The Bachelor

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I hate Mondays so much and worse of it all I hate that I am working so damn hard while I can actually get someone to do this for me. I have money and rich but then on the bright side I enjoy being hands on. It keeps my mind busy and occupied.

The reception calls and inform me that Mr S Mthethwa is here to see me. I smile and inform them to organize us drinks while I walk to the door to meet up with him.

Me: Nyambose.

I say shaking his hand and leading him to the chair.

Sabelo:uphila lempilo yasema movini bafo ( you are living the movie life my brother)

Me:(chuckling sitting down) ukuzama nje mfowethu. Kuhambe njani? (I try how did it go?)

Sabelo: hectic bebevitiza isingisi labantu yey ngiphethwe ikhanda( they were speaking English I have a headache)

Me:(laughing) I drama kodwa Nyambose I am sure it was not that bad.

Sabelo:awazi lutho wena. And iloku okungamantombazana kuncane ngisho kunawe. ( You have no idea and mostly it was girls younger than you)

Me: I still insist that your day was better than mine though. Look at me and this huge files I have to go through and sign before knock off time.

Sabelo:yeah neh. Anyway I met someone who promised me a job.

Me:okay now that's something. Who is it?

Sabelo: uzibize ngo Macingwane and I will be driving his taxi.

Me:uyadlala angithi Nyambose? ( You are kidding right?)

Sabelo: what?

Me: Sabelo ai angeke ndoda! I know you are desperate for a job but ukuyoba umageza? (being a taxi driver?)

Sabelo:kunani kanti? ( What is wrong with it)

Me: it won't look good on my image. What are people going to say? I am rich and my elder brother is driving taxis on a busy sweaty environment? 

I would rather organize something for you around here..

Sabelo:(chuckling bitterly) that's all you care about? Your stupid image and shiny suits? Ngamane ngidle udaka kunokwamukela lemali yakho yegazi! ( I would rather suffer than accepting your blood money!)

Me: oh now it is going to be like that?  The same house and...

Sabelo:(getting up) don't worry I will move out.

Me: Sabelo stop being dramatic and listen!

Sabelo: No Bongumusa! What I will not allow is being dictated by you because you have money! I am older than you! Awungilami nokungilama so show some respect!

He gave me a look that told me straight up that should I dare say another stupid word he is going to punch me. I sigh sitting down fixing my tie.

Me: I am sorry. I overacted. It's because I care about you my brother. It's just doesn't sound right that you travelled all the way to be a taxi driver with rude passengers.

Sabelo: I understand and truly appreciate it but please respect my choice. I will keep on searching for another job while doing this. It's better than nothing. It won't be a permanent thing I just don't like handouts.

That's the thing about my brother

he is a very proud man.

Me: okay I understand. Are we good now? You won't move out?

Sabelo:(smiling) stay out of my business we will be good.

Me:(raising my hands) I promise to mind my own from now on.

Sabelo: I need to go back and let you finish up.

Me:okay I'll Uber for you because I think the guy that dropped you is far now.

Sabelo: okay.

I walk him out while requesting for him.



Me and the girls were chilling at the cafeteria eating. Actually they were eating I was just having the Cappy juice and Lays snacks.

Me:(showing her the screen) that's my man. That is his house.

Londy: you mean lomahlalela wakho umajikanelanga sekanendlu enje? ( You mean your broke unemployed boyfriend is now having such a fancy huge house?)

Zama: yooh Londy you are so mean dude! Did you really have to say that?

Me: ngizomfathuza ngempama lona ngoba ungijwayela kabi! Indoda yami isebenza nzima kabi( ( I am going to slap her so badly because she is full of shit. My man is working very hard)

Londy:(rolls her eyes)sorry it's just surprising how can a man moves from zero to hero in a month nje.

Ntobe: maybe he has rituals remember that guy's story who died ? The one who was rich chomme and lived in Midrand?

Londy: oh oh I remember that man ah shame things people do for money!  Are you sure Sabelo hasn't joined that crew? Phela that estate is in Waterfall..

Right then my phone rings and I smile when his name pops up on the screen. Don't ask me about Joe he has pulled his disappearing card on me and I'm tired of trying to call him. Thank God I didn't mess things with Sabelo. We are very much in love and he sends me money every Friday.

Me: baby?

Sabelo: are you at the campus?

Me: urhm yeah. Why? 

Sabelo: I am driving past it let me see you for a few minutes.

I scream excitedly getting up.

Me:I'm coming baby.

Zama: and then?

Me: my man is here!

Londy: where?

Ntobe: ngifuna ukumbona mina lo my man. Asambeni chomme!

They all follow me outside the gate. I look around for him as there's no car here except a white quantum with the Gauteng registration plate number.

I call him.

Me: baby I'm outside where are you?

Sabelo: do you see the taxi? Oh I can see youI'm coming.

What the hell? I look at my friends who have their phones ready on their hands to snap videos and pictures for us. 

To be continued.


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