------GUGU NKOSI---------

My body is so painful.. especially my lower abdomen..I try to move but I flinch in pain

I close my eyes drowning in pain..it is as if someone has been stabbing me...

I then opened my eyes and looked around. I'm at the hospital.. how did I get here? I remember what transpired then felt my body arch...

I let out a scream doctors and nurses came in running to me followed by Simon whose eyes were bloodshot red..

Doctor: miss Nkosi calm down u will hurt yourself more ..

Me: Simon what happened to sechaba? Where is my baby daddy?

I saw the doctor giving Simon a look then cleared his throat..

Doctor: miss I'm sorry.. your body received a lot of shock and your baby couldn't handle it...

I touched my stomach and felt that something was not there...I tossed screaming in pain...I can't loose sechaba and my baby too

Me:no...no .. no.. this cannot be happening...Simon I hate u...uyinja uyezwa?

Doctor:nurse sedate her she needs to rest

Me: don't fucken touch me you hear me? Do inject me with that thing I swear I will sue your broke ass

Simon: doctor let me talk to her ...

The doctor nodded they left us alone...I grabbed the bottle next to me and threw it at him..water splash all over him.. I was fuming;in pain and heart broken

Me: what did u do to sechaba?

Simon:look I understand you are hurting...I'm hurting too.. sechaba was my brother u know..

Me: stop saying that..u killed him.. now I don't have anything to remember him with..

Simon: stop saying that I killed sechaba..u did with your whoring ways and I will never forgive you...

Me: what the hell? Simon do you hear yourself? I loved sechaba!!

Simon: love? Please! U know nothing about love..u have been betraying sechaba from day one so don't tell me anything about loving him....

Me:I know I wasn't the perfect partner but u didn't have to kill him.. what will I tell his people? his baby Mama?

Simon:I didn't mean to kill him.. it's was self defense. His death will always haunt me...

Look I've sorted everything and made it look like an armed robbery..u just need to act cool


Simon: yes you heard me ..I mean...

Me:get out...

Simon: Gugu think this ..

Me:(shouting) Simon get the fuck out get out!!! 

O I was now sitting up screaming with tears rolling down my face

The doctor ran in back with securities and sechaba's side chick Nazo...

They hold me and sedated Me...


I've been doing some of my practical at life hospital... today had been a very long day for me ...

Then as I am about to knock off the doctor called me to assist him with another destruct patient who lost her baby

When we ran to the ward after hearing screams and breaking off things..I was shocked to see Gugu in that state...

She's no longer the kwai meisis I know her to be.. she looks so broken and pyscho..her weave is messed up..

After sedating her I walked to the doctor. I need info about this...

Me: doctor what is wrong with her?

Doctor:I'm afraid it is not good.. she was brought in her completely out.. and suffered a sever miscarriage.. she didn't take the news pretty well

Me: that is not good... what caused the miscarriage?

Doctor: shock.. huge amount of shock

Mhm what could it be that shocked her though? 

I took my phone and dialed Thando.. maybe she can know something...

Thando :mngani..

Me:hey Friend how are you

Thando: not so good friend...

Me:awu.. what's wrong?

Thando: I've been trying to call sechaba I can't reach him..his line is off

Me: yooh that is pretty bad...Gugu has been screaming on top of her lungs lasbhedlela


Me:she lost her baby

Thando: huh? Why?I mean when?..

Me: friend I don't know hey..I thought maybe you have a clue

Thando: friend do me a favor... go check on Sechaba for me please...

Me: Thando...I don't think I...

Thando: please..

Me:(sigh) eix ok I will be back to you

I dropped the call and requested an Uber to Sechaba's house..the near house from the hospital it's the one in Bryston...

I got off and I was welcomed by police and media in the whole yard.. I walked in.. the stuff looked so shutted...

I continued walking in with no one paying attention to me....

I saw something covered on the floor..I attempted to open it then I heard a voice..

Police: lady can I help you with anything


Me:yes...I'm looking for the owner of this house...why are u guys here . what happened?

Police: I don't know how to tell you this but the person u are looking for is the one covered there

Apparently there has been a break in

.He was shot together with his gate man and some items were stolen.. the police are still investigating.

I felt my whole body getting cold.. my eyes were all out.

Me: what did you just say?

My phone is ringing..it's Thando!!!!!



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