I was in my deep sleep when I felt something poking my ass. I fiddled my hand and squeezed it. It was hard and huge and it fitted in my hand. I opened my eyes and turned around. Buti was sleeping next to me. I didnt know he slept with me. I slept early last night. I waved my hand across his face to be sure that he was asleep. His lips curved then his eyes opened oh shit I closed my eyes quickly and pretended to be sleeping. I was so embarrased he would think I was seducing him kant nah. 

"Morning beautiful" Oh Lord! "I know you are awake" I opened my one eye followed by the other. 

Me:"Morning" I faked a smile

Him:"How did you slept"

Me:"Well and you"

Him:"I slept well too. Forgive my little man for poking you he is always angry in the mornings" 


Him:"You do forgive him right"


Him:"Th.." His phone rang. He took it on the bedside table and answered "Ngonyoma...Im good how are you....what's wrong...no...why are you calling off the search...oh okay...I will do" He hung up with a huge smile on his face "Yeessss!" 

Me:"Share the good news" 

Him:"You are free my baby! You are out of danger your mom I mean Nomthandazo doesnt want you anymore" 

Me:"Really are you sure?"

Him:"Yes sthandwa sami do you know what does that mean? " 

Me:"I will live without fear"

Him:"Yes that too. Tomorrow we are going home my love!" I smiled

Me:"Finally! Thank you buti for everything" 

Him:"Anything for you baby" After that we got up. I made my bed while buti went to take a shower I finished cleaning the bedroom and went to take a shower too. After showering and I went to my bedroom. I lotioned my body and got dressed in a blue jean white long sleeve t-shirt and a navy blue body warmer. I wore black adiddas torsion sneakers. I combed my cut neatly and sprayed my hoity toity then I went downstairs. I found Sis Sethu in the kitchen she was all dressed up and looking beautiful.

Me:"Wow you look stunning"

Her:"Thank you my love your breakfast and Nhlonipho's is in the microwave. I have to be somewhere see you guys later" 


Her:"You look better today"

Me:"I do feel better thanks for taking me to the doctor" 

Her:"No problem my dear" She took her car keys on the counter table "Bye"

Me:"Bye" Her fragrance lingered in the kitchen. I took my english breakfast from the microwave and placed it on the counter table. It was still warm so the was no need to warm it up. I took the glass and rinsed it. I got lost there as my mind was wondering how life would have been if things didnt happen the way they happened. Im sure mom would have loved me right? She would have loved me just the way I am right? She wouldnt have cared about the colour of my skin and my uglyness right? She wouldnt have cared that I cry a lot right? I do have an idea of dad's love but I dont know anything about mom's love. I dont know how it feels to be loved by your mom. I did say Nomthandazo and I have never been close. How do I move on with life from here? My life is broken how do  I pick up the pieces? 

His warm breathing on my neck brought me back to earth as it send chills down my spine. 

Him:"Are you okay" He kissed my nape

Me:"Yes" I whispered and wiped my tears quickly. He turned me around and placed his hands on my shoulders  "Im fine" I faked a smile. 

Him:"Its going to be okay all this shall pass you will see" He wrapped his manly arms around me and gave me the most assuring embrace ever. 

Me:"Thank you" 

Him:"You dont have to thank me" We broke the embrace. I took another glass and rinsed it then pour orange juice. We sat down and ate our breakfast. "Where is Sethu"

Me:"She said she had to go somewhere" 

Him:"Tell me more about your dad" 

Me:"He was a loving and caring man. We were very close. He understood me more than I understood myself"

Him:"You were daddy's girl"

Me:"Yeah wayethi ngiyi ntandokazi yakhe" 

Him:"Your parents loved you Ndoni dont be mad at them. The person you should be mad at is Nomthandazo for killing them" 

Me:"I guess you are right"

Him:"Dont give up you have to make them proud." 

Me:"My daddy wanted me to be a lawyer that is why opted for general studies but after he died I lost faith and hope." 

Him:"You do see yourself as a lawyer" 

Me:"I dont know" 

Him:"You need to find something that you like. What do you like?"

Me:"Everything" He chuckled

Him:"That is impossible..uhm what do you enjoy to do?"

Me:"Watching movies and listening to music" 

Him:"Okay anything else?"

Me:"I use to enjoy  helping daddy with the marking"

Him:"Your dad was a teacher"


Him:"So you wanna be a teacher too?"

Me:"Nop I dont know what I wanna be but I dont want to be a teacher. I still got time buti to figure it out   I have to do my matric first Im sure by next year I will know" 

Him:"Its make me happy  to hear you say that. On a serious note I dont want you to give up on your life. Erase that thought please" 

Me:"I will try"

Him:"Dont try just do it" 

Me:"Yes sir!" I bow my head. He chuckled. 

Him:"You said your father was a teacher?" I nodded "Surely he must have left  money for you. How old were you when he died?" 

Me:"15 years"

Him:"You were a minor so your money is kept at Master of High Court. Since you are 18 now you have to claim your money. You cant let izithukuthuku zababakho zidliwe istate and I think that money will help you to further your studies not that I mind to pay your fees. Its your money you can do whatever you want with it. "

Me:"Im not sure Im following" 

Him:"You will undersrand when I take you to pitermaritzburg dont worry about it now" We finished eating than washed the dishes together. The house was already clean so after washing dishes we watched movies. I found myself logging on facebook

the movie was very boring maan but buti was  fascinated by it. The were notifications and messages. I read the message  that was on top from Licious Lee Zungurh. "You are having fun while our mother is in jail and while Im having a helluva time here. What kind of a daughter are you? What kind of a sister are you? I use to think you are sweet and nice but now I see you are not. You are selfish inconsiderate and cruel! How can you leave like that and forget about us? Daddy must be turning in his grave. Sies!! Kuyophela sofana!!"

Haibo kant who is this. I viewed the profile boom! The one and only Nomthandazo's daughter.

Me:"Nomthandazo is in jail?"

Him:"Mh?" He was glued to the tv screen

Me:"Nomthandazo is in jail?"

Him:"Yes for the crimes she committed" 

Me:"That wonderful mos" I smiled but it suddenly disappeared when I thought about Lee 

Him:"Why the long face now" I gave him my phone and let him read the message from Lee  "This is Lindelwa?"

Me:"Yes I feel sorry for her regarless what she did to me. She is still my little sister. Right now I should be with her"

Him:"Sthandwa sami this little girl is blackmailing you. She know very well that you are good hearted. Dont let her play your heart." I nodded. Hhhe mzala ikhona maan lento abathi impilo. In the twinkling of an eye Nomtee is behind bars  and her precious daughter got no one. "They deserve what they are going through "  He brushed my cheek with his hand "You are so beautiful" 

Me:"Thank you" He gazed at me then my lips and me again then my lips as he brought close his face until our lips met. We kissed. I broke it and looked at him.

Me:"You said I can take my time and think but things that you are making me to do say otherwise" He chuckled 

Him:"They are not stopping your mind from thinking" 

Me:"They are putting me in a confusion box" 

Him:"Tell me to stop" He nibbled my lower lip. "You want me to stop" I said nothing "Well Im stopping" 

Me:"Noo dont!" He kissed my lips hungrily I moaned in his mouth. My hands  automatically cupped his face as I responded. 

"Hheyi Ndoniyamanzi what are you doing??" A voiced screamed inside of me and another one responded "Ay awume kancane mzala!" (Ay just chill cuz!). I ignored the first one and listened the second one. Ohh thethelela somandla! (Ohh forgive me Father!)


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