You see that? That was uncalled for mzala. I couldnt fathom out that a grown lady could do that. She was hurting no doubt about that but what she did was totally childish. When I saw how broken she was through her eyes I felt sorry for her and thought about convincing buti that she is the right woman for him but after she slapped me and spat on me with her smelly saliva I take that thought back. Eish my face was burining fire If I didnt see her slapping me with her hand I would have said she hit me with a head of a knobkerrie. My jaw was even painful. Tears warmed up in my eyes I looked up at the ceiling to prevent them from falling. 

"Haw you are here I thought you are napping" That was Sis Sethu

Me:"I woke up minutes ago"

Her:"Are you okay?" 

Me:"Im fine"

Her:"You look like you about to burst into tears even your voice is shaking" 

Me:"Do you think Im a bad person sis Sethu"

Her:"No you are an opposite of that my dear" 

Me:"Buti and Sis Mpilo are breaking up because of me surely that make me a bad person"

Her:"Hey" she walked towards me "Look at me" I looked at her "You didnt  force Nhlonipho to fall inlove with you so dont be hard on yourself. These things happen" 

Me:"So in other words it will happen to me too. I mean Nhlonipho will also ditch me for some chocolate girl in the long run" 

Her:"Ndoniyamanzi Nhlonipho love you dearly he chose you over his two years relationship"

Me:"Two years?" I eyeballed her

Her:"Yes you see that he loves you"

Me:"Its so sureal sis Sethu how can you spend two years of your life with someone and ditch them for someone you met in weeks" 

Her:"Love is mysterious my dear. We should not question it but embrace it." 

Me:"According to me love is cruel" 

Her:"Stop feeling bad and accept that he chose you. Embrace and cherish this love"

Me:"But she is threatening me Sis Sethu" 

Her:"What did she said?"

Me:"She said I will join daddy if I dont stay away from him" 

Her:"You have to understand that her heart is broken she will say things that she does not mean"

Me:"But that doesnt mean she must slap me and spit on me"

Her:"She did whaat? What the fuck! That is very disrespectful how can she attack my guest in my own house? Allowing her to sleep for the night was a bad idea she must leave right now!" She said making her way out but I grabbed her arm

Me:"No dont I dont want to cause more trouble sis Sethu" 

Her:"No you are not causing an..."

Me:"Please I will be in my room and stay away from her way" 

Her:"You are doing no such thing this is my house not hers!" 


Her:"There is no but come we are watching a movie" she held me by my hand then we went to the lounge. I thought  buti was there too but he was not there. 

Me:"Where is Nhlonipho Sis Sethu?"

Sis Mpilo:"Why are you asking  didnt I warned you?" Do we have two Sethu's now?

Sis Sethu:"I really undersrand what you two are going through but I will really appreciate peace in my house"

Sis Mpilo:"She is the one that its taking my man Siphosethu!" 

Sis Sethu:"I dont want to get involve in your business but I will really appreciate if you stop harrasing my guest" 

Sis Mpilo:"Oh you are siding with this monkey really? This ugly monkey with disable legs?" I did mention that I have bow legs but they are not that bow in way that she can say my legs are disable. Yaz I never thought Sis Mpilo is nasty. I didnt like that she was  calling me monkey just because she is light in complexion. Maybe she think her colour of skin make her shit ultramel. 

Sis Sethu:"Nompilo if you are not willing to listen to me then I suggest you should go" 

Sis Mpilo:"Im sorry I didnt mean to be disrespetful" 

Sis Sethu:"Ndoniyamanzi Nhlonipho took a drive" 

Me:"Ohk" We watched the movie in awkward silence. Sis Mpilo was glancing me. I swear she wanted to eat me alive. 



"I hope you dont mind if we smoke" said Spha

Me:"Nah I dont" I saw him mixing weed with white powder and rolled a joint. "Is that cocain?"

Phila:"Not its a shandis" 

Me:"What is a the name of the shandis" 

Spha:"All you have to know is that its a shandis" He light the joint and started smoking. 

Phila:"Letha sbali kunini ngigagadekile" (bring it here I have been craving)

Spha:"here" he gave him the joint.

Phila:"Dont you wanna try it"

Me:"I thought you will never ask" He chuckled as I took the joint and started smoking. It was not my first time smoking I have tried cigarrets and weed several times but this one was freaken good! 

Spha:"Its not your first time?"


Phila:"I enjoyed our foursome session" 

Spha:"We should do it again"

Me:"Next time right now Im longing for Mr S dick God I can feel it right now going in and out of my vagina" They both look at me amazed and giggled

Phila:"You such a character hey"

Me:"What can I say man its called living a carefree life...This stuff make me sleepy" I stood up "It was nice spending time with you niggas" 

Spha:"You can come here anytime" 

Me:"I will" I walked out. I couldnt feel myself walking it like I was walking in the air. I found Uncle bae watching soccer on suppersport channel. "Uncle"


Me:"Where is your wife and son?"

Him:"They went to stokvel meeting" 

Me:"Mmmhh that means its you and me in this house" I sat on his lap

Him:"Ey leave me alone!" He pushed me roughly I fall on the floor. 

Me:"Ouuhhh" I faked tears

Him:"Oh no Im sorry" he helped me up "Im really sorry" I faked a loud sob "Shhh dont cry Im sorry" he rubbed my back. I smashed my lips on his lips. He pushed me

Him:"Hayi maan stop it!" 

Me:"I know you want this as much as I do"

Him:"You are really sick in your head! I dont want you just leave me alone!"

Me:"Fuck me first I will leave you" 

Him:"Moses this child!" I took off my dress "What the hell are you doing!!"

Me:"Come on uncle bae" I took off my panty and bra. I laid on an empty couch and spread my legs apart. He looked at me his mouth gaping "Lets have fun uncle bae" I inserted my two fingers in my hole and fucked myself. "Ohh uncle Sboo oh yess" I bite my lips while squeezing my small boob with my other hand. 

Him:"Today Im going to teach you a lesson that you will never forget child!" He unzipped his pants and jumped on top of me. The next minute he was shoving his dick into my vagina. Damn he was so huge. He moved back and forth pounding me hard.

Me:"Ahhhh" I moaned loudly

Him:"This it what you wanted right!" Each an every deep rough thrust he made he thought he was punishing me but I enjoyed his roughness and aggressiveness it drove me crazy. I found myself letting out Afrikaans moans. No wonder Thenjiwe was still around the man knew how to use his dick.



After supper I went straight to my room. I laid on the bed facing the ceiling and worrying about Buti I mean Nhlonipho. I needed to get use to call him by his name. I got up from the bed and undressed then slipped into my pjs. "MaNcwane!" The sound of his voice made my stomach surge. He walked in "There you are" He said with a grin on his face. 

Me:"You are back" my lips curved forming a smile. 

Him:"You miss me" He walked towards me

Me:"How did you know?" 

Him:"I miss you too" He pulled me close to himself by my waist. My body against his body filled my heart with love warmth and joy. In his arms I felt safe loved and protected. Feelings that I have been yearning for ever since my dad passed. I could smell alcohol in his breath.

Me:"You smell alcohol" 

Him:"I had few drinks I couldnt  finish them I was missing you" He stared at me his eyes were sexier than usual his eyes were sexier than usual debilitating my body. 

Me:"I missed you more" Our lips interlocked we shared a passionate kiss. His tounge going in and out  of my mouth in quick strokes  I went with the flow honestly speaking it wasnt hard the way I thought it would be. I felt a sudden rush in my body. He whisked me off the ground I wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck. He walked with me while still kissing. He placed me gentle on the bed Intensifying the kiss. From my mouth to my neck his heavy breathing against my neck sent electric all over my body. I moaned softly each an every sensation he made my body experience took my breath away. His cold soft hands made me gasped as they went under my pj top cupping my tender breast.  I felt his hard manhood against my palace my heart beat accelerated. He stopped biting my neck and stared at me with his half opened eyes. 

Him:"I love you" He pressed a peck on my forehead and rolled down. The next second he was snoring lightly. 

Me:"Buti baby" I shook him


Me:"Please wake up and slid into blankets" 

Him:"Give..me..a second" I heard him snoring again

Me:"Come on Nipho at least take off your sneakers" I shook him gentle

Him:"Thanda nami" (love you too) I sighed and let him be. He must have had more than few drinks. I got up from the bed and took off his sneakers then I covered him with an extra blanket.  I found myself smiling as I was staring his handsome face. I kissed his forehead. 

Me:"Sleep tight" I walked downstairs to fetch my phone in the charger. I bumped into Sis Nompilo as I was about to step down the stairs

Her:"Ye wena mnyamane" (hey monkey)  Oh God can she leave me alone please.

Me:"What do you want now? You want to slap me and spit on me again?" 

Her:"I thought I heard Nhlonipho's voice where is he?" 

Me:"You heard wrong" 

Her:"He is in your bedroom isnt??" 

Me:"Haibo why are you asking me? Didnt you say he is yours and he sleeps on your chest surely you must know where is he"  she grabbed my wrist roughly and sniffed me.

Her:"You are smelling him you had sex with him bitch!!"

Me:"You are hurting me!" I tried to remove her hand on my wrist but she tighten her grip 

Her:"If you think your black pussy can break my relationship with Nhlonipho than you are delusional! Nhlonipho and I have been together for a very long time. You are just a sperm dish mnyamane ndini!" 

Me:"Yaz you amaze me because you keep telling me things that I didnt ask."

Her:"I see you miss your daddy neh. Trust me you will join him very soon!!" I laughed

Me:"Trust me Im shaking right now" 

Her:"Haibo mnyamane!" she warned. 

I tried not to be nasty to her but she kept pushing me calling me mnyamane as if I asked to be dark skinned. 

Me:"You are very immature for your age that is why he is ditching you. I didnt force him to fall in love with me. How can you force love vele? If I were you I'd stop mortifying myself and leave" 

Her:"You wish Nhlonipho love me not you!!" She roared like mad woman

Me:"Then why are we  having this argument my sister? "

Her:"Im warning you for the last time mnyamane stay the fuck away from my man!!" 

Me:"Save yourself from mortification sis and walk away he chose me" She slapped me so hard on my left cheek  I heard a buzzing sound in my hear. 

Me:"You can hit me countless time but the fact remain still THE DOCTOR IS MINE!" Her face became red immediately she pushed me I fall on the stairs I remember rolling and rolling and rolling on the stairs. She warned me but I chose to act brave guess what? That was the end of me.


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