I parked at the shell garage in Dannhauser and played the tape. Yes you read that right I wasnt going to let that woman get away with everything  just like that. After the pain she put my Ndoni through hell no!! She robbed her a chance to know her biological mother and her grandparents like that was not enough she killed her father and totrured her!! I dont care  how sad it was for her to be the unloved daughter Ndoniyamanzi is innocent she should have not suffered all this pain. Actually I went there to make her confess so that I can report her. The recording might not be a proof enough but I have a witness who saw everything that happened that night when  she burnt her parents and her sister. I know I said I will report her if she doesnt stay away from Ndoni. I said that because I didnt  want her to run away. I cant believe a person a woman on top of that can be so evil. My Ndoni will be so hurt when I tell her everything. I called Sdumo


Me:"Yebo yes!! You can bring her now I will be waiting for you guys at shell garage I want to report her at her workplace" 

Him:"I have been a PI for years trust me when I say I have never came across such an evil woman"

Me:"Hheh you dont know anything wena she also killed her husband!" 

Him:"You are lying!!"

Me:"Im telling you"

Him:"Udinga isguqo lomfazi" (she need prayers)

Me:"Prayers will never work bra she need prisoners. Ave zilithanda iphoyisa iziboshwa...Drive fast I want her to sleep in the cell today"   

Him:"Im not driving a skorokoro I will be there in few minutes" 

Me:"Someone is calling me sure"

Him:"Sharp" It was Nompilo who was calling 


Her:"Hello baby how are you?"

Me:"Im good and you" 

Her:"I miss you Nhlonipho" 

Me:"I miss you too"

Her:"That's a lie"

Me:"Come on now"

Her:"Vele Nhlonipho you are distant lately is everything okay?"

Me:"Yes baby everything is okay"

Her:"Why do I find it hard to believe that?"

Me:"Hayi Nompilo mos I told you I am busy at the hospital!" I kinda yelled. 

Her:"Im sorry it just that I feel like Im losing you" 

Me:"You are not losing me sthandwa sami I love you" 

Her:"I love you too" 

Me:"I will make it up to you yezwa" 


Me:"Mcwa mcwa" she giggled on the other side

Her:"Mcwa mcwa" We hung up. What I love about Nompilo is that she respect me and she never raise her voice at me. Yena shame she's a wife material.  I havent heard Ndoni's voice today so I decided to call her.  She answered on a second ring. 


Me:"Hello MaNcwane how are you?" 

Her:"Ngiyaphila  Jobe unjani wena" (Im fine Jobe how are you) I smiled ayikho into emnandi njengokubizwa ngesithakazelo sakho umuntu ofuna akubize ngaso. 

Me:"Im also fine...the noise?" I could hear bold voices and cheerings in the background 

Her:"We are at Sis Sethu's friend she is throwing a party" 

Me:"Oh is Sethu next to you?"


Me:"Please give her the phone" I heard some shufflings 

Her:"Mtaka auntirizzaaa"

Me:"You are drunk"

Her:"That what  parties are for mtaka auntirizzaaaa"

Me:"Who are those men who are making noise there?"

Her:"Abo mzala baka Lisa" Lisa is her friend.

Me:"I hope they are not making a move on Ndoni" 

Her:"Ihhheee all of them are eying her!" My forehead sweat immediately

Me:"Take her and leave"

Her:"Haibo Im still having fun Im not going to leave because of your jealousy"

Me:"Im not asking you Im telling you Siphosethu!" 

Her:"Gee dont get so worked up I was just kidding. Im taking good care of her aint no guy will make a move on her."

Me:"You better be telling the truth cuz"

Her:"Im telling the truth. Tell me mtaka auntirizaaa what about Nompilo I mean it look like you have fallen deep for Ndoni" 

Me:"Give Ndoni the phone"

Her:"You can run away from my question but the fact remain still" As if I dont know that 

Me:"Give her already please" 

"Buti" that was Ndoni on the other side

Me:"Are you having fun there?"

Her:"Yes how is everything there? Have you figured it out what to do?"


Her:"So when are you fetching me?" 

Me:"Be patient sweetheart" 

Her:"Its not easy buti I cant sleep at night Im scared Nomthandazo will find me. What if she know my whereabouts as we are speaking Oh jehova kuphelile ngami" fear was palpable in her voice. 

Me:"You need to trust me okay"

Her:"I trust you" 

Me:"Then you should know that I wont let her find you until I finalize my plan" she sighed heavily 

Her:"Pinky promise"

Me:"Pinky promise" 

Her:"Thank you" 

Me:"I miss you" 

Her:"I miss you too" I saw Sdumo parking his car next to mine

Me:"I have to go  I will call you later"

Her:"Okay be careful please"

Me:"I will sharp" I  stepped out of the car and walked to Sdumo's car. I stepped inside and greeted  the witness of course she would have not agree if we didnt offer her money. You know money make the world go around. 

Her:"Yebo baba kunjani" (Hi how are you) 

Me:"Im fine Ma I hope you are aware of what you about to do" 

Her:"Yes I am" 

Me:"Ah well let's go to the police station" I stepped out of the car and went to my car driving to the police station. Sdumo was following behind me. 



Three days have passed and I was still at Johannesburg with sis Sethu. I dont want to lie she is a nice person shame. I have been having nightmares and she offered to sleep with me. In other words the past three days were not easy for me. I was jumpy like hell.  I dont know what does Nomthandazo want from me. She should be happy Im not staying at her house anymore. Why cant she leave me alone maan!!. Buti called three times a day to check on me and he promised that everything will be over soon. Sis Sethu suggested that we go to her friend's party. So that where we were everybody was having ciders and I was having a juice. After the call I recieved from buti I went to join the girls that I was sitting with before I excused myself. 

"Boyfie?" Asked Kaybee 

Me:"Nah my brother" I said sitting down on the champing chair. 

Kaybee:"You from KZN?" 


Kedi:"How are brothers there? I have never been there" 

Me:"Good I guess" 

Lwazi:"So you dont drink at all"




Kaybee:"Take a sip" 

Me:"No Im fine" 

Kaybee:"Come on you wont be sorry I promise you" 

Me:"Im cool thanks" I took a sip of my juice. They were getting drunk sip by sip and talking loudly. I enjoyed chilling with them they were fun and all. I felt the urge to pee I stood up and made my way to the house one of the guys who have been staring at me since I got here grabbed my hand. 

Him:"Hello beautiful"


Him:"Im Thabang"


Him:"Can we talk"


Him:"Haw why"

Me:"Nje" I yanked my hand and carried on walking he spanked my ass.  I felt so disrespected and violated. I turned around and looked at him. He smirked I walked towards him and squeezed his manhood hard. 

Him:"Aaaauuu" he cried like a cat


Him:"Im..s..o..rry" he winced in pain

Me:"I cant hear you" 


Me:"xo not co" 

Him:"Im really sorry" I let go of his manhood and that when I noticed everybody's attention was on us. 



I  locked myself in my bedroom and destroyed everything infront of me. 

Me:"Aaaaahhhh" I screamed  I was angry and shattered. How did he find out? Who is he? I punched  the mirror my hand bled. That boy opened a wound I thought healed years ago. Tears rolled down my face involuntary. I dont regret each an every single thing I did. The pain I suffered is greater  than what I did to them. I was punished for things I didnt do. I was blamed for my sister's mistakes. I was called humilliation and disgrace without a valid reason. I became homeless and slept in the street. Have you ever wore shoes and feel like you are walking with your bare feet. Its very painful to be not loved by your parents the only people who should be giving you all the love in the world.  I didnt asked to be born! I didnt tell anyone to have unprotected sex! Why have unprotected sex if you are not going to love your child? Why have more than one child if your love will be limited towards your children.  I was not a rebel child I still dont get the reason for them to not love me. Babengisaphi ke emhlabeni? My parents are the one that caused a rift between my sister and I. They worshipped and praised her like she was God. Even after she slept with my boyfriend I was the wrong one mxm!! I  I hate them all Mama Dad Thandaza and Fezile may their stinking souls rot in hell.

"Mama please open up" cried Lindelwa on the other side of the door. I opened the door for her and let her in. She threw herself into me. I squeezed her tightly in arms. Her body was trembling she was still shocked. For a moment  I thought he was going to shoot us. Why did he care so much about Ndoni. Her bitch mama put me through hell she deserved to suffer for her mom's sins!! 

Me:"Sshh its going to be okay my love"

Her:"So Ndoni is not your child?"

Me:"Yes you are my only child and I love you so much" 

Her:"I understand what you went through but you shouldnt have not killed daddy mama"

Me:"We dont need him trust me"


Me:"There is no but Lindelwa he deserved to die!!" We heard loud knock coming from the kitchen. "Let me go check"

Her:"Nooo! What if he is back Im scared Mama" 

Me:"I wont let him touch you" I broke the embrace and went to attend the door. There stood detective Gama and  Makhanya in my door step. Lathu heqe uvalo. 

Gama:"Greetings Zungu" 

Me:"Greetings come in please" They walked in "How can I help you guys" 

Gama:"You are under arrest for arson and murder"  Oh noooo!! That bastard!! "You have a right to remain silent. Anything you say will be used against you in the court of law" Makhanya cuffed my wrists. 

"What is goin..Nooo!" Cried Lindelwa as she appeared.

Me:"Call Thenjiwe and tell her to fetch you" 

Her:"Mama noo" she burst into tears . They walked out with me. I watched my daughter crying her lungs out as I was shoved into the van. My world was crushed into tiny little pieces. I didnt care about what was going to happen to me in jail I was worried about what will happened to my daughter. 


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