The Bachelor

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I walked straight and checked my back for the last time before climbing into the car. Joe is rested on his driver's seat chair with his hands on his head. The moment I settle ony chair he gets up looking at his gold rose watch not pleased at all.

Me: I know I am sorry I am late.

Joe: you know I hate waiting. What took you so long?

Me: I was with Sabelo..

Joe:did you break up with him as agreed?

Me: It Is not as easy as it seems. I need time.

Joe:(chuckling) Minnie I am running out of patience...

Me:(holding his hands) baby please I already hinted the idea to him all that I need to do is break the news to him...

Joe:(looking at me sternly)fine. Don't take too long because you know I am a catch lots of girls are envying to be you right now and you are very lucky I picked you.

Me: I know baby and I am grateful. Truly.

He smiles and moves his hand to my tighs until it reaches my underwear.

Joe: I hope this hobo of yours didn't touch my goodies.

Me:(shaking my head)no he didn't I promise.

Joe:good I have booked a hotel nearby. Let's go catch up I have missed you.

Me:(smiling) okay.

He starts his car driving away and I exhale looking outside the window as the car drive past Sabelo's house.


I take off my headphones and I hear a hoot and my dog barking like crazy. I quickly sits up putting my shoes.

Macele:(shouting from her bedroom) Sabelo awubheke yini ekwatisa inja kangaka! ( Sabelo please check what the dog sees)

Me: yebo ma! (Yes mother)

I answer going outside with my light and the loud music coming from the car greets me as soon as I step outside the house. It's Bonga the flashy registration of his cars detail it.

Bonga:(drunk) Bafo wasiza waphuma cishe yangiqeda lenja bese ngizoyidubula! ( Brother thank God for coming out. I nearly shot this dog)

Me: ubungeke ucale! Kungani uthanda ukuhamba ebusuku so nengane? Worse udakiwe! ( You wouldn't do that! Why do you like driving at night with a kid? On top of that drunk!)

Bonga:angikadakwa ngithe nje kancane. Sbonga bingelela babomkhulu wathothobala nje! ( I am not drunk I just took few tots. Sbonga

greets your Uncle)

Sbonga moves to me she is growing so fast yeerr! At least she will keep my mother company.

Me:sawubona ndodakazi nihambe kahle? ( Greetings daughter did you have a safe trip?)

Sbonga:yebo baba.

Me: asingeneni endlini singaqedi izindaba emnyango( let us go inside we can't finish the whole conversation outside)

We walk back inside the house mom is already up and has lit up the candles. Our house is beautiful and big but the disappointment of not having an electricity around doesn't help it.She dishes up for her son and granddaughter while I bring the bags inside the house.

After eating Sbonga and mom disappear to her bedroom. Baby girl is still scared to sleep alone I guess she will get used to it. Soon she will be a teenager since she's now 11.

Just as I prepare for my sleep Bonga knocks on my door. It is more like a tap. I shake my head and gets up. He looks more drunk now.

Me: awulali kanti? (Are you not sleeping?)

Bonga: early so? I just want us to catch up. How is it?

He says trying to sit on my bed with his bottle nearly spilling his drink on my bed.

Me: ngiyaphila nje okungatheni mfo. ( I am alive)

I narrate to him what Minenhle said he listens attentively taking a sip on his bottle.

Bonga: angiyithandi lentombazana kodwa iqinisile. Sekuyisikhathi Bafo woza e goli mina ngizoku setter. ( I don't like that girl but she's right. Come to jozi I will set you up)

We end up sharing the bed with him because getting up issa struggle. I am the first to get up in the morning to pee and I get a chance to look at his car properly. It is a convertible BMW. It screams money. Impela e goli kukwanyama kayipheli.




Bonga suggested that we leave today on a Sunday because Mondays are the busiest for him. We just loaded not so many clothes of mine that fitted only on my one bag. I have been trying Minenhle on her phone but it has been off.

Her father says he last saw her when she said she was coming to see me. I am worried and not settled about this. What if something bad happened to her? It is not like her to just disappear especially since she knows I am leaving this weekend.

We bid goodbye to our mother and Sbonga and hit the road. Little brother is on shades sunroof off and playing his loud music.

Bonga: can you chin up? We are on the N3 now can you notice?

Me: ai whatever marn.

Bonga: stop thinking about that hoe. There's plenty of fine girls where we are going to. I give you a day uzokhohlwa ngaye.

Me:if that's the case then why are you not married?

Bonga: I am a bachelor by choice Bafo. These hoes ain't worth it anyway.

I shake my head and rest my palm on the window.

To be continued.


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