The Bachelor

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I stretch my arms yawning after Bonga poked my arm. I look around and see huge buildings and reality hits me when we drive past a busy road. Reading the signswe are somewhere in midrand.

Me: where are we?

Bonga: we are going to Midrand boy Waterfall. Thats where I live.

Me: oh okay ei it's been a long journey marn.

Bonga: I didn't even feel like that hey.

We chat a bit with me looking at these fancy buildings we are passing by until he parks in front of a beautiful white and grey house. I am sure my jaw is about to drop from the gasping because wow this house is everything.

Me:(looking around) so you stay here all alone?

Bonga:(taking our bags out of the car) yep used to be me and Sbonga but now it's going to be us oh and the baby girls that are visiting from time to time.i promise they will be invisible.

He said the last line with a smirk and I shake my head following him inside. Yeah neh this is heaven on earth. He drops the bags on the couch and moves to his mini bar.

Bonga:(handing me a glass) welcome to Gauteng brother.

Me:(toasting to his) thank you.

I take a sip and spit it out immediately. Shit is hot and taste horrible. He laughs going to sit on his white leather couches.

Bonga: you will get used to it bhoza. So have you decided what you are going to do?

Me: with my unfinished qualification I am not sure much. I am just going to be doing anything and everything you know. I am prepared to start from the bottom until I get there.

Bonga:okay I hear you. You see bafo this is Gauteng things are fast and happening here. All you have to do is just say the word and it's all done just like that.

He says snapping his fingers.

Me:what do you mean by that?

Bonga: take a look around you the cars furniture and this house. How do you think I am managing all of this?

Me:uyasebenza moes Bonga.. (you are working Bonga)

Bonga:(chuckling) a diploma in Human resource management is not enough to get me all of this brother. Tell you what

furniture and this house. How do you think I am managing all of this?

Me:uyasebenza moes Bonga.. (you are working Bonga)

Bonga:(chuckling) a diploma in Human resource management is not enough to get me all of this brother. Tell you what you don't have to struggle and go through all the embarrassment. 

Me:I am listening.

He moves closer to me and lowers his voice as he explains to me his "quick way to wealth" and I jump up.

Bonga:(learning back on his chair) relax.

Me: Bonga and there I was boasting that you are working so hard and..

Bonga: of cause I am working hard what are you insinuating? This is just a boost.

Me: no thank you. I will find a job. A job that will grant me peaceful sleep at night. I don't need your boost.

Bonga:suit yourself. Your bedroom is the third door on the left. I'm out.

Me:what are we eating? I'm hungry.

Bonga:(taking out few notes from his wallet and hands it to me) on top of the fridge there's a menu and numbers. Order yourself whatever you want to eat. Our helper will be coming tomorrow morning.

With that he leaves the house. I walk to the kitchen and looks around. I open the  fridge and there's lot to eat here there's no need to buy new food.

I pack the money on my pocket and take out the leftovers and starts eating. I decide to call our mother just to inform her that we had a beautiful trip.

After that I dial Minnie's number. It goes through this time.

Minnie: hello?

Me:baby thank God you have no idea how relieved I am hearing your voice. I was worried sick not reaching you on the phone.

Minnie:I am sorry father told me that you came looking for me. I went to my study buddy's place and my phone ran out of battery and we are not using same phones.

Me:okay sthandwa Sam. We ended up leaving today and now I'm at his house.

Minnie: wow okay that's awesome. How are things there?

Me:baby you should see this house hey. It is so beautiful. My dream house. Big and fancy.

Minnie: take pictures for me let me see.

Me:but baby I don't have data...

Minnie: I will transfer some for you love.

Me: okay let me snap few things.

I hung up and take loads of pictures and send them to her on WhatsApp. She calls me back after a minute.

Minnie: are you sure sure that house is Bonga's?

Me:hahaha yeah where would I be getting these pictures from?

Minnie: wow that house is everything. Baby when am I visiting? Phela my friends can drop and die if they can see the snaps of that house on the gram. I need to decorate my profile.

Me:(laughing)hahaha my love you will come as soon as I have settled in and found a job.

Minnie: okay baby I can't wait. I'm proud of you hey.

My heart warms up hearing her saying that.

Me: and I love you Masibiya..

I can feel her blushing on the other side. We chat a bit and I hung up. I decide to take a tour of this house. Some other rooms are locked and some are open. 

The tour leads me to his garages the gemini machines parked here. I wonder if he bought or rented them. I shake my head and go back inside the house to the room he gave me and throw myself on the big comfy bed.

I  must have dozzed off because I jump when the lights flicks on I sigh rubbing my eyes and stares at him.

Me: do you drink everyday?

I say getting up putting my shoes on.

Bonga: you can say that. Where are you going?

Me: to the bathroom I'm pressed.

Bonga: what's that door for?

He says pointing a door in this very same room. I walk to it and open it I am met by a beautiful big bathroom with both shower and a bathtub.

Me:thanks. Minnie went crazy when she saw pictures of the house.

I say taking a piss. I come out to him fiddling with a remote looking for a music channel on the big TV screen against the wall.

Bonga: of cause she would.

Me: it's a pity I ran out of data. She wanted to video call and prove to her that I'm actually here.

Bonga: there's unlimited WiFi here. Remind me to give you a password but not for you to take pictures and videos of my house for your hoe.

Me: don't call her that Bonga or we will have a problem.

Bonga: I need to take you somewhere bayokuhlanzisa lento eyakudlisa yona lentombazana angeke phela.

Me:(smiling) she didn't feed me anything it's just pure true love.

Bonga:yeah right. Anyway I have few places where by you can drop your CV at tomorrow. Since you are not familiar with the place I will ask one of my guys to drive you around.

Me: usiyisigwili Nyambose? (You are a rich man now brother?)

Bonga:(smirking) welcome to Gauteng bhoza. I'm off to sleep.

He says walking out leaving me shaking my head.

To be continued.


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