The Bachelor

Insert 8

The cops drove away with his body after asking me endless questions. My head was so damn dizzy. When all the chaos was over me and Sfiso Bonga's friend from  "the brotherhood" went inside the house.

I sat down on the couch with my hands on my face. I still feel like this is a dream it is so damn hard to believe Bonga is dead and no more. Part of me feels like he is going to show up anytime from this staircase and smile.

He was such a carefree person.

Sfiso: he lived his life he knew this day was coming. Please accept our condolences.

Me:it is so hard bro. I need to go home and inform our mother.

Sfiso: before you leave Sabelo we need to talk about his funeral. Bonga was a loyal obedient member of The brotherhood. He did everything by book he deserves the best funeral.

Me: you want to tell me you are going to do what you did with Macingwane?

Sfiso: yes. He died as a hero he deserves to be buried like one

Me: eix I am not sure about that. We are from an old village. People will be shocked to see y'all dressed like that and performing those things.

Sfiso: they will be strong we are not doing this for them but for our brother.

Me: he said Baba warned him about the danger. I wonder who has such audacity to come and shoot him.

Sfiso gets up and take a glass filling it with water. He comes back and places it on the table pouring some liquids in the water shaking them. Right then inside the water a warehouse appears. I see Bhekisisa and his brother Zenzo talking.

Bhekisisa: you shot the wrong brother! You are so stupid!

Zenzo: he got in the way and I had to shoot fast before him!

Bhekisisa: you know what this means? War! This fool will come after us since he now knows we are after him

Zenzo: how is he going to know it was us? I mean Bonga is rich probably had enemies.

Bhekisisa: this is not a rocket science. Damn I should have done this all alone

I grabbed the glass and smash it against the wall.

Me : fuck it! I knew it! I knew it! Bloody idiots! They are so going to pay for this. One by one! Bonga didn't deserve to die especially for me!

Sfiso:calm down ndoda. We will definitely deal with them. For now let's plan his funeral and take it from there.

Right then the snake addressed as "Baba" hissed from the wall Sfiso bows down.

Me: what are we going to do with that?

Sfiso: I will take him until you know what to do. He is needy he can't stay alone for so long. His presence brings charmmoney and power. Hence Bonga's status.

Me:no don't take him.

Sfiso: what?

Me: Is it possible for him to live inside me?

Sfiso:urhm I don't know. But I think so. Usually him and Mama gives us tasks to do as part of the sacrifice him living in someone is huge and I am sure the person who is brave enough for that inherit big dark powers and becomes untouchable.

Me:(smiling) let's ask him what's going to take for him to live in me.

Sfiso:are you sure?

Me: 100%.

Sfiso: then we need to go to the main house. Not here and we shall be told all the steps.

Me: then let's go there now.

He grabs his keys and tells me to put on a jacket. I look at the wall it's gone. We drive to another beautiful big house in Pretoria. It is heavily guarded. We are escorted to another room.

I find about 20 men dressed in black and red. Black robes and red cloths on their heads holding black burning candles in their hands. After changing to the attire I kneel in front of this woman who is so damn pretty. I was told she's a mermaid the one that gives out power.

Her: Sabelo welcome

Her words repeats three times before they actually dies out.

Her: we are sorry about the death of your brother he was a dedicated member. I am told you want Baba to live in you?

Me: yes.

Her:( starring at her glassy shine mirror) it won't be easy. You shall not get married you will be untouchable and ruthless. Baba will need human blood every month and no you won't kill to have it well not directly.

Me: please elaborate.

Her:every woman you are going to sleep with will inherit the dark powers the men they sleep with after you will die and that way you gain more powers and riches.

I smiled vele I hate women from now on so this is a cherry on top.

Her: as your brother lies in a coffin we have to bury you with u Baba in that coffin for 24 hours. You will get out go bury him and come back to finish the process.

Me: kulungile. 

Her: gentlemen prepare him.

Sfiso:(whispering) what are you going to do with Bonga's things?

Me: he has a daughter i will save them for her.

Sfiso: good. 

To be continued.


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