----PROLOGUE -----


"Sechaba: daddy please! Ok I'm sorry I promise I will get level 7 next term but please don't ....

Ntate kgomo: yey!  Shut u piece of shit!  Stop making noise! U wanna wake up your brother's? Just kneel down and let me get this thing done! 

I promise u my boy after this fail won't be anywhere near you in your vocabulary "

That being said Sechaba's pants was roughly dropped to the floor and his father raped him !

It wasn't the first time such happened..its been happening since he was 7 years and now he's 15 still his father abuses him sexually emotionally and physically and no one knows about this.

He doesn't have the privilege to be a normal teen boy...he has so much hate in his heart because his father has turned him to his second wife.

He has two of his younger brothers Kgosi and Thato

As much as he has nothing against his brother's and he loves them he has separated himself from them

His biological mother died during his birth and his dad remarried a year later to Kgosi and Thato's mom...she is  a good woman treats him good and all that.

Its just his father who did him wrong..after completing matric at the age of 17 Sechaba fled Limpopo to jozi to hustle for life..

Things weren't easier for him because he knew no one in jozi no relatives or had money for that matter...he met up with Mr Simon Okoli a Nigerian gangster who introduced him to the business

He started with cocaine and stuff but he grow up to be  indipendent and has built up an empire of himself...took him to school to study logistics and management 

After successfully completing his studies he opened up Sechaba logistics..a front business for his shady dealings

He has two houses one in Bryston and another one at Sandton..

Rich as he is he doesn't have a kidnor stable girlfriend..he's a workaholic..although he has few fuck buddies..including Thabilehis P.A. whom have been fucking for 3 years 

Sechaba is a gentleman his physically appearance is a bit intimidating; he has those shallow eyesthick eyebrows black big lips  big hands tall and dark.

His whole left arm is tattooed up to his neck..then one poem on his rib..he's very  sexy and hot ladies throw themselves at him because of his expensive tastefrom foodclothes cars and gadgets

He is a very private person he doesn't have friends except business partners..

Now that u have an idea what's going on. .let's get started






---Sechaba Kgomo---

I was very busy with work as I had lot of deliveries to expect today when I heard someone knocking at my door...I just said come in without lifting my head up

Kgosi: not even a hug from my dear brother? 

I quickly looked up oh shit!  I couldn't believe who my eyes showed me! My very own brother!  Damn I last saw the nigger I think 5 years back on my graduation now he has grown so much..look at the beard! I'm older than him with two years but it looks like he is older than me...he has gained a bit of weight 

Me: my man! Am I dreaming or what? 

Kgosi:(laughing ) if u are dreaming baby u better not wake up!

He said the last line singing..we bro hugged..I won't lie seeing him enlightened my whole mood...we sat down and called Thabi to get us drinks 

Kgosi: so this is what keeping u away from everyone huh

Me: dude u know I'm not like u guys..I have to hustle my way up

Kgosi: u don't have to though u know that? I mean everything is waiting for u back home even your position 

Me: Kg don't start please...

Kgosi:(sigh) ok..anyway that's not why I'm here...

Me: I've figured...u won't drive all the way from Limpopo to tell me about dad...

What's up?

Kgosi : well...I'm getting married...

I jumped at kinda scared's made me realise that I''ve been too busy to even notice what has been happening around me...yeah I'm 27 rich as fuck but I don't really have anyone to share or enjoy my riches with.  now my 25 year brother is getting married..he will have a family 

I felt my eyes wetting strong Sechaba...this is not a time to be weak

I stood up and shook his hand congratulating him...he showed me the pic of our wife and I whistled..this is gem..she's damn pretty she looks young black silky hair big round sparkling eyessmall lips caramel skin...shes hot!

Me: dude! How did u score this one? She's a gem!

Kgosi :(nervously chuckling )I learned from the master   come on !

We laughed at's been years not seeing each other or talking but every time we meet..we always click..unlike Thato ...that one he's a spoiled brat..I love him though 

Kgosi: so my dear brother I was wondering if u could be on my wedding?  Wait I'm actually asking u to be my best man...

Me: Kgosi I appreciate the gesture man but...

Kgosi: I know u will make up and excuse about work and everything but come on brother..just do this thing for me I promise I won't bother u again...

I just look up at the ceiling..I hated that my brother has to beg me this much to be in his life..I wish I handled things better...but better now than never right ? They never wronged was our father so i guess I should spare them the torture 

Me: I don't see why not ..

He smiled at would swear I've given him sweets 

Kgosi: I knew my brother won't turn back on me..

Me: now uyaphapha ke ..I can still say no phela mina

He laughed putting a hand on his mouth ..

Me: let me wrap things here so that we can go home 

Kgosi: u do that u will send me directions when u done..I need to get few things at the mall..

Me: alright sure

He stood up and left I opened my laptop and started typing..Thabile walked in...I don't remember calling her in so i just kept quite...

She locked the door and made her way behind me and started massaging me...her hands were magic..she knew where to touch...

Thabi : u are so tense love what's up?

Me: work stress..

She kept quite while massaging my back ...

Me: I might be needed back home and I'm not sure if I'm ready to go back. .ready to face my dad u know

See Thabi kinda know what I'm going through even though she doesnt really know the whole detail and truth...I just told her I don't get along with dad in fact I hate him..I like her because she doesn't ask questions..

Thabi: then why are u going?

Me: my brother needs me...

Thabi : ok..then do it for your brother...forget about him

Me: it won't be easy...seeing him will just bring back memories...

Thabi : but u can't ignore him some point u have to face him...

Me : ok now I think that's enough..thank u for the massage now let me get back to work...and oh...cook something nice my brother will be staying with me for few days

Thabi: ok..I can't wait to meet him

She said excitedly kissing me on the cheek and catwalked leaving my office...Thabi living with me situation started off as something temporary when she had problems at her flat but she sure has made herself comfortable for a whole year...I didn't mind because really I'm enjoying the benefits of having her around; like she's perfect in everything  sexcooking keeping the house and all just that I'm not ready to have a relationship with her..good thing is she understands and knows where Im standing with her...


I walked out of Sechaba's office to mine to pack up my things..I'm leaving already..I need to get things to cook

I have to impress..phela I'm meeting my brother in law for a first time after three years of dating with Sechaba 

I was starting to get worried...thinking he's hiding me and stuff...Sechaba is every girl's dream...his sex is insanehe spoils me rotten..I mean I work but I have his other card with me...I drive a brand new bwm 1 series...what More can a girl ask for?

My brother and mom are well taken care of...maybe after this dinner with his brother he will finally agree to go meet my family

Phela my mom thinks I'm dating a blesser because Sechaba doesn't even want us to take pictures...he always says he is a private man..mxm but all that will end when we get married...

I took my things and shake my sexy ass to the car and drove off...

---SOMEWHERE AROUND Sandton North in a girls high school--- 

Nazo : so Thando what are u going to do with this issue? U have to report it...

Thando: and sign my own death warrant? Hell no..I just think I have to escape

Nazo: girl are u crazy? We are in matric for crying out loud!  And we are writing in three months..u want to throw away your future just like that?

Thando : Nazo tell me what do i do huh? I'm tired...I'm just emotionally drained!  My mother is selling me to the highest bidder..u know I would rather die than marry a man I don't want!  I'm not ready for this Nazo..Im only 18 for crying out loud...I should be enjoying my teen area but mom want me to play wifey to someone else

Nazo: but friend...the guy is loaded...a chief's son..he will definitely take care of u come on...

Thando: Nazo I don't care..I don't wanna marry the guy .if u are so interested in him why don't u marry him ?

Nazo: girl! I would kill to be in your shoes right now! Gape your husband to be is flames yerr. ..have u two met though? 

Thando : yeah during the introductions back home when we were closed for June holidays..friend I nearly died..I regretted coming back u know

And u know what worse?

Nazo: what?

Thando: he's in jozi and he want us to meet and talk...imagine!

Nazo: just go meet the guy friend..maybe u can make him understand that u don't want this or u can maybe like him...what do u think?

Thando: well I don't know..all I know is I don't want this..I don't want It at all...

Nazo hugged he friend who looked so worried...

Nazo: I'm sorry's all going to be ok..whatever u decide...I will support u

Thando: thanks please help me choose an outfit to wear to go meet up with this idiot...

The girls laughed going to their closet...


This is Before The End


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