Sorry I hope you learnt your lesson though"

Him:"Trust me I did...how are you my blackbone"

Me:"Im fine"

Him:"Haw you are not going to ask me how am I"


Him:"Ouch you are hurting me Ndoni" He held his heart. " Let me help you with that" 

Me:"No its cool"

Him:"Come on angel" 

Me:"Okay" He carried the buckets and put them on the wheelbarrow. I wonder I will be able to wheel it. I was so weak I felt like I will collapse any moment.  

Me:"Thanks...bye" I  wheeled the wheelbarrow. Damn it was so heavy. 

Him:"Are you sure you can do that"


Him:"Let me help you Ndoni" I was reluctant to let him help me but I needed to save the energy that was left in me for cleaning and cooking. So I let him be. We walked together while he wheeled the wheelbarrow. "What happend to your face?"

Me:"Its none of your business"

Him:"Ouch" There was awkward silent until we reached my gate 

Me:"Thanks you can leave now before mama see you" 

Him:"Okay uzongiqoma nini kanti" 

Me:"I wont" 

Him:"Ngiqome ngizokupha izinvuthu ekhaya kudayiswa amasnax" I managed to giggle "Thank god I made you laugh" 


Him:"Im a patient guy I will wait for you" I said nothing and made my way inside the yard. I carried buckets one by one inside the house.

Mom:"You like to make me angry Ndoniyamanzi kunini uhambile??" she yelled

Me:"There were lot of people at the tank"

Mom:"You are lying!!" She slapped me so hard that I saw stars. A tear escaped in my eye. Explaining to this woman was a waste of time. "Get out of my sight uyanginyanyisa!" I started preparing for supper while cleaning the house. I made sure that my pots does not burnt. I finished around 7:40pm and dished up for them. I served them their food and went to my bedroom. I was feeling dizzy I think indlala or something. I slid into my blankets and cried myself to sleep. As I was in the middle of my sleeping I felt someone suffocating me. I gasped for air wiggling  until I couldn't anymore. 


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