Johnathan is a British man; who deals with almost everything that got to do with white crime..when I mean white crime im not talking about race.

I will elaborate later about that.

I'm not married; but I do have a son who's a brat;thanks to her mother;he's 16 this year lives with his mother full time;well because of the job I do.

I don't want to expose him to this life well unless untill he's 21. He's the only child I have; although I wish I could have more but really I never had time.. like time to settle down and play Daddy or husband.

That is why I figured one child is enough to inherit all this riches when I die.

But my dream now is to settle down at 45; find myself a young beautiful girl to wife then make beautiful babies.

I smiled at that thought; well the reason I'm in South Africa it's because I feel like it is high time I expand my business this side;u know South Africa is Rich with almost everything.

It is a pity that South Africans don't realize how Rich their country is;hence almost everyone is opening a business this side...I'm also thinking of opening one..a huge one..one that's going to be a front for all my dealings.

It's been a month since I have been here; and I must say that on my second week here; we had some meeting on a hotel..we got drunk and parted really hard when the girls who were booked to "entertain" us stole the diamonds Worth..mxm let me not get on the amount because i feel hot thinking about it.

I have been trying to get this girl and get my diamonds back but it's seems like they are professional thugs; I can't seem to find them anywhere.

So here I am on my way to cape Town to meet up with one of my business partners.

I touched where I was shot;I smile...when I've settled well enough I will go on a search for my beautiful doctor...


Im supposed to be back in joburg by now but Simon called and told me to go meet up with Jonathan

Well I don't like him; he's arrogant and proud; well he is richer than me;5 times richer but I'm not intimidated by him.

It's just that me and him once betrayed each other before..so we don't fully trust one another. It was years back and we were both young but still..I don't forget

Simon trust him so I guess I should let my guard down...see my relationship with Simon is like the one of Tau and Gadaffi from Generations the legacy! Then the one I have with Jonathan is like the one of Tau and Jack mabaso..I'm Tau he's Jack in this case 

I need to see him and finish up so that I can go back to joburg; not that I'm eager to go there

I need to sort Gugu out

I am waiting here in this beautiful private restaurant ...there aren't many people here .I guess we are 5. The menu Is confusing like shit with their ridiculous prizes..not that I mind. I just hate spending so much on food.

Finally he makes the grand entrance with his guys..he still love white..white is his code... he's wearing it from top to bottom..he looks good if I may say

I stood up and shake hands with him...

John: Nation .it's been long .

Ok he calls me like that. I have made peace with it. .sechaba aka sizwe in isizulu so him being him decided to call me Nation

Me: John...it's been long

John: say that again man... sorry for being late... traffic this side is crazy

Me: it's been that joburg though..tell me how are u settling that side. .

John: pretty good actually..shall we get started?I've got like4 more meetings to attend after this

Me: sure..the sooner this get done the sooner I can go home to my woman

I said pulling up the briefcase and opened it...it was money packed according to their levels..

He smiled.. Jonathan's weakness is money..he's not married at 43 because he has been chasing money all over the world..I pray I don't become like him..

He closes the brief case and hand it to his boys who gave me his white brief case ..

I opened it..I smiled looking at the shiny jewelry in front of my eyes.. we shook hands

Me:it's always great doing business with you man

John: same..now let's order something to eat and drink and make this meeting normal

I agreed to that and called on the Waiter to serve us....


I just finished shopping at sandton then decided to go do my nails and put on a new weave

I look flames; I wish Jonathan could see me right now. So I'm here at mugg and bean for their delicious cuppocino and muffins

I'm calling Thando and filling her up about Jonathan she's laughing her lungs out...she thinks I'm joking this one...only if he could come back

Worse I don't even know where he lives;I can't find him on social media .how boring!

My order comes back ; I feel my heart with good food


I was in stiches after the phone call with Nazo; she is still crazy. I mean imagine her with a 43 year old man? No i need to hook my friend up with guys her age no seriously

Ok don't kill me! I know sechaba is older too but hai no!! 43-22?  That's my age right there!! Issa lot mntakabawo! 

I looked over my watch and realized that I have to go meet up with my new company lawyer..well since the business is growing I think it is fair I register it and cover it with necessary basics;like lawyers; insurance and the basics..

There's a knock on my door I say come in.. Lord have mercy! 

A handsome guy probably on his late 20s walked in...see I have something about black handsome men..no I'm not talking the Navy black I mean..the Crispy chocolate black...the sechaba kind..

This I front of me is a meal and half...geez; Thando stop lusting and focus mo gurl! Guy noticed im actually undressing him with my eyes..he cleared his throat and that brought my attention back

Guy: hi; the reception let me in; I'm Rudzani Mudau from Mudau Attorneys u contacted me about...

I cut him short..the lawyer!how can I embarrass myself in front of my lawyer though?

Me': uhm oh yes..I was just packing to go meet up with you ..

Rudzani: oh well I've cut your trip short then..I had a meeting around so I've figured I should pop by

Me: oh well please sit-down

Rudzani: that u

He says sitting down..gosh suddenly this office feels too small and too hot ..u see Bopape from skeem saam!?he got his looks; body; strong Venda accent..even when he speaks English u can tell that this man is Venda

Me: can I get u anything to drink?

Rudzani: water will be fine thank u

He said taking out his files..he doesn't even look at my direction..I called the reception to get us water..

--------DIAMONDS THIEVES -----

Nontle: can u please sit down... stop pacing up and down u are driving me crazy

Zama: I'm still amazed at how chilled u are nontle

We need to get give Lady G these diamonds and go back to our normal lives

Nontle: are u crazy?u call prostituting a normal life! Well u can go back if you want to..but this is my ticket to freedom and I'm not giving it away .boss G can go to hell for all I care .she's not getting these diamonds

Zama: I'm not happy about this Nontle..if Lady G finds out we are double crossing him or cheating her we dead

Nontle': don't worry .she's way too occupied by her man problems to notice..we need to get a buyer..and fast

Zama: how much do u think they cost?

Nontle:millions my dear sister .u see with this here.. we can start over somewhere...u can go back to school and study your dream law..I can finish up my fashion design dream and we can be sorted

Zama: u think so?

Nontle: I know so..all if you promise to not say a word about the diamonds to anyone.. especially that dragon called lady G

Zama: ok I promise..I can't wait to get out of this dump

Nontle: sekusele kancane baby girl ..we are almost there ..

Just then their bedroom door opened..the madam with 6 inch stilettoes and 30 inch curly weave and heavy make up stood in front of them

Lady G: mantombazana

Nontle: yes ma

Lady G: u have a very important gig tonight..so get ready..be sexy your driver will get u at 7

Nontle: am I doing it alone?

Lady G: no..this man want a threesome so u better impress. He paid a huge amount of money

Nontle: another Nigerian?

Lady G: yes baby...these days I'm rolling with big boys .oh my God im going to be rich...now get  ready girls

She said smiling a devious smile and walked out making Noise with her heels

Zama: I hate Nigerian sis..they have oversized Dick's that hurt me and they are always rough with a huge stamina

Nontle: don't worry baby..this might be the last gig we do ..I mean if this man is as rich as boss lady says; the we might sell the diamonds to him

Zama: in that case let's get ready

Nontle: Zama..don't panick..leave everything to me..u don't say a word about diamonds ok?  We there to satisfy that man

Zama: ok...

Nontle: good now come let's chose a dress. ..


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