Today Sechaba is coming home and I so cannot wait to tell him the good news..I know for  a fact that he will be excited

I know when we first met he wasn't in a good space..but as time goes by he warmed up to me..I mean he's now participating on things done by people in love...we go to datesmovies and vacations

As much as I sometimes feels that i force things but I know that he loves mehe just a little bit push..hence I've been trying to fall pregnant in private.

That way he will have no choice but to marry me I'm not getting any younger..so does he...he is 30 and I'm 28 so nje we need to get the ball rolling...good thing is his father loves me.

With me pregnant now he will marry me and I will definitely push him to accept the chieftancy position 

This thing of him saying he doesn't want what belong to him by birth right is absolutely nonsense

Scehaba is rich true I agree..but with the chief tittle he will be more and very respected..

My thoughts are disturbed by a phone call..I take it and look at it...someone I'm not looking forward to hear from right now

Me: hello

Voice: are u ignoring me?

Me: why would I ignore u?

Voice : u haven't called me in two weeks Gugu that's not like u

Me:u know that when Sechaba is around I don't get time to be on the phone so please..

Voice: I hope u are doing what u are supposed to do..I hope u won't get too comfortable and forget our plan

Me: will u relax? The plan is already working...I mean I'm pregnant and I'm telling him when he gets home tonight..after that things will go well

Voice: that is my girl...now do keep me posted..I hate running after u

Me:(rolling my eyes) sure I will

I say and hang up the phone...checked on the food before going to take a bath


Saying goodbye to Thando was one difficult thing I had to-do 

I need to sort out things on my side so that we can be together..baby Sedi is sweet and lovely child 

I've told Kgosi about fathering a beautiful daughter and perusing Thando...he laughed and gave me all his blessingsboth on dating Thando and being a father to Sedi...saying he's ok being an uncle..imagine! 

I don't mind though because honestly i love Thando

having her on my arms filled the void and gap I had in my heart

I knew that we are destined for each other...I just need to sort my things including the sexual relationship with her friend..I need to end it

I arrive late in Joburg...Simon is out tomorrow he will go Lagos just to cool things a bit..I think that's a good move

I got home around 8pm and a beautiful aroma welcome me...she cooked...if there's one thing good about the women I've been with is how good they are in the kitchen

Gugu is an exception..she does everything I  ask her to do and go an extra mile just to make sure I'm happy and well taken off

I mean she even got me a therapist and helped me on getting back with dad...as much as she has all those qualities..there's just something that unsettles me about her...I don't seem to point my finger on it..and whenever I get that feeling I feel my hair shrink 

I won't say she's cheating on me it would have been easy to catch her..whatever it is..its huge and dangerous...hence I've been delaying of committing to her

I mean I can't marry someone I have doubts with..and to be honest nje I don't love her enough to spend the rest of my life with her...

I took off my blazer and make myself comfortable around the table drinking water...

She appears behind me smiling from ear to ear..smelling all fresh and good....

I stood up to hug her..

Gugu: I'm so glad u are back .I missed u 

Me: its good to be back hey

Gugu: I will dish up soon..why don't u take a shower meanwhile?  I have news to tell u

Me: oh really? Well I also have something to tell u

She smiles..well only if she knew I want to end whatever this thing we are having she won't smile like this 

Gugu: ok then..I guess we both have announcement to make...go shower I will get the food ready

I went to the bedroom and undress..before hitting the shower I call Thando and let her that ngihambe kahle..I speak with the princess a bit then hit the shower...

Got out wore my shorts and a vest then went downstairs..with this heat..it's useless to lotion yourself hey..u end up sweating..just put on a roll on and was good to go

Me:hmmm what do we have here

I said sitting down Around the table..she went all out..this is amazingI must say..

Gugu: well i hope u like it

She says while we take our forks and knife to dig in...hmmm delicious..I smiled at her approving her face light up with excitement 

Gugu: so what is it that you have to tell me?

Me: mhmm..well why don't u go first and tell me..I mean ladies first right?

Gugu: right..urhm..I dont  know how u  will feel about this but....well we are three months pregnant! 

She said the last line screaming in excitement I nearly chocked on my food...I coughed up really bad and drank up water...what the hell!!!? I told her I want no kids!

She rushed to my side to rub my back i yanked her hand off me. I was pissed 

Gugu: u ok?

Me: what the hell Gugu? How did this happen? Didn't I told u that I'm not ready for babies?

Gugu:well...I for one ready...we are not getting any younger Sechaba..I want a family..I want someone to call me mommy and...

Me: and u figured that u should trick me to it?Gugu I don't want no baby do u hear me?

I was beyond mad..not that i would mind having a baby...I just don't want a baby with her?

Gugu: well..I don't know ke what to do..u need to get your act together because the baby is here..and don't think of telling me to terminate 

Me: I will not...akere it is your life and decision?  Just as much as u won't tell or force me to be a father 

I got up and went to my bedroom..for a first Time in my life I needed my fathers advice on this

Oh gosh Limpopo is so damn far and I can't sleep I grabbed my phone and called him hoping he's not sleeping..luckily for me he was still up

I told him everything including Thando..he listened attentively and sighed

Ntante Kgomo: this is tricky...I suggest u marry both of them 

Me: whaat?  Hell no!

Ntante Kgomo : ok do u want your kid to be raised by another man? Besides that u can't let that girl go because she's pregnant..she's been good to u...marry both of them..they both love u in a different way...make Thando your first wife and Gugu the second 

Me: even if I do as u say...Gugu won't agree to that...she's 27 and Thando is 21..she will freak out..

Ntante kgomo: whether she approve or not..it is advisable to give all the power and authority to the person u love..so if u end up marrying both of them...Thando should be your first wife

Me:no father I don't think that will work..I don't want to marry Gugu 

Ntante Kgomo :then u will have to talk to Thando..if she agrees u can raise the child together 

I scratched my head..we spoke for a whole hour with dad..I hanged up and went out...

I found Gugu sleeping on the couch..she was watching a movie with two desserts 

I guess she was waiting for me and ended up falling asleep..

I shook her up..she woke up and moved for me to sit..

Me:as much as I'm very angry at u right now Gugu but I don't have a choice than  to accept that i will be a father 6 months from now

She smiled and clung on my arm

Gugu: thank you...I know u are scared babe..I am scared too..but we will figure this parenting together..I love you

She lay her head on my chest..I wrap my arm around her

Me: I  know

I kiss  her hair...my God...how do I get out  from this mess

We chill a bit then went to bed...she wanted sex but I was not in the mood for it..especially after getting it so good from Thando..she slept with an angry face

I woke up around 4 am and gave her three strong rounds..made sure she comes twice in one round...when I was done I went to take a shower and left her to rest 

I got out with a wrapped towel around my waist...I found her with my phone at her hand..her look was very evil

Me: what are u doing with my phone so early in the morning? 

I said taking it from her and checking it..she was staring at the picture of me and Lesedi...although she's light like her mother and Kgosi...she looks like me

Gugu: when were u going to tell me

Me: I wanted to last night but then I got disturbed 

Gugu: so u went to her?all this time when u said  u were going to cape town with business u actually meant your little family 

Me: stop being crazy. .I found out recently that i have a daughter..I didn't know all these years so please

She quickly wiped her tears and sat up straight 

Gugu: so what's going to happen ? I mean do u love her?

Its now or never right? I sat down at the edge of the bed..with my hands on my eyes

Me: I  do lover her

I heard her swallowing a lump on her throat 

Gugu: what does that mean?

Me: I don't know yet Gugu. ..just give Me time to process this whole thing ok? I mean she left her and I didn't know where she was..and I recently found her..I was hoping to work things out with her..but then...here u are..pregnant 

I saw a smile creep on  her face...oh no...she better not think that she's going to trap me with a baby and think  that i will drop Thando for her..she got another thing coming! 

I walked up to my closet to get clothes for work...I need to get out of here before I say things I will regret...


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