The Bachelor

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Minenhle looks at me as if she's seeing a ghost. The other girls are laughing so loudly and I don't see the joke. I walk up to her smiling. She wasn't.

Me:sawubona sthandwa Sam.

Minenhle: Sabelo what kind of a joke is this? Is this a prank? Where are the cameras?

Me: huh? What are you on about? Baby I came to see you..

Minenhle: how could you do me like that? Sabelo I will never forgive you for this.

Me:I'm lost now. What have I done?

Minenhle: what are you doing with taxis anyway?

Me: what do you mean what am I doing with taxis? I work with it I drive it..

Minenhle: oh msindisi wami!

Me: I thought I mentioned this to you?

Minenhle: no you didn't!

She half shouted and her friends leaves us alone she exhales.

Me: I thought you were going to be happy to see me. I thought the news of taking you to Johannesburg are going to excite you but clearly I thought wrong.

Minenhle: we are going to Johannesburg?

Me: that was the initial plan but since you are..

Minenhle:(smiling)forget about what happened babe. I was just trying to digest the news. I am happy to see you.

She says moving forward and hugs me.

Me: I have missed you so so much.

Minenhle: I missed you more. Let's get going Joburg is far.

Me:are we not going to pass by your father's house and inform him?

Minenhle: it's not really necessary I can text him and...

Me: no  Minenhle as your future husband I need to do things right. Let's go and inform your dad and get you pack your weekend bag.

Minenhle: I thought you were going to say we'll shop on the way but it's fine let's go.

I open the front door for her and go to my side then drove away..





I open my eyes and turn around freeing myself from Sabelo's tight grip. I get up and go to the huge glass window and look outside. Wow Midrand. It is so beautiful and raining softly but I don't feel anything.

I look at Sabelo who is sleeping peacefully and sigh. He said today is his day off so we are going to go to Mall of Africa and get me few things. That is music to my ears. I perk his gorgeous pouted lips and put on his t-shirt.

After brushing my teeth I go to the kitchen with my phone making a live instagram video. I need to show these witches that I am actually living thee life.

Yesterday the hoes bashed me calling me all sorts of names well today bazoswaba. I found the maid in the kitchen making a scrumptious breakfast immediately my stomach growls making those annoying sounds.

The comments on the video are lit people are asking me where am I

people are asking me where am I can they come. I keep moving around until I find myself in the bar area. I pick one expensive champagne and show it on the screen before popping it. I take a nice sip on some " sipping champagne as a breakfast hunny" pose.

Someone clears his throat behind me I jump nearly dropping my phone. I pause my video and look at Bonga who looks at me so annoyed. He walks up to me and snatch the bottle from my hand roughly so.

Me: good morning Bonga slept well?

Bonga: with you in the house? I had nightmares. Who gave you the right to take videos of my house and drink my alcohol?

Me: I didn't think it was going to be an issue.

Bonga: that's the problem with you you don't think!

Me: Bonga what is your problem with me because clearly bhuti unezindaba?

Bonga:(laughing sarcastically) attitude in my house really?

He puts the bottle on the table and looks at me.

Bonga:inkinga yakho usile wena Minnie and I hate girls like you. My brother deserve way so much better but it's okay. Soon he will see you for who you are.

Me: you don't even know me to say such about me.

Bonga: it is you who doesn't know me baby girl and I think it's the best it remains like that. Stop milking my brother he works so damn hard the least you can do is appreciate his effort. There's few men like him we no longer love the way he does . It's unfortunate he is in love with a hoe.

Me:(blinking my eyelashes)do you find pleasure in insulting innocent people?

Bonga: ngiyakusukela? ( Are you innocent?)

Me :yes I am! And it's hurts me so much because I haven't done anything to deserve this treatment from you!

Bonga: awu barbie doll got feelings? Sorry.

Me:for the sake of peace I won't tell Sabelo about this conversation..

Bonga: even if you tell him it won't make any difference. He knows I don't like you anyway so you telling him will actually give me a chance to tell him why I don't like you.

Me: why don't you like me vele? I think I deserve to know.

Bonga: you sure you don't know?

Me:I wouldn't ask if I knew!

Bonga: okay do you perhaps knows someone by the name of Joseph?

I swear I chocked on my own saliva. He smirks and grabs his champagne and drinks from it.

Bonga: Its a good thing you remember I want you out of my house and brother's life. Leave him since you don't love him before you make him sick that's if you haven't already.

To be continued.


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