-----Two weeks later------

Sechaba was back at Cape Town again; he was chilling with Thando on bed when he told her what has been happening the past two weeks and to inform her about Gugu's pregnancy

To his surprise; Thando didn't freak out or overacted;she just understood the situation and supported her man

On the other side; Gugu was not happy about this one bit. She was fuming that sechaba left her to Cape Town; he didn't hide his relationship with Thando although he respected her a bit. 


God knows I have been through the most; I mean for raising a  child alone for fuckin three years then when u think u have a chance of happiness and love; boom! Another woman pregnant but u know what; I will not give the devil that satisfaction

This is my man; yes it hurts like hell but I won't leave him after I've found him..we really wasted time over the years And now it is really a good time to make up for it

I don't care that I have to share him for now but I know at the end he will be mine..and mine alone.

Sechaba has been begging me to take Lesedi to the kgomo family for some welcoming and naming ceremony

Well I'm not too sure about that;I will have to speak to my mother.

My thoughts were dirstubed by Sechaba  hugging me from behind kissing my neck making me blush..

Sechaba: good morning baby

Me: morning love; u slept well

Sechaba: yes my queen I slept well; why are u up so early?

He said running his hands all the way from my boobs down to my belly and finally in between my legs; squeezing himself next to me..I didn't turn; just closed my eyes and enjoed the moment

Me:I couldn't sleep; this heat is too much

I said catching my breath because his hands was doing some amazing work on my Vijay..I felt his dick growing and busy poking my but..

He got up entered me from behind...I was ready for him.. soaking wet... yesterday we did the deed for hours; I slept with my pussy swollen.. but here it is; welcoming him in

He started giving me slow thrust and my pussy accommodated him before going all in driving me crazy

We woke up after some time and showered together and I went to prepare Lesedi because Sechaba is taking us out for breakfast..


I was doing some rounds around joburg CBD; I hate this place..it's always busy and dodgy..I always get a mini heart attack when I have to come here...

Well I'm now a third year medical student... everything is going well for me academically but when it's comes to relationship I've been unlucky

I did hook up with Sechaba again but he made it clear that it's all sex and nothing..as much as he was taking care of me; such as paying for my apartment since I moved out of with res and the rest..I needed him to be my man

Well all those dreams came crashing when he told me he's now dating ThandoI mean how lucky is that bitch though

I love Thando and we have been through a lot together to allow a mere dick mess our relationship

It is because of the love and respect I have for her that I allowed to end things with Sechaba; other than that I was going to enjoy pissing madam Gugu off..that bitch is annoying; she thinks she got all that.i wonder if Thando will handle her..but she should ask me for help..I will gladly assist her to sort Gugu out

Then out of the blue I felt this huge black car with tinted windows stop next to me and two guys pulled me inside and drove away with speed

My worst nightmare happened; all the scary stories I've been reading about;girls getting kidnapped and all thattoday it happening to me

I tried to digest what was happening and before I could scream I felt someone injecting me with something and then I was blind folded

Whatever I was injected with was a strong sedative because I passed out immediately


I just got off on the phone call from Thando; she was telling me that she's dating again! I'm happy for her; really I am; no mother wishes her daughter misery

I've always wanted her to be happy; to never be like me! Hence I tried to arrange her a marriage with the Kgomo's I wanted the best for her

I'm happy she's with one of the kgomo brothers; although I don't trust this Sechaba guy; he has that  strong aura around him; that send goosebumps to your spine without saying anything

I just hope he will treat her right and do right by her...Thando is my only child; I've struggled to raise her up..I mean having to run away from kzn when she was born when the Ngobese's realized she was coloured whereas their son was pure black..I mean black black.

Thing is I got married very young;naive and naughty; I was working at a certain hotel as a cleaner..when this young rich guy who kept on checking in at the hotel made a move to me

One night I developed seriously lust when I walked on him naked from the shower...I don't know how it happened but I woke up an hour later under his chest sweating and naked..I remember I ran and took a shower...he kept on running after me apologizing and all that

I went home; my husband had good news for me that night; he had been promoted at work and I was happy for him..we made sweet love...he didn't suspect anything

Three months later I found out I was pregnant and due the sonar dates ; I conceived that same night..I had resigned from the hotel..there was no need for me to work anymore because hubby was now working well

Through out the whole pregnancy I was hoping and praying that the child be of my husband

When I was 7 months pregnant; tragedy happened; my husband died on a car accident on his way home from work

I've never been so devastated in my life..I was beyond shattered..my rib and other half was no more..

I remember I watched his coffin going down and I screamed begging him not to leave me...

Weeks passedhis will was read; Ngobese left everything on my name; that made his family to hate me even more...like he changed his will when I got pregnant

It was time to give birth..my mother in law was supportive and by my side..but all that support vanished when I pushed out a coloured baby

I stayed up three months which was very difficult fit me..I managed to sell the house and move here to Limpopo with my aunt who had no kids or husband

She later died when Thando was 7 leaving me this house. Growing up Thando had questions especially with her hair;eye lashes and big round eyes.

Everyone could tell that she's not 100% black..she was beautiful..hence I decided to send her to joburg so that she can have some peace of mind...

Back to reality..I wonder what happened to her biological father...did he ever returned to South Africa? I only know that he was a foreign white man.. wherever he is..I hope he remains there..I don't want to complicate Thando's life further...


Sechaba is coming back today and Im over excited..I need to find a way to get this Thando gurl out of my way..no she's messing with my plans; And  there is no way I'm sharing my man with her; imagine sharing man with a kid...never! 

I took my phone and dialed her numbers it's time I set some boundaries..it's rang twice and she answered

Thando:Thando Ngobese speaking how may I help you?

Mhmm so that is how she answers her phone so professional; I wonder what does she do;I cleared my throat

Me:hi Thando it's Gugu here I think u my have heard about me

I hope not..I want to burst her bubbles when I tell her about me and sechaba

Thando: yes I have .how may I help u?

Me: I was wondering if maybe we could talk... about sechaba

Thando: oh? Really..ok..speak I'm listening

Me:good..so girly I'm just going to go straight to the point.. sechaba is my man..ok? I've been through thick and thin with him..his depressed sidehelped him to be the man that he is today so baby girl I don't even wanna crack my head with you...I'm pregnant and I'm sure u know that stress is not good for the baby

Leave my man alone and go back to where u were all these years.. don't worry about your daughter we will take care of her...just leave sechaba..I don't want bloods on my hands

Thando: are u seriously threatening me? Babe did u hear that? Your woman is threatening my life!

Sechaba: what? U speaking to Gugu? Give me that phone

Hello Gugu?

What the hell Gugu?

What the hell! I dropped my phone with my heart beating fast...what is sechaba still doing there..he should be on his way to joburg!I'm finished.. completely done

My phone rang..it's him..I let it ring till he drop..I don't know what to say to him because he's mad obviously and I know how he get when he's mad...I need to come up with a plan..fast

I quickly grab my car keys and drove out.. desperate times Calls for desperate solutions


I woke up with my head pounding like crazy..my eyelids were heavy..I tried to remember what happened then when I finally did I jumped up and sat up..I looked around..the bedroom was big and white . everything was white from the closet to this bed..it was a mini heaven

My eyes wondered around I saw a very very gorgeous man if there is such busy on his laptop wearing all white..from a white vest;to white pants and white sandals..I assume this is his house and bedroom

What am I doing here?oh my God.. could it be that I've been raped..I touched myself..I feel normal

He turned and looked at me..Lord have mercy on me..I'm kidnapped but damn my kidnapper Is hot.. he's flames..he looks familiar though I don't know where I have seen him or he looks like someone I I know..I don't know

He flips his long black curly hair back and limp making his way to the bed and Im about to shit on myself the way I'm so scared

He smiles briefly

Him: hi I'm Jonathan George

I just stared at him blank..how do I respond? Normally I would say it's a pleasure to meet u but now hell no..how can I be pleased to meet my kidnapper

John: listen I'm sorry for all the mix up..my boys got a wrong girl...sorry for the trauma..I was waiting for you to wake up so that I can let u go home

I felt a cold sweat go down my back..I was do relieved yet scared at the same time

John: so u can take a shower; open that closet and find something to wear and join me downstairs for supper

Is he crazy? I'm not showering here..let alone dining with him!

Me:urhm I'm sorry but I would really love to go home

John: honey it's 10pm and my driver's have long knocked off..as you can see..I'm not in a good state to drive..I won't hurt u...if I wanted to I would have long done that..shower and join me downstairs

He said limping his sexy ass out of the door...I hit the bed with so much frustration I wanted to go home..but I guess it's best I do as he say so that I can leave this house alive

I took the shower and looked for something to wear...all his clothes are white or cream white..is he obsessed with  white that much?

I found myself a pair of  Nike white track pants and a hoodie with some comfortable white  sleepers as I walked out of the door and my eyes landed on a beautiful view

Wow...yes sechaba's house in bryston is huge and beautiful but this...

I walked down the stairs and found him eating

John: I was starting to think u are not joining me.. those clothes look good on you though

I just poured myself the juice and sat down to watch him eat..as much as I'm traumatized to be here..his sight is calming my nerves

John: so do tell me about u

Me: what do u want to know?

John: everything if possible

Me: why?

John: because it's a long night and it's just the two of us here...

I shook my head in frustration..he kept quiet and continue with eating

Me: I'm Nazo Goba; 22 years medical student at Wits..

John: short and sweet I like that

Me: and what about u? Who are u and. Why did u kidnap me?

John: like I said; I'm Jonathan George;  43 years of age

Urhm u are here because I thought u are the girl that robbed me my diamonds a week back..I want them..but when the guys brought u in I realised they brought up a wrong person..just that your body structure is the same except that she had a tattoo and u have none

I chuckled..he speak polite yet he sounds so dangerous..and he doesn't look 43 at all...try maybe 28 yeah

As I was about to talk again he flinched in pain and held on his tighs

I looked at it and he was bleeding

Me: what is wrong?

John: I've been shot.. nothing hectic I will be fine

Me: have u seen a doctor though?

John: like I said..it's nothing big..I will be ok

I moved from my chair to his side and knelt down taking his hand from the wound

Me: let me see

He hesitated a bit but then pulled down his pants..he was on white briefs..I swallowed hard looking at his dick but I need to focus..I checked on the wound..it was bleeding.. whoever tied this wound did a messy job

Me: I need to clean this wound and change the bandage..where is your first aid kit?

John: in my bedroom; on the bathroom

I ran up and quickly take it..when I was down he was sweating..I touched his forehead.. He's sweating up

I put on my arm around his and we limped to the living room and sat him on his white leather couches

I looked for a strong whiskey; Dettol and cotton wools

Me: this will hurt a bit but I'm sure it's nothing u can't handle

I started doing my magic..for a moment I forgot everything and became a doctor.

I was done cleaning him and the fever has cooled down on him

He looked at me smiling through his pain 

John: u really are a doctor..thank u

Me: just doing my job..now here


I said handing him the painkillers I always carry on my bag because ngihlushwa ikhanda most of the time

He drank up and lay his head on the couch

John: do u still want to go home? I can arrange for a driver to pick u up

Me:no it's ok 

U said it that I'ts late and your driver's has knocked off so I will leave in the morning

John: ok u can go sleep on my bedroom I will sleep here

Me:but that is not coming comfortable..come let me help u up

He wanted to fight me but I insisted..we were not going to manage with the stairs so we took the lift...

I carefully placed him on the bed.. took off his shoes ..I went to the sleeping couch on the room and rested there

John: u can't sleep there..if u feel uncomfortable sharing a bed with me..there is a bedroom next to this one..go there and sleep

I dragged my ass out to where he was directing me to...ok this room was beautiful too but not like his..and this one was cream white..I made myself comfortable on the comfy bed and blankets

I don't know when I fell asleep because I was thinking about Jonathan

I was woken up by a knock..when I looked at the time in the wall watch I jumped realising it's 9 am

I went to Open the door..one of the guys who grabbed me from the street was standing by the door

Him:hi..the boss asked us to drop u home...please fix yourself so that we can go

Me: where is your boss? Is he fine now?

Him: yes he's fine and he is greatfull..he went out to a meeting in cape Town and coming back two weeks later

I was disappointed.. I wanted to see John again

I brushed my teeth...took my bag and walked out still in his clothes..the cars In the yard made me wonder if John is a president.. they were plenty and the house full of sevents going up and down

I got in the car with the tinted windows and I told him where I live

Within few minutes we have arrived...as I was getting out this guy gave me an envelope..I looked inside..it was money babes..I'm sure it was around 50 000 or more

I felt dizzy

Him: the boss says thank u for last night

I chuckled at his facial expression..I'm sure he's thinking we had sex

Me: tell your boss I had fun

I winked at him and got out.... Jonathan where the hell are u?



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