It’s Sunday today we are going back home but I asked the mothers to allow me to spend half of the day with my best friend Gugu and they agreed. Yhoo my vagina is burning especially when I pee. I’m never doing this again it’s painful. I just finished showering my mom is looking for something for me to wear.

“What do you want to wear” She asks

“A pair of black jean a sweater and timberlands boots” 

“Okay…when did you come back to bed last night I was so tired I didn’t even hear you” 

“Around 10pm” I lie of course I came back in the wee hours of the morning. She indirectly gave me the go ahead to have sex but that doesn’t mean I have to disrespect her. We shouldn’t have done it in the first place while they are here with us. I don’t know what we were thinking I guess we couldn’t wait to have each other it’s a pity for me it was so painful. I hope his mom didn’t hear us Lwenkosi was the one who said I was making noise but he turned out to be the one who was groaning like a wounded animal while I was weeping silently. 

“Yes I’m okay why?”

“You look like you are in pain” Hell I am you never told me it’s this painful to have sex!

“I’m fine” 

“Okay here...get dressed so that we can go have breakfast” She hands me my clothes I get up slowly and get dressed. I can feel her gaze on me so I try to act normal even though it’s burning down there. 

“I’m done let’s go” She holds my hand as we make our way out 

“You are walking funny is everything okay?”

“I pump into something last night and hurt my foot” I lie I told you I have become a frequent liar lately.

“Oh baby I’m sorry”

“It’s okay mom” 

“Morning everyone” Mom says as we join others for breakfast. They greet us back she helps me sit down.

“Morning my Dollface” He whispers in my ear his voice sends chills down my spine 

“Morning cuddle cakes are you good?” I whisper back 

“More then you could ever imagine what about you”

“It’s still hurts”

“It will get better sthandwa sami I’m sorry yezwa” I nod. We eat breakfast together over a warm chatter and a bit of laughter. It’s look like mom Zo didn’t hear us last night that’s good. Once we are done I kiss my mom goodbye

“Mira can I go with you please” Sno asks so sweetly making its hard for me to refuse.

“Okay if mom Zo is okay with that”

“Ay uzohlupha lo emzini yabantu” Says Lwenkosi 

“Kahle Lwandle ukuphapha. Of course you can go with her Mira if that’s not too much for you”

“Yaaay! Thank you mommy” 

I remind Lwenkosi to start at the pharmacy first to get me the morning after.

“What else do you want?” Gugu and I planned to watch Netflix and catch up so we need a lot ice cream and snacks.

“Vanilla ice cream a lot of it and snacks”

“Munchkin what do you want?”

“Chocolate Oreo biscuits and marshmallows” 

“Ha.na no sweet things”

“Come on buti”

“No no no I don’t want to get into trouble with mom”

“She won’t know Lwandle”


“Mira please talk to your cuddle cakes” 

“Baby please just this once” 

“You are ganging up on me now?” I chuckle 

“Pretty please” I purse my lips

“Okay fine stop looking all cute but If you promise me something”


“You will let me eat my banana basket” 

“What’s that?” I ask he giggles and whispers in my ear 

“Your delicious pussy” 

“Uyanya I told you I’m not doing that ever again” He laughs

“Ah well nami I’m not buying munchkin anything”

“You are so unfair Lwenkosi that shit hurts.”

“It’s usually like that when it’s your first time baby”

“Let’s stick to the tounge please inyoka nyoka iyaluma ndoda hai ngeke” He burst into laughter.

“You are so cute yaz” He kisses my cheek 

“Please just buy her what she wants I’m begging you” 

“Okay I will. I love you yezwa”

“I love you too” 

“You also love me buty right?” I giggle

“Of course I love you munchkin” Lwenkosi says to his sister 

“I love you more cuddle cakes ka dollface” This child is so sweet yaz. 

“Oh munchkin you are making me blush now… I will be right back now behave yourselves”

“We always behave ou know that. Please get me a melrose cheese spread”

“Okay” I hear the door opening and closing. 


“Yes baby girl?”

“I lied to you on Friday that I had a good day. I had a bad day actually” my heart sinks 

“Oh baby why?”

“My best friend Lira is angry at me because I ate my lunch with Jaden not with her”

“Who’s Jaden?”

“It’s a new boy he just started school last week. He asked me to be his friend and I agreed but Lira doesn’t want me to be his friend. I like him he’s a good boy but everyone in the class don’t like him.” This is one of the things I like about this child. She’s caring and friendly yet she’s so young.

“Oh baby I’m sorry to hear that. You should talk to Lira I don’t think it’s a problem if you guys can be all friends what do you think?”

“Can’t I be their friend but he will be my friend only?” I laugh 

“Why do you want him to be your friend only?”

“Mos daddy is my mommy’s friend only. Lwandle is your friend only” I chuckle as I’m about to reply Lwenkosi get in the car

“Where’s my chocolate Lwandle”


“Thank you buti”

“Here are the pills and bottled water”

“Thank you” I down the pills with water

“Are you sick Mira”

“Yes I have headache”

“Oh I’m sorry”

“Thank you baby…can I have the melrose spread”

“Sure...here” I take it and open the lid before digging my forefinger then shove it my mouth.

“Baby why you didn’t tell me to buy a bread or something”

“I don’t want a bread I like to eat it like this.”

“Oh okay” He sounds surprise ah well I continue eating my melrose spread.

“Where’s your phone baby I need the Gugu’s directions”

“Oh yes” I take in out from my jean pocket and give it to him. Once we arrive he baby kiss me and leave. Gugu squeezes me in her arms 

“Thank you for coming”

“I brought these I hope it’s enough”

“You shouldn’t have babes but thank you” She takes the plastic from my hand.

“Where’s your parents”

“They went to church” The word “church” makes me sleepy. Every Sunday we have been going to Mom Zo’s church. Akubhori yeses! Im forever sleepy when I’m at the church and that makes my mom angry. She says embarrassing her trust that woman to make everything about her. 

“Make yourself comfortable” She explains the set up of her lounge and I find myself in one of the couches while she takes Sno to the play room to meet her little sisters. Second late she comes back and sits next to me. We indulge on ice cream while catching up

“Lwandlelwenkosi is hot babes damn! You are guys make a great couple” I smile 

“He’s driving me crazy G.u. The things he does to me yerr! Yaz wena you are a bad friend koda”

“What have I done?”

“You never shared everything with me about sex you have no idea how much I have embarrassed myself” I go on and tell her about the day I thought I peed myself and lost my virginity and Lwenkosi laughed at me. 

“You are joking right?” She shrieks with laughter 

“You are also laughing at me mxm”

“Askies babes I never thought you are this clueless” She says laughing 


“I’m sorry I didn’t want to corrupt you. I loved the sweet innocent you” 

“Haisuka and you told me the day you lost your virginity it was nice. You lied to me!”

“OMG you did the deed?” She asks enthusiastically 

“Yes last night yoooh I thought I was dying G.u” She giggles 

“You are exaggerating”

“I’m telling you I can’t even walk right now.”

“Oh babes I’m sorry to me it was good. The first time differs to everyone. It may hurt or feel good or both. There might be pain and bleeding the first time a penis or fingers go into your vagina but it doesn’t happen to everybody. Some people naturally have more hymenal tissue than others this pain and bleeding can happen when their hymen gets stretched.”

“Yhoo hayi I’m never doing it again I prefer oral” She giggles 

“It’s get better with time sweety you would see when you do it again it would be less painful until it feels good like oral sex or even more”


“I’m telling you you would be the one begging for it” We giggle 

“So how is Jjoziburg treating you?”

“Ah well not bad heee chomee I’m in trouble!” Oh lord I don’t want to hear this 

“I met this guy neh he’s actually Londisizwe’s twin brother”

“The host?”

“Yes” Okay 

“Kanti how old is he?”

“Turning 21 on the 31st Of August” 

“Haa you even know his birthday” She giggles 

“Ya phela we have been spending some time together and we go to the same university. He’s very charming and humble unlike his twin brother. That one is full of himself. He has that thing yokuthi “I’m hot and I’m a Sithole” Argh He is annoying actually.

“What is his name?”

“Melisizwe...so the thing is he has a 4 year old daughter and he’s still dating with the baby mama but I like him you know”

“Haaa Gugu dont tell me you want to cause trouble between the two of them.”

“They are not married mos! A child is not a married certificate choma”

“Still I don’t think it’s a good idea. Why is he even asking you out when he has a girlfriend moreover the mother of his daughter mxm!” 

“It’s doesn’t end there sweety I met this other tall yummy boy with broad shoulders and sexy sleepy eyes oh lord abanye omama bayazala yaz. He has bow legs and when he walks Jesus! You see that one you just get wet by looking at him.” I laugh ihaba umngani wami bakithi 

“We talked and exchanged numbers. He told me he’s around to visit his grandmother he actually live in London. That was a bummer anyway he took me out for lunch we got to know each other you won’t believe how old is he?”

“How old is he?”

“15 years!” I laugh 

“But he’s not that bad chomee he’s only 4 years younger than you”

“And you wouldn’t tell that he’s 15 years I don’t know what does these kids eat maan and his sex game is so matured” Woah sex game?

“You slep with him!”

“Call it a moment of weakness my friend” I gasp

“Don’t be judgmental please”

“I’m not I’m just shocked” 

“You will be more shocked when you hear the last part of the story. So Nsika went back to London but we have been contacting each other everyday I think we are dating I’m not sure on the other side Melisizwe and I spends more time together and I think I’m falling for him. Iheee my friend it turned out that Nsika and Melisizwe are more like brothers. Their moms are twin sisters” Im stunned to speak!

“Yhooo Gugu what are you going to do”

“I don’t know my friend I’m screwed! I have been ignoring their calls”

“You are in deep shit!”

“Tell me about it!” We talk more about everything and anything. I’m glad my friend is adjusting very well in this side yikho nje ukuthi she’s caught up between two brothers. I feel sorry for her but I feel more sorry for the brothers. After the great time with my friend Lwenkosi fetches us.


I couldn’t sleep last night thinking about what happened between Khanyi and myself. How could I have been so stupid. So much for hating cheaters. I have never been a cheater I don’t know what got to me. Bonga is the one I have eyes for the only woman that I love from the depth of my heart. I keep screwing every chance that I get. How I can look at her in the eyes after what I have done. I have already put her through so much she doesn’t deserve this. In fact she doesn’t need to know this will hurt her more than she’s already hurt. I don’t know how Khanyi and I are going to go on after this. I’m bewildered at the response I got from her. She didn’t even try to stop me what does that mean? Is she falling me? Is she even supposed to be sleeping with her patient? 

I’m preparing dinner for my two favorites ladies. They are on their way now. It's around 6pm at the moment I’m sure they will be here at 7pm. I'm not making anything fancy just a dumpling and tripe with mash potatoes and creamy spinach. It’s my wife’s favorites. Peanut butter cheese cake for dessert which my daughter’s favorite. Once I’m done with everything I go upstairs to take a quick shower. I finish showering and wear sweatpantsvest and push ins. I shuffle to the kitchen to set the table and everything by the time I finish they arrive. 

“Beautiful ladies” 

“Hello Daddy”

“Khumalo” They both say at once my heart just melt. I scoop Mira up and plant kisses all over her face which causes her to giggle 

“Congratulations my princess you made daddy proud”

“Thank you Daddy” I put her down and walk to my wife 

“Sweet darling” I tug her weave behind her ear and take her lips into mine she moans softly.

“I missed you” 

“I missed you too...it’s smells lovely in here what did you cook”

“Your favorite”

“Mmh thank you baby it's like you knew how much I missed these”

“Let me take these bags I will dish up for us”

I take the bags to our bedroom and come back to warm up the tripe then join my wife and daughter who are already gathered by the table in the dining area. I dish up for all of us and serve them.

“Mira bless our food” Bonga says much to Mira's annoyance but she does as her mother says. We eat over a conversation and laughter. I have been a monster to take away moment like this. I can’t remember when was the last they were this happy even Mira. She looks happy and she’s glowing. I find myself saying a little prayer to myself begging the man above to give me strength to fight my demons and be a good husband as well as a good father. Once we finish my wife collects the dishes and washes them with Mira. I decide to run a bubble bath with candlelight and soft music in the background. The door swings open and she walks in she looks tired  it must be the long drive she really needs this bath.

"You look tired I have prepared a bath for us" I undress and scoop her up before walking to the bathroom. I place her on the bathtub 

“Wow this is beautiful”

“Nothing compares to yourself” I undress and get behind her 

“What have I done to deserve this?” She asks

“You have been nothing but an amazing wife Bonga and for that I will forever love you. I want to apologise for the pain I put you through. You deserve better I'm going to make it my everyday duty that I give you better than you deserve. I want to be a better man for you baby. Thank you so much for never giving up on me even when I didn't deserve that. Thank you for your love honesty loyalty care and your warmth. I'm not going to make promises no more but I want you to see by my actions that I want to change. I want to be a better man a man you would be proud to call your husband. A man you would be proud to call a father of your daughter. I love you so much MaKhumalo” she's crying and that breaks my heart. I really broke this woman beyond imagination. 

“You have been a good husband Khumalo I know that your past is ....” I cut her short

“Stop making excuses for me sthandwa sami. Nothing justifys what I did to you. I was suppose to protect you not inflict pain on you. I'm sorry Bonga” I turn her around and wipe her tears

“I’m sorry from the deepest of my heart. I don’t deserve your forgiveness I know but I would fight hard for it. I don’t want you to forgive me because you feel sorry for me or you are scared of me but because I deserve it. I want to earn you forgiveness baby” I plant kisses all over her face then kiss her lips the kiss deepens I run my hands from her back down to her butt and squeezes it in my palms causing her to moan softly. I can feel my dick growing hard in an instant

“Let’s take this to our bedroom” She mumbles against my lips and I oblige. I make sweet love to her until she passes out. I feel fingerstips strengthening my bushy eyebrows and smile through my sleepy face. She loves doing that and somehow I find it soothing. I blink my eyes open and look at my beautiful wife next to me.

“Morning Mntungwa”

“Morning MaKhumalo” I say with a groggy voice

“How did you sleep?”

“Like a baby and you?” 

“I slept well are you going to have a bath first or will you eat first”

“I will eat first if you are the breakfast” She bites her lower lip seductively 

“Sounds tempting but you going to be late for work”

“I’m not going to work today I’m just going to spend my day with my two favorite ladies”

“Oh well if that’s the case...eat me daddy I’m all yours” Her voice is laced with seduction making me hard in an instant without a waste of time I devour her.

Guilt is eating me up by each passing day and I’m contemplating to come clean to my wife but every time I look at how happy she is my heart drops to my stomach. I can’t bring myself to tell her the truth it will break her. I hate the fact that I have been lying about going to therapy sessions while I haven’t been there for the whole week. I can’t face Khanyi I’m so ashamed and I don’t think these sessions will work after what we have done. We crossed the line and it’s won’t be easy to carry on as if nothing happened. I’m in my office and the door burst open. Khanyi and my receptionist Xolelwa walks in

“I tried to stop her sir but she refused”

“It’s okay I will take it from here Xolelwa” she nods reluctantly and shake her small ass out. I stand up as Khanyi walks to me we stare each other deep in the eyes for a moment. I can feel her warm breath on my face she’s almost as tall as I am. 


“Miss Gama what are you doing here”

“You haven't come to our sessions for the whole week. I was very worried about you” I study her face but I’m unable to decipher her facial expression.

“Is this how you work? Check every patient of yours if they don’t pitch”

“Yes I check up on them through the phone only those special ones get to be checked in person” She gives me a smile 

“Ah well I’m fine and I have decided that was the end of our sessions” She furrows her eyebrows 

“What does that mean?”

“I will find a new psychologist I no longer feel comfortable to carry on with you” 

“Why?” Is she really going to act like nothing happened.

“You know why Khanyi we crossed the line on Saturday. It shouldn’t have happened” She laughs 

“Oh you talking about that ah come on you were emotional and as your psychologist I helped you to relieve stress there’s nothing wrong with that Khumalo” I chuckle and shake my head in disbelief 

“If you worried about your wife finding out don’t worry I swore to confidentiality. It’s nice to see you are okay. Please do come back we still have a long way to go. Have a great day” She turns around and shake her big ass to the door. There’s something about her that I find hard to resist. I take long strides behind her pull her roughly she fall right into my arms. I smash my lips into hers and we devour each other’s lips like we haven’t been eating for months she wraps her arms around my neck intensifying the kiss. I feel my dick growing hard in my pants. I pick her up allowing her to clamps her legs around my waist then press her against the wall without breaking the kiss. My hand find it’s way between her legs fuck she’s not wearing any painties she came prepared I see. I sidle my fingers deep in her wet cunt she gasp for air 

“You are wet for me huh”

“Oh yess Daddy Khumz” I work my fingers on her wet spit pushing them deeper.

“You want Daddy Khumz to fuck you huh”

“Yessss oh shit” 

“Tell me what do you want whore!” I spank her thigh and she whimpers 

“Fuck me Dadddy Khumz!” 

“I can’t hear you bitch!” I spank her thigh once again she screams loudly 

“Fuck me senseless Daddy Khumz I want your big cock inside of me” I take out my hard rock dick and slide deep inside of her filling all her with just one thrust and she yelps 

“Ahhh ohh shiit!” I groan loudly as the warmth of her sex envelopes me and buck my hips. Our moans of pleasure fills my office. I feel her nails digging on my shoulders as I pump into her harder and faster thank God I’m wearing a shirt she has very sharp nails. I feel my cock spams as her walls clenches around my dick she screams louder and reaches her climax taking me with her.


“Don’t cry I’m coming yezwa” I say over the phone to my Dollface. She’s very clingy these days but I love it though. I just got back from school I need to take a shower first to wash away sweat. It’s was a very hot day today. I’m welcomed by a small ass in a pair of leggings and looking at it right now I'm reminded of my uncle. “That girl is not petite she’s thin usho ngezinqa ezincane ngathi insangu yeshumi” (She has small butt like R1 pack of weed) I find myself laughing which startles her 


“Hey Nandi” Yes she’s still living with us it’s been a week since the burial of her grandmother. Innocent hasn’t been found. I trust my uncle with these things but if he also can’t find him ay I don’t know. Innocent can’t just disappear like this something is not right. I look at her there’s something different today with her. 

“Your hoodie looks familiar” She looks at me sheepishly and I lost it 

“Who’s hoodie is that Nandi!”

“I found it in your bedroom and I like…” I cut her short 

“Who the fuck gave you a permission to go to my bedroom huh? let alone take my dollface’s hoodie and wear it!!”

“I’m sorry Lwandle I…”

“Take it off now!!” 

“Hey hey what’s going on here!” Asks grandma as she walks in. Nandi burst into tears 

“What’s wrong sis Lwandle what have you done to her huh!!”

“She’s the one who went to my room without my permission gogo and took Mira’s hoodie!”

“Haisuka what’s wrong with that!”

“She’s invading my privacy Gogo!!”

“This is not your house but my son’s house if you want privacy go build your own house rhhaaa. Come sis” 

“Before you go with her she has to take off that hoodie gogo!” She ignores me and walk away with Nandi. This old woman will be the death of me! I don’t like it when people invade my privacy worse she even took my dollface’s hoodie and worn it. WTF! I like that hoodie she left it here during the week when she was here to see me. No it’s more like I’m the one who made her forget it because I wanted to keep it for myself. When I’m missing her I wear it and feel closer to her. I know it’s usually the girls who like to wear their boyfriends clothes I guess I’m just unique. I walk to my bedroom fuming with anger I throw my bag on top of the bed and strip naked before going to the bathroom. I take a quick shower when I’m finished I get dressed in a Nike short and t-shirt with flops. I take my car keys and head out bumping into Sno on the door

“Grandma is calling you Lwandle”


“Yes” I follow her to the lounge and I find my parentsgogo and Nandi waiting for me so I sit down

“You called me”

“Nandi says you are mistreating her Lwandle” dad says

“That’s not true dad she’s the one who went to my room without my knowledge and took Mira’s hoodie the very same hoodie she’s wearing”

“She said she apologized nje but you kept shouting at her” Gogo says I roll my eyes 

“You not going to roll your eyes at us boy! This is the mother of your child you have to take care of her and make sure she doesn’t stress!”

“She’s well taken care off what more should I do now ngimgqogqoshe?”

“She needs your support dammit she needs to know that she’s not alone. Wena you are forever with Mira. You need to prioritize boy! Nandi is the one carrying your child not Mira. What kind of a father chooses a girlfriend over his child!!” 

“Says the same man who chose alcohol and hoes over his children and his wife! Maybe ngifuze wena don’t you think?” Mom gasps and her eyes glisten with tears. I get up and walk out. I can hear them calling me but I ignore them. I’m so pissed right now I don’t know what is expected of me now. When I do this I’m wrong and when I do that I’m wrong. Fuck off maan! I call my Dollface to come out when I arrive at her house. Seconds later there she comes out. I meet her half way and pull her to my arms 

“Are you okay?” She asks 

“Just hold me a bit longer” She holds me for dear life and right now she’s all I need to calm myself down. We pull apart and I take her hand then lead her to my car. The drive is silence 

“Baby you are awfully quiet what happened” There’s so much concern in her voice.

“I’m fine sthandwa sami how are you”

“I’m fine I just missed you so much” 

“I miss you too my love.” I take her hand and kiss it.

“You know that I know you right and I don’t like it when you don’t talk to me” I sigh and tell her everything.

“I’m sorry my love this must be hard for you mara naye uNandi was wrong”

“Exactly baby but I’m the wrong one. I see that Nandi wants more than what I can give her and now she’s using my grandmother and my father”

“Mxm uyanya yaz sthandwa sami please dont allow her to get to you please”

“I have my eyes for you only Dollface. You occupy my heart and no one else yezwa?” She nods with a grin on her face. I take her to the Reunion beach in the south of Durban and we ride a horse.

There’s something magical and romantic about riding into sunset with the one you love. I enjoy being her eyes painting a picture of every single thing the moon rising on the beach as the sunset and the magnificent changing of colors in the sky as the sun is setting over the horizon. 

“It’s beautiful baby” She’s whispers in awe 

“Like you my love” 

“Thank you” After our horse ride I take her back home but she doesn’t wanna let go so we chill in my car at the back seat cuddling. 

“Thank you baby”

“For what?” I ask 

“I never thought I could ride a horse one day. I’m scared of hieghts but you just make it easy for me to overcome my fears and for that I will forever be grateful.” I cup her face and smash my lips on hers our tounges meet in a welcoming dance delighting each other. My ringing phone disturbs us. It’s Nandi I roll my eyes before answering it.


“Hey I wanted to say I’m sorry”

“Couldn’t you wait for me to come home”

“I didn’t know if you would come back”

“I’m sorry Lwandlelwenkosi” I want to hang up but I can hear that she want to say something 

“Okay Nandi what else do you want?”

“I’m craving for hot wings and cheese burger”

“You want hot wings and cheese burger only?”


“Okay I will buy...” Mira’s hands disturbs me as it fiddles on my face until it takes my phone from my ear and put on her ear.

“Nandi….don’t wait up Lwenkosi is not coming back. Vuba amasi ka Sno sthandwa sami abantwana bawathanda kabi amasi. I will replace it no in fact I will buy you a 4 litre of maas to feed the cravings neh sharp” She gives me my phone and I burst into laughter I can’t believe she just did that. You should see how annoyed she is right and it’s so fucking sexy. 


“Jesus I’m coming don’t break my door!” I shout as I drag myself to the door‍. I open the door and he makes his way in without me welcoming him. These two men think my house is their house nx!

“What the fuck was that!”

“Hello to you too Spijoms”

“How could fuck him! That was not part of the plan!!”

“Relax I…”

“Dont tell me to relax you could lose your job for sleeping with your patient! What the fuck is wrong with you Khanyi!”

“Don’t shout at me I’m not your child! I got this I know what I’m doing!”

“No I don’t think so you are falling for him Khanyisile!”

“Maybe that won’t be a bad thing” He laughs 

“Do you hear yourself right now! He’s an abusive bastard! You want him to beat you up!”

“He’s not that bad yaz I can make him the man I want”

“You are crazy do you hear me? You are fucking crazy! I won’t let you have that abusive asshole! You are losing your focus now get your act together do you hear me!” I say nothing 

“Do you fucken hear me Khanyisile!”


“Good! I’m leaving” He walks out I sigh Spijoms likes to worry too much I got this. All it’s takes for a perfect revenge are the right ingredients at the right time.


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