The past three days have been hell without mom. My mom's friend Thenjiwe took me in but she is abusing me. She make me clean the house and wash dishes. At home I dont do chores. Ndoni was the one who was doing everything. I miss my mom so much I know that I have never appreciated her and I disrespected her but without her my life is a mess. Im staying in this township and its hard to make friends. Im not that type of a girl who stay indoors. There was a knock on my door. 

Me:"Come in" The door swung open Thenjiwe  and her 4 year stout son walked in. 

Her:"Im going to visit my mom dont you want to come with us" 

Me:"No Im cool Aunty" 

Her:"Are you sure?" I rolled my eyes 

Me:"Yes Im sure go" 

Her:"Bye make yourself something to eat when you are hungry and please dont forget to wash your dishes after eating. You are a girl Lindelwa you have to do chores" 

Me:"My mom n..."

Her:"Your mom spoiled you too much. Im a good friend I will put you in a straight line for her. By the time she comes out you will be a desciplined girl" 


Her:"Bye" I looked at her as she walked out with her son. You might think you have seen ugly people out there trust me you havent seen Thenjiwe yerrr that woman is worse. Akusi ububi lobu amabulawo. No wonder her husband is cheating on her. Im sure everytime when he kiss her he close his eyes before his lips reach  her lips and imagine one of his side chicks. After they left I went to make something to eat. It was around 2 oclock in the afternoon. Schools closed two days back  so yeah...Thenjiwe's husband walked in.  

Him:"Hello Lindelwa"

Me:"Hi Uncle" I looked at him and wonder how is it possible that a handome man marry an ugly woman like my mom's friend. He is really hot maan.

Him:"Are you good?"

Me:"Yes  how is uncle" I smiled 

Him:"Im good too" 

Me:"Im making something to eat do you want some?" 

Him:"No Im fine sis I just need to take a nap Im tired" 

Me:"Mmh I see you were busy" I walked towards him and zipped up his pants. 


Me:"Ah its nothing" I bite my lower lip. He stared at me for a moment and I made sure I stared back at him. 

Him:"Uhm excuse me" I made a space for him to go then he walked out. Mh that will be easy. I dare that ugly woman to force me to do chores again  we will be sharing ithumbu lentokozo (dick). I smiled to myself and carried on making food for myself.



Three days have passed Ndoni is still at Jouburg. I didnt want to rush things. I have to be sure first that she is out of danger first. I  need to find out if Ngonyama's boys are still searching or they have stopped since that satan is in jail. I want all of this to be over already. I met Ndoniyamanzi couple of weeks back but she have huge effect in me. I feel lonely without her.  I dont want to hurt Nompilo but I cant control whatever that is happening to me. Is it love? Or its just a crush?  Ndoni is all I ever think about. What would you do if you were in my shoes. Sigh! I took my phone and called Ndoni the call went straight to voicemail I called her again and received the same result. I decided to call Sethu yena ke ebengayibambi ifoni. What is going on kanti? I called her again and again but she was not answering the phone. My mood changed immidiately I knocked off at work early and went home. I arrived at home. 

Me:"Gladys!" I screamed Gladys didnt avail herself but the house was not locked. "Gladys!!" 

"She is not here I told her to leave" said Nompilo walking downstairs wearing my favourite red lingerie. I looked at her exposed yellow thighs as she walked towards me.

Me:"You are full of surprises" I smirked and grabbed her ass 

Her:"Your face expression..." I shut her up by kissing her lips and picked her up walking upstairs to my bedroom. I gentle lay her on the bed and went on top of her. "I miss you"

Me:"I miss you more" I said kissing her neck and squeezing her boob with my one hand 

Her:"Aaaahhh" she moaned. From her boob down to her palace.I slid my fingers inside her drenched vagina

Me:"Damn you are so wet!" I said deepening my finger inside her pussy and fucked her with it.

Her:"Owww bab...by !!" She moaned  loudly squeezing the blankets. I kissed her lips allowing her to moan between it. My phone rang in my pants pocket. "Dont answer it" she whispered

Me:"Its might be urgent" I slid my hand into my pocket and took out my phone. I answered as I got up from her. "Cuzzy"

Sethu:"Who died?"

Me:"Nobody why?"

Sethu:"20 missed calls surely someone must have died" 

Me:"I was checking on you guys why are you not answering your phone"

Sethu:"Im sorry I left my phone in the car. We are coming from the doctor Ndoni is not feeling well"

Me:"What is wrong with her? Why you didnt tell me? Is she okay? Let me speak to her"

Sethu:"Can you just breath okay Its nothing serious she got flue" 

Me:"Can I speak to her please"

Sethu:"She is sleeping right now" 

Me:"Are you sure it just flue?"

Sethu:"Come on now even the doctor confirmed its flue" 

Me:"Okay" I hung up and look at Nompilo who was staring at me. "Baby I have to go"



Her:"Where are you going to?"


Her:"What is so important than me Nhlonipho?"

Me:"Come on baby dont be like that" 

Her:"No explain to me you cant just leave me like this. I thought we were going to spend the night together. I made supper for us I miss spending time with you. I miss you so much that it make me wanna cry" 

Me:"I wouldnt leave you baby if it was not urgent. I will make it up to you" 

Her:"You always say that but Im still waiting"

Me:"This time I will struu nasi" I crossed my fingers "I " I kissed her forehead "love" I kissed the space between her eyes " you" I kissed her nose "Ms Bu" I kissed her lips passionately and looked at her. She smiled but I knew deep down she was hurting and that didnt sit well with me but I have to go and see Ndoni. 



Me:"Thanks for coming" I asked Ngwenya to come and see me. 

Him:"Tjo who beat you up?" He sat down. 

Me:"Do you have to asked that?"

Him:"Sorry why are you here?"

Me:"Have you found Ndoni?"

Him:"No but they are still searching for her."

Me :"Forget about her now and get me out of here"

Him:"You havent told me why are you locked up." 

Me:"Remember what I told you about my parents and my sister"

Him:"Yes I remember"

Me:"I lied they didnt die in a car accident I burnt them alive" He widen his eyes his mouth gaping

Him:"Nomthandazo! You are dangerous than you look mos!"

Me:"Someone found out and reported me. Please get me out of here"

Him:"Im sorry I cant Nomthandazo" 

Me:"Ah come on I know you can" 

Him:"No I cant that is why I always make sure I dont get caught and my boys dont get caught because my hands are tied once someone is inside of here" 

Me:"Find someone who can do it please Ngwenya" 

Him:"What do you mean if you say I must forget about Ndoniyamanzi what about my money?" 

Me:"You and I know very well you dont need that money. I no longer want her money I dont want anything that will remind me of the pain I suffered." 

Him:"Eh madoda do you know that one of my boys was shot because of this and another one is missing!" He yelled

Me:"Im sorry. I want a new life Ngwenya and you are going to give me that" 

Him:"Habe! Nansi imhlola!" 

Me:"Please Mtimande my daughter need me I have to get out of her please" I begged desperately 

Him:"I told you my hands are tied nje Nomthandazo" 

Me:"Surely you know someone who can do this please if you dont want to do it for me then do it for our daughter" 

Him:"Hhhehh?" (Whaat?)

Me:"Lindelwa is your daughter"


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