The Bachelor

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Today's been the happiest day of my life. Everything went well and I am so happy that I am now somebody's wife. Monday we are leaving there's no time to rest as I am packing my things. Joe told me to take the important ones and not worry about the rest as I will shop more where we are going to.

A knock comes through the door and my younger cousin walks in.

Her:sis bhuti Sabelo is asking for you.

What? At this time of the night. I put on my shoes and walk outside my father's house. He came with Bonga's car today. I open the door and gets inside. He turn on the light and looks at me.

I have to be brave and not show any signs of being scared.

Me: sawubona.

Sabelo: so it's true?

He says his eyes wandering around my ring.

Me: yes..

Sabelo:(low voice) why? I thought we were In love Minnie. I thought we loved each other. I thought you loved me.

Me: Sabelo I did love you. I truly do and still do.

Sabelo: so what is all of this?

Me: Sabelo this is me securing my future. Yes you are an amazing guy handsome with good sex but you lack ambition. Sabelo you were comfortable with being broke and mina couldn't stay for all of that.

Sabelo:( chuckling) wow!

Me: I am sorry Sabelo but love alone is not enough.

Sabelo: Minenhle don't do this. Our lives are going to be better. Macingwane left me his business and..

Me: it's a little bit late for that. Spoil the next girl you fall in love with. You are going to be happy I promise you.

I placed my hand on his cheek and I found it so wet.

Me:I'm sorry. This is goodbye. Please don't contact me anymore. I am somebody's wife now.

I perk his lips and get out of the car. I walk straight to the house without turning back and shut the door the moment I get to my room. My heart is beating so damn fast. I quickly wipe the tears that flow down on my cheeks.


It's been a whole week since Sabelo left to confront Minnie and he is not yet back yet.  Mom told me he is not in a good space he doesn't eat nor talk to anyone. Ngicela makuyoshiswa amantombazana ningivuse nango 12 ebusuku. I can't believe the nerve of this bitch. Like she really left living it large and posting none stop in Singapore.

Some shuffling sound disturb me I put my laptop on the coffee table and get up following the sound. I am shocked to see "Baba" outside his room. He is hissing and climbing the wall. I quickly kneel down and bow my head.

I am still trying to figure out the reason for him to be out of his room this time. He makes his sounds that tells me one thing. Danger is looming! He's out to warn me. Fuck! I quickly run to my room and take out my gun plugging it on my waist. By the time I return he's gone.

I go outside checking every corner before proceeding to the gate. I open it and sees Sabelo about to drive in. I smile and stand aside.


They normally say a man isn't supposed to cry he just swallows his sorrows and pull a brave face. Its been hard. I won't lie. I don't know how many times I called Minnie how many times I went to her house. The last time she threatened to have me arrested even her father failed to talk sense into her.

She's gone 5 years of commitment

5 years of commitment time and love down the drain. Just like that. I curse being broke I curse the day father died and left me to take over. I would have long been set like other kids too.

Today I woke up and decided to go back to Johannesburg. To give my new journey full attention and start over. Driving in I see Bonga opening the gate. I kill the engine and get out of the car.

Me: didn't know you are a gate man.

Bonga: (smiling)I was just checking out something. I'm happy to see you back.

He says attacking me with a hug.

Me: happy to be back too. Manje uhlome noma usendlini? ( You are armed even when at home?)

Bonga: no marn baba sent out a warning so I came to check. How was home? How is mom and my daughter?

Me: home was okay except the circumstances. They are good and sends their love and greetings.

Bonga: I miss them too but soon I will be home. How are you handling the news?

We sit in the bonnet of the car.

Me: what can I say? I can't force her to be with me.

Bonga: That's the spirit. I am happy you are back. I was starting to think you are not going to come back.

Me: never I have a business to run remember?

Bonga:(smiling)of cause. Uzobathini o Bhekisisa?

Me: I will give them what they want.

Bonga:(clapping excitedly) now's that the Sabelo I want to see. Strong bold and courageous. If they want tsunami we are going to bring it to them. Futhi nje amavezandlebe they should go look for their biological father.

I laugh at that and right then in a blink of a second a white tazz passes by.

Bonga : Shit! Get down!

He says pushing me behind him and quickly draws his gun. Gunshots goes off and the scratching off tyers. I look around and see Bonga lying in a pool of blood. I drag my weak knees to him and turn him around to my arms.

Neighbors are now coming to the scenes some calling cops. He coughs blood and it's splashes all over my face..

Bonga: look after Mama and my daughter. I trust you and with them.

Me: Bonga Mfanakithi don't talk like that. An ambulance is on its way please hold on. Look at me Bonga don't close your eyes please..

Bonga:it's time. You got this go show them.

With that he closes his eyes and I feel him being weaker as he takes his last breath.

Me:(crying) Bonga don't do this to me Mfanakithi. Please don't leave me. Ngizothini ku Mama naku Sbonga? Bonga? Bongumusa?

He was gone he didn't reply but closed his eyes peaceful. I kissed his forehead with tears falling down like rainfall..

Me:hamba kahle Nyambose. Hamba kahle Dingiswayo. Magaga onsibansiba

Mfolozi omnyama inketha baweli

Nabawelayo bayayiqokelela

Hamba kahle qhawe lami

To be continued.


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