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Sechaba and his brother Kgosi drove out in a speed to airport..luckily for them they arrived on time  before Katlego take his flight 

The hugs that took place there..u could tell that these two truly love one another...Katlego is 23a beauty and make up student..he's coloured and very hot.

They then drove back together to Sechaba's house 

That same night Kgosi decided to be brave and face his dad...he drove back home and arrived in the early hours of the morning...

His dad was so shocked to see him coming alone without Thando..Kgosi made his intentions clear that he doesn't want to marry Thando or be involved in any traditions that has to do with the chieftaincy 

Mr Kgomo tried to threaten him about disowning himKgosi didn't care...he left home and Mr Kgomo had a panick attack and was later admitted to the hospital...the doctors told him to take it easy as he's old..his health is weak now.


Thando was back home with her mother..she changed her number to avoid unnecessary phone calls from Kgosi who was apologizing and she wasn't not giving in...

Her mother tried to reason with her but Thando told her she's in this mess because of her in the first place so she must let her be.

Matric results came out...mo girl passed with flying colours...Nazo did too...Thando chose UCT to study IT and Nazo chose Wits to study medicine...

On Sechaba's side.. his businesses were expanding and he was growing rich everyday..as much as he was still doing the illegally activities but he was not into too deep on it...

He was now seeing a classy and educated lady by the name of Gugu...trying this relationship thing.


---THANDO ---

I was standing in front of the mirror naked..looking at my tummy..everyday I always look at it hop ing that it will disappear but no..it's keep on growing up...I'm pregnant!

Nobody knows about this except Nazo..I last went home when I was three months...I don't know how my mother will react to this...worse of it all I don't want anything to do with the Kgomo's they can all go to hell for all I care..

At first I hated this pregnancy..I drank everything and anything possible to get rid of it but nothing helped...as time goes by..I've learned to love my baby and I can't wait for him/ her to come out 

I know I'm still a first year student with a demanding course but I'm planning on making it work..not for me; but for my mother also.

I'm just worried that i will be booked to Labour soon and I'm all alone here..its pains me that i won't have my mother hold my hand....

I wiped my tears and wore my gown prepare to study...I will be writing exams soon I still don't know how I'm going to do it with my pregnancy so huge...swollen feet and huge nose...I can deliver any time and I have to study ..worse of it all I'm a loner..I don't really have friends except for my study group mates that i talk to randomly..I've refrained making relationships because they turn out to be disastrous 

The stress level in me right now...I just can't seem to be  doing it alright 

As I was trying to focus on studyingI heard a knock..that might be Tshepo...that guy is always on my case..we are in the same study group and he has a crush on me..I've never heard someone crushing on a pregnant woman..it crazy 

I lazily got up wore my sleepers and dragged my huge self to get the door...to my surprise it was my mother! 

I  nearly gave  birth right there!She looked at me from head to toes..I just froze..I was shaking and so scared..but deep down I was so happy she was here..

She breathed out and gave me a tight hug

MaNgobese : kodwa Thando

Me: I'm sorry mama

MaNgobese :why do u hurt me this much Mara Thando? U wanna give birth alone without telling me? If it wasn't for Nazo bengeke ngazi kuthi uzethwele?

Nazo! Nazo!  I will kill you...but I'm glad u told my mom...shes been forcing me to tell he for quite a long time

My mom and I sat down and had a conversation about everything..I lied of course about the baby's father..I know if I tell her about Kgosi being the father she will force me to take the baby there and I don't want to see Kgosi ever again...so I lied and said I don't know who the baby's father..I lied saying I just had a crazy night out with friends...my mom again gave me a serious lecture but I knew I'm not telling her the truth 

The next few days were a bit better with my mom around..cooking for me and helping me bath...she even bought me baby's clothes...

Then one night I was coming from the bathroom around 11pm when my water broke..I screamed for my mother who woke up so scared..she saw the water between my legs and started running around getting things closer...changed my pyjamas to a neat clean dress and sandals while taking my bags

She helped me to the car and off we go to Life hospital..

6 hours later of screaming and kicks I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and named her Lesedi Ngobese...she was so beautiful...providing the fact that Kgosi and I are hot..I fell in love with her even more...

3 Years later

---SECHABA ----

It's been over 3years now since Kgosi pulled the stunt he did  that made my father's health weak. He's now on and off from hospitals 

Gugu advised me to sort things with my father..it was so not easy seeing him in that hospital bed weak...I felt anger and pity same time..I wanted to strangle him to death..

We had a heart to heart conversation where he told me the reason that he abused me was that he thought I wasn't his..like somehow in his relationship with my mother she was raped..he assumed I'm the product of that rape little did he know that i was already conceived

That results in him hating me..he was punishing my mother's rapist through me..he later found out  that i am his biological son when he stopped raping me when I was 16 but it was too late..the hate was already built 

I must say it has not been easy...but with Gugu on my side supporting me and encouraging me to attend counselling and all...we are now talking with father

Although I don't think we will ever have a close relationship but its no longer that bad...my father's health has forced me to spend much time home helping with the chieftaincy..I don't want it..ive made that clear..

I'm just holding in for Thato who will soon be 21 then take over the ropes then I can proceed with my own life...

Kgosi and Katlego are now married and living their best live in L.A.

I've seen Nazo around Gauteng a couple of times..she has grown up..she's no longer clingy..she understands I have a woman 

We just do those random fucks here there...I've asked her numerous times about her friend Thando but she always changes the subject..

I received a text from Simon saying that he was arrested in cape town for drugs...Simon arrested? That is not good...how the hell did that happened 

I figured that someone set him up...Simon doesn't carry drugs around with him..never...

I took my own private jet and landed there three hours later. I arrived there and asked to see him.

He was so stressed out and frustrated..

Me: Okoli..what is happening ? 

Simon: Kgomo I have no fucken idea what is going on..ok..I don't know..but don't worry I have requested a meeting with one of the best lady in the IT business..she will help me get rid of all the evidence pointing at me..help me with wiping my accounts and moving my money

Me: how long can she get here?we don't have time. .

Simon: she must be on the way

Simon didn't finish that sentence the authorities got in with a sexy class lady on her navy and white suit..her stilletos were making noise on the tiles..

He big round eyes; black silky hair..and small lips how can I forget her? Thando!  She look so grown up yet  very sexy...

She noticed me too but due to the emergency at hand..she just winked at me before sitting  down to do her work...

---THANDO ---

I love my work..it is so risky but it has money..i love it because it pays..the pay is so good that i am able to give my mother and daughter a good life 

My mother is still in Limpopo well she has a man now so i live with my daughter in the penthouse around..my daughter is 3 years;very beautiful and talkative 

With this line of my work it is risky because I work with gangsters and people who breaks the law..sometime with the law

What bores me about working for the state is that they don't pay well like the wrong doers

I mean look at Simonhe's rich and has paid fortune for me to clean his accounts...I recently started my own company and I have 7 best ladies working with me..I'm planning to give female a chance in this world known to be dominated by men

Seeing Sechaba shocked me..I last saw him that day at his house..he hasn't changed much..still fit and sexy...just seeing him here got me goosebumps 

I was really not expecting him to be associated with Simon but now it makes sense..

I was done with what I came here  to do walking down to my car when I heard him calling me

Sechaba : Thando 

I turned around he was running to me..I put on my bags in the car and stood by the door..he reached  me

Me: hey long time no see

Sechaba: damn I thought u were dead!

He said hugging me..his muscular arms and chest made me wish to not pull out...to think that I've never been with other men since Kgosi...it's embarrassing...I've been too focused on my daughter and giving her the best life that i shut the dating issue out

Me: its been long indeed...

Sechaba: and u are smoking hot...so are u based this side?

Me: yes..I live here permanently now...

Sechaba : okay..since I can see u are in a hurry  can u give me your numbers I will call u when I'm done here for a catch up?

Me: sure I would  love that

We exchanged numbers..I got in my car and drove off to the office...

I updated the ladies on what they must do then went up to my office..I tried searching Sechaba on social media but still..he's private as fuck..not even a single social media account registered under his name..

I then came across Kgosi...browsed through his pictures..he  looks so happy and he's married living In Los Angels 

I logged out and thought of Sechaba found myself smiling alone..remembering those few times I hanged around him...we had that connection u know..

Knock off time came and I went home..I found my princess drawing stuff on her book..I chilled with her till it was time to sleep.

I bathed her and read her stories then tucked her in...I went to prepare some food for myself...I have a nanny that picks Lesedi from day care and leaves when I get home...she sometimes helps with cooking..

I finished eating then decided to go shower...it was a bit hot...I got out  with my hair wet..wrapped the towel around myself...

I poured myself a glass of wine and watched t.v...it was late around 10 when the bottle was half empty and I was so tipsy...I heard a knock just after switching off the lights to go sleep 

I switched them on wondering who can be knocking here at this time...maybe my annoying neighbour 

I opened and was met by Sechaba's handsome face.I was shocked as to how did he know where I live?I let him in

Me : how did u know where I live?

Sechaba: researched..sorry to come by late..we finished up late

Me: okay...want something to eat?

Sechaba : no..I want u...


He pulled me so closer to him and held my waist with his big hands..gosh its been so damn long I've been this close to a man...his cologne filled me up and sent shivers to my spine..

Sechaba: Thando I've been thinking about u all these years. ..asking around  for you...i made a mistake of letting u go once...now that I've found u ..I won't let u out of my sight again

With that said he smashed his big  lips on mine...the hunger  and desire for a man weakened me..

I responded and minutes later we were in my bedroom with me undressing him...he took charge and got on top of me..did all the foreplay stuff but I wanted him in already...

I felt him rub the tip of his big dick on the entrance of my nana..the way i was so wet...he pushed it slowly and I gasped with pain..he was big and I was so tight...I only slept with Kgosi...

Sechaba: damn Thando u are so tight!

He tried again up until he was in..my nana accommodate him..he gave me few strokes to make comfortable before going all in and deep on me..the way i was screaming..I forgot that Sedi is in the next room..thank God I soundproofed the room long time ago when I had a chance..she would have been here now

Sechaba turned me around for a doggy when he hit me hard i felt my legs shaking and vibrating..sperms  flowing through my legs

We kept on going and going changing positions till we fell asleep 

The following day was Saturday so i was not going to work...we stayed up talking with Sechaba..he filled me up with what made him hate his dad..he was emotional and crying at some point...and confessed his love for me..strangely and surprisingly I love him too...I wish I saw the signs and went for him first

We drifted to sleep peacefully around 4 am ...I woke  up at 6..my body is used to it..looked at the man next to me..he was sleeping peacefully...I love him..yes he's not perfect got his flaws but I love him..there's only one trouble now ...the lady in his life...ai but I will let him deal with it on his own..

I tried getting up from him he pulled me down...I laughed..he kissed me and the next thing  I was on top riding him

I've never did this but him being a good teacher I got it right within few minutes 

We both got up and went to shower...I finished getting dressed first while he was looking at me while laying on the bed

Me: I have something to show you...Please dont move

He smiled hopelessly and said ok..I took a deep breath and went to open the door...Lesedi was standing outside with her thumb on the mouth holding her dolly

I took her inside...Sechaba sat up straight with his eyes popped out

Me:meet my daughter...Lesedi...

Sechaba : is this what I think it is?

Me: yes..that night I fell pregnant..she's Kgosi's daughter 

Sechaba got up from bed and took Lesedi from me and span her around giving her kisses busy reciting the Kgomo clan names..I just felt tears streaming down my face...my daughter's laughter and giggles just softened my heart

I decided to leave them be and went  to prepare breakfast..as I was busy I felt Sechaba hugging me from behind kissing my neck 

Sechaba : she's so beautiful..just like u

Me:I get that everywhere..but I think she looks like her dad..

Sechaba : yeah that too..no doubt..why u never said anything 

Me: I was hurt..I was angry..but now I've forgiven him...

Sechaba: we have to tell him Thando..he need to know..then he can make a choice if he want to be In his childs life or not

Me: u won't have a problem with that?

Sechaba: what for ? he's my younger brother and Lesedi is my daughter too...so I will give him a ring ok?

I smiled a little while saying ok..he kissed my lips and turned to Lesedi who was so focused on Sechaba's phone playing games...

Sechaba: nana..borrow daddy the phone I need to make a phone call

Lesedi: can we take pictures?  

Sechaba: of course my princess...

They then started posing for crazy selfies with tounge out I just smiled out at them...



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