The Bachelor

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During the preparation I was made to drink some oily thick blackish liquid that tasted horrible. I nearly throw the shit up but I couldn't bring sissy vibes in front of men others younger than me here.

The woman made cuts on my body around my waist and put on a black small robe also on both my wrists. When she was done they sent me to a big black pot to steam.

The water is boiling I swear I felt my skin peeling off in a second the blanket on top of me is way too heavy to miss it. By the time I was done I feel my whole body too hot head pounding so hard vision blurry and lips cracking.

The coffin is now open and I am told to get inside. I take a look inside and see "ubaba" laying there. I am starting to have doubts about this what if this thing swallows me the moment they close the coffin?

Me:how long will this take?

Her:10 hours you have a funeral to prepare so the rest will be completed after.

I nod and get inside laying down the snake starts moving wrapping itself around my body. I close my eyes as it licks my whole body off.


The coffin opens up and I rise up take a look around the surrounding. It looks like a morning I look inside the coffin only my sweats is there. I am feeling strong I can conquer everything and anything.

I step out of the coffin and goes to kneel in front of the lady.

Her: your first initiation was successful. You are a brave man for doing this Sabelo. You are going to be very rich kingdoms and nations will bow down to you. With ubaba inside you no man will have power to argue with you.

Everything and anything you desire shall be granted as your wish. Remember you are not supposed to fall in love with any of your victims some of them may experience problems like miscarriages heavy periods and some may loose those close to them especially romantically involved.

Me: Don't worry I don't see myself falling in love ever again. The woman I loved after my mother broke my heart to the core it's quite obvious women don't appreciate good men anymore.

Her: very well then. I will see you at the funeral. One more thing never take this out.

She says puting a necklace on me brushing it. It looks so beautiful and shiny.

Her:this will help you to be alert. Whenever danger Is around it will glow than usual it also your escape from trouble. You touch on it you will find yourself saying the spell words and transform to ubaba.

She finishes off the instructions and releases me.

I drive back to Bonga's house. Being here feels so weird and different. When the funeral is over I will have to find another place to stay because I can't continue staying here. I will have to sell everything and save it under his daughter.

I take out the big bag and load his clothes personal belongings. My heart sinks when I see the picture of him me and Sbonga when she was young. I wonder how she is going to take the news I mean losing both parents at such an early age is not easy.

When I am done with packing I hit the road going back home. No matter how strong I am right now I am not ready to face my mother and tell her the news.


Driving in the Mthethwa's household I see card Immediately it hit me that she knows. I swallow a huge lump on my throat as I walk inside the rondavel and find her on the mattress with my aunt's from Dad's side.

MaCele:(crying)kodwa Sabelo sengingaze ngizwe ezindabeni ukuthi umntanami akasekho bongangazisi ngani? Hawu kodwa ngo Bonga wami! ( But Sabelo how can I hear such big news about Bonga's passing on the radio without you informing me? )

Me:bengizokwazisa mama bengisaqoqa izinto zakhe. Ngiyaxolisa. (I was going to inform you mother I was packing his things. I am sorry mother)

MaCele:(weeping) kwenzenjani kodwa? Ngubani lobulala umntanami? U Bonga bekungeyena umuntu womsindo( what happened though? Who killed my son? Bonga didn't love drama?)

Me:amaphoyisa asaphenya Mama ( cops are investigating)

MaCele: thola abenzi baloku  Sabelo

abakwazi ukuphila eyami ingane ingasekho. ( Find these people Sabelo they can't live with my child dead)

Aunty: ai sis yehlisa umoya ungakhulumi kanjalo( calm down sis don't talk like that)

I excuse myself and go to the house where my cousins hugs me.

Me: where is Sbonga?

Thule: in her bedroom she's been in there ever since the news broke.

Me: are you guys keeping an eye on her though?

Thule: yes Aunty asked us to remove anything and everything that could help her harm herself. She is distraught.

I walk to her room and open the door. I find her curdled up next to her wardrobe humming a soft song to her big teady bear Bonga bought her.

Me: sthandwa Sami..


She throws herself at me and cries I brush her back and hair as both of us weep in silence.

Me: kulungile Nyambose ngikhona for wena uyezwa? Awusoze waselwa lutho as long mina no gogo sisaphila. Angifuni ucabange ukuthi uyintandane Sbonga ngoba awuyona. U baba wakho bekakuthanda and ngizoqhubeka lagcine khona.( It's okay my daughter I am here for you do you hear me? You will never lack anything as long as me and your grandma are still alive. I don't want you to think that you are an orphan because you are not. Your father loved you and I will continue where he left off)

Sbonga:(weeping) kubuhlungu baba ngiyamkhumbula. ( It's hurts dad I miss him)

Me: I know I miss him too.



Family members friends colleagues and the community at large are gathered up to pay their last respect to Bongumusa Mthethwa who died at the age of 29 years leaving behind his 11 year old daughter. Sabelo is seated with his mother and Sbonga side by him.

The pastor reads his verse and says a short prayer.

Pastor: njengoba nasencwadini engcwele kubhaliwe ukuthi u Nkulunkulu uyapha aphinde athathe mndeni wakwa Mthethwa duduzekani ngoba loku kuyintando ka Nkulunkulu. Ngithi izinhliziyo zenu mazingadangali ngokuba yena uhleli ngasokudla sakhe embusweni ka Jehovah. Sithenjisiwe ukuba siyophinde sihlangane nabo abathandiweyo bethu ngale ngaphesheya kwethuna uma senze kahle ezweni. ( As the Bible states that God gives and takes Mthethwa family condolences. Please find it in your heart to take easy because this is God's will. May your hearts be at ease because he is in the kingdom of the Lord. We are promised a reunion with our loved ones in heaven that's if we lead a holy life on earth.)

He finishes his sermon and gives the speakers a chance to say speeches. Friends and colleagues take turns until it's Sabelo's.

Sabelo:(sighs)angazi ngizothini. Kumina loku kufana nephupho. Ingathi kukhona ozofika athi vuka siyadlala. Njengoba wonke u muntu esemchazile u Bonga ngokumazi kwabo nami ngizokwengeza phezu kwamazwi abo.

U Bongumusa uvele sengikhulile sengibona nje impela. Ngiyamkhumbula umama ebuya naye esibhedlela ngamthanda ngicala ukumbona. Wayemuhla nomlomo omncane. Ekukhuleni kwakhe ubethanda ukungilandela yonke indawo.

U Nyambose ubezithanda esithanda siwumndeni wakhe ikakhulukazi indodakazi yakhe. Bekuma yonke into ngengane yakhe uyithole lengane asasemncane nokho kodwa I responsibility ayithatha yangenza ngaziqhenya ngaye.

Ngizomkhumbula ngokuzenza meals kunami nokungilawula(smiling) bengize ngimthembise induku uma asazenza u Nyambose omkhulu. 

Mfowethu usishiye ngokukhulu ukuzuma kuningi ebisihlele ukuthi sizokwenza nawe kodwa akusenani. Ngizoqhubeka lawugcine khona futhi ngiyakuthembisa ukuthi u Sbonga akasoze aswela uthando Luka baba ngikhona.

Hamba kahle Nyambose hamba kahle Dingiswayo. Sohlala sikuthanda futhi sikukhumbula. (I don't know what to say. To me this feels like a bad dream it's like someone will come and say " we are kidding wake up". As everyone has describe Bonga according to how they know him I will also add onto that. 

Bongumusa was born when I was a bit older I remember the day mom came with him from the hospital I fell in love with him immediately with his small mouth and handsomeness. He grow up following me around and we were so close 

My brother loved himself loved us as his family but mostly his daughter Sbonga. Everything came into a standstill where his daughter concerned. He had her at a very young age but I am proud at how he took the responsibility.

I will miss him by acting like our father and dictate me around we used to fight a lot when he pretended to be my father and told me what to do.

My brother left us so soon and unexpected. There's a lot we planned on doing together but all is good I will continue where you left off and I promise that Sbonga will never lack a father's love while I am still alive.

Rest easy my brother rest easy Dingiswayo. We will always love and miss you)

The praise team sings a song and the pastor says a prayer and lead everyone out to the hearse. Then the unexpected happens.

About 12 men in fancy black suits and red ties arrives. One of them goes to the hearse driver and whispers something to him and he nods moving the car away. They carry Bonga's coffin themselves.

Sabelo runs his eyes and see the mermaidshe's in a human gorgeous female form. Also on her long black dress and red head wrap.

MaCele:(whispering) who are these men and what are they doing?

She asks as The brotherhood sings with Bonga's coffin dancing with it.

Me:  it's his friends mama they are saying goodbye in style.

MaCele doesn't look pleased at this but keeps quite until they reach the cemetery. They lower his coffin after each of them took off their ties and lay them on his coffin.

Mourners starts whispering around.

Masikhakhane: mihlola muni kodwa lowenziwa ilamadoda?( What is this these men are doing?)

MaNgozo: (whispering)ngiyaye ngizwe kuthiwa lomhlola esiwubona Lana wenziwa uma ngabe umuntu bekathwele( I normally hear that such practice happens when a man was part of a cult)

Masikhakhane: hai wena! Usho kuthi bekathwele njengoba kubo kusesilungwini nje?( You don't say! You mean he was a ritualist since their house is beautiful?)

She said it loud enough to get a deadly stare from Sabelo and she felt a cold sweat on her back and looked down.

MaNgozo:umemezelani kodwa nawe? Ai!( Why are you shouting? Ai)

Masikhakhane:awuthi ngithule bayoze bathwale ngami.(let me keep quiet before they sacrifice me)

To be continued.


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