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I woke up with my phone irritating me by ringing non stop

I stretched my hand reaching it under the pillow..I sat up straight with my head pounding like crazy..I guess I went too deep in alcohol 

I looked at the screen with my eyes half closed and I saw "pops" popping up on the screen I cleared my voice answering 

Me: ntante...

Kgomo : Kgosi...u still sleeping at this time?

Me: its 6 o'clock dad come on. ..

Kgomo: time waits for no man..have u met  the girl? U need to come back for wedding preparations..

Me: ( clears throat ) yes father I've met her and everything is going to the plan 

Kgomo: good..know that I'm giving u a second  option in life..don't mess it up...by the end of this week come back home ..I need to know how close u have become with the girl ok?

Me: (rolls eyes ) yes father..

He hanged up..I checked at my messages...called bae first then I Called my so called wife to be. .I'm sure she's mad at Me...

Her phone rang unanswered for a while before she picked it up...

Thando: yes..

Me: not even a hello

Thando: kgosi I don't have Time I'm  running late for school 

Me: ( sighs ) ok I guess I deserve that...look Thando I'm sorry about last night ok...I just..I mean things were a bit up and down with me..I mixed things and stuff...I shouldn't have met up with u especially with some businesses on the side..I'm sorry princess for dropping u off like that...

Thando : it was so embarrassing Kgosi..u have no idea how awkward it was when u have left there..

Me: I can imagine..I'm sorry...

Thando: yeah whatever...look can I go now?

Me: can  I at least come get u for a late lunch? I promise this time its gonna just be the two of us..I want to make up for yesterday 

Thando: I don't know Kgosi..I mean after last night...

Me : give me another chance...please my love...

Thando:(sighs) ok fine...later then

Me : thank  u my princess..enjoy the rest of the day ok?

Thando : thanks u too...

I hanged up and wiped my tears getting up

I fixed my bed and went to take a long derseving shower..how the hell am I going to get out of this?  My partner is sure mad at me for this..I have to make a choice..my happiness or relationship with dad or legacy?

I got out of the shower with a towel wrapped around my waist..I applied the body lotion then got dressed.

I put on my black skinny jeans black Nike t-shirt  black sneakers plus my black watch

U May say that black is my favourite colour...it's suits me since I'm light in complexion...as I was fixing my face and neck I  noticed the love bite...shit. .I cant  go out to Thando looking like this..she will just conclude about last night.

I went downstairs and found my brother  drinking coffee with his iPad on his hands

He looked up and realised its me..I dished up the cereal and sat down

Sechaba : u are up?

Me: yep

Sechaba : slept well?

Me : I think I did

Sechaba : when were u planning to tell me that this is an arranged marriage? 

I kept quiet and continued with eating...I'm not in  the mood to discuss this

Sechaba: kgosi I know something is going on and  it has dad written all over it

U don't have to go through this wedding if its not something u want...all u have to do is just say the word and I will help u

Me : u just don't understand..it's not easy like that ok.? So leave it..I will see how I get out of this situation 

Sechaba : Kgosi. .I can't help u if u don't tell me what's wrong...

I banged the table with my fist...Thabi screamed..I was fuming

Me:just leave  it Sechaba!   I'm not a kid dammit!  I'm capable of solving my own troubles 

I got up and left..

---SECHABA --- 

Something is definitely wrong with Kgosi..I wish he could tell me what's wrong so that I can help him..I hate this state he is in...

Thabi kissed my cheek and sat down dishing up cereal too

Thabi: someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed...what's wrong with your brother?

Me: I wish I had an idea...let him cool down he will tell me when he's ready...

I have to bounce..see u at work..

I said kissing her lips briefly 

Thabi: I thought we would ride together today..

Me: we can't...since I will have a meeting out of town during lunch...

Thabi: ok..do come home a bit early...I have a surprise for u...

She said winking at me..i smiled mischievous picking up my blazer 

Me: I will try  to wrap up everything early 

I took my things and left...

As I was driving out I decided to call the kid...she picked up on the second ring

Nazo: daddy

Me: calling like that makes the big guy excited..

Nazo: oh my! .

Me:are u ok? U ready for today?

Nazo: more than ready...I'm actually shopping for  a sexy lingerie right now...

Me: ok and school?

Nazo: I reported sick... a day away won't hurt..

I chuckled. .she's a wild cat..hence I like  her..unlike her friend..my brother's fiancee..she looks too innocent for.  Argh marn why am I even thinking about  her?

Nazo: hello..are u still here?

Me: uhmm oh yes I'm here..just saying I can't wait to be with you..

Nazo: same here..see u then

Me: see u

I hanged up and proceeded to the office


I finished  up talking to Sechaba biting my lips..I need to perform well..Sechaba can be a perfect blesser for me..he's loaded...he's sexy..he is hot...I can't wait to be doing things to him 

I had to lie to Thando and pretend to be sick so that she doesn't ask questions

I love my friend but she can be annoying at times shame...

I finished up buying my things and took a cab to Sechaba's house as per the address  he sent....

I arrived ..wow this place looks like a palace..the houses I only see on Nigerian movies or top billing shows

The security escorted me in and offered me a drink...I asked for champagne 

I made myself comfortable on the white couches as he left me to feel at home

Imagine owning such a big house like this...I sipped my third glass  feeling tipsy and gave myself a tour around the house

It was big..by the time the bottle was finished  it was 11...shit Sechaba  will soon be here...

I ran up to one of the bedrooms and took a shower...got out  and wore the black and red sexy lingerie

Put on my heels and a bit of make up..I heard the door downstairs opening...I took my bublegum and chew it to prevent the smell of alcohol...

I catwalked and met him halfway the stairs..

Sechaba : wow...

Me: like what u see?

Sechaba: very...

He picked me up to his waist..and hungrily kissed me...I was carefully with my hands around his neck...

He carried me to a bedroom...it was beautiful and cosy but I could tell its not the master bedroom

He lay me Down and stood up taking of his tie..and shirt..followed by his watch..I bit my lips

By the time he was done undressing his dick was hard pointing up. ..it was so big and black..I swallowed hard..looking at it

He searched for condoms and teared it put it on and came  on me...


I finished up a bit early today at school and went back endlini...

I was surprised to see that Nazo is not around...she said she was not feeling good...what's up with her ?

I called her but it rang unanswered..I decided to leave her..

Shes an adult after all..I changed into jeans crop top shirt with some peach heels and my single side bag

Kgosi texted me saying he's outside..I walked up to him..damn he's such a cutie though..all the anger I had vanished the moment I sat my eyes on him...his smiled finished me..I must say that he looks so yummy right now..I could eat him

He welcomed me with a hug..I inhaled  his cologne before breaking off the hug

Me: hi

Kgosi : hi..u good?

Me: I'm great and u

Kgosi: now that u are here I'm great...let's go

He opened the door and I got in...we drove around then my favourite song popped in..Nicki minaj -pills and portions 

When its get to the verse of " people will  love and support you when it beneficial " we both rapped it..

We smiled at each other after that and held hands..he kissed my hand and continued with driving

We arrived at some fancy restaurant..he opened a chair for me we sat down

Kgosi: so what would like to order?

He said taking the menu..I had no idea what was on the menu..he laughed and ordered for us..

He then took my hands busy playing with them...I blushed..his hands are so soft..I guess I'm obsessed with them

Kgosi: so how was your day?

Me : not bad and yours?

Kgosi : just a day...I'm sorry about yesterday ok?

Me: all forgiven..

Kgosi: I'm glad...so do tell me about yourself 

Well I told him everything he would love to hear from a girl that he's supposed to marry...I must say I was so against this idea of an arranged marriage at first but maybe it's not such a bad idea if I'm going to end up with a handsome husband like Kgosi...

Our food came..we digged in as he filled me up about himself..realised that he's a lover of life..workaholicself driven and uyazithanda kakhulu

I must say today was very perfect than yesterday..we finished up and he drove me back to our place..dropped me at the gate..we remained in the car for few minutes

Thando: thank u for today .I had fun 

Kgosi : me too...I'm looking forward to know you better Thando 

Me: same here

We hugged so tight...pulled out and looked at each deep into the eyes..he draw closer I did...just as our lips were an inch apart..with my eyes closed ready to taste his soft pink lips..he moved away clearing his throat...the embarrassment!  

Kgosi: uhmm..I guess we should call it a night 

Me: uhm  yeah I guess we should...goodbye then

Kgosi: bye..I will call u before  I sleep

I flashed a smile and walked out..I got in the room Nazo was sleeping with her face down

I guess she's still not ok..I couldn't wait to tell her about my outing with Kgosi...although I wanted us to kiss so badly but I won't rush...I'm just glad we have taken baby steps...

Me friend...Nazo? 


She said shifting her head up looking at me. ..I noticed that she was crying

Me: wooh friend what's wrong? Why are u crying? 

Nazo: I don't know friend..

Me: Nazo u  are scarring me..u mean uvele wakhala nje with no good reason?

Nazo: well..thing is friend  there's this guy I like..I truly do...but I think he doesn't see me that way..I ruined things by sleeping with him..now he probably thinks I'm a slut 

Me: friend..slow down a bit..u are moving too fast and I'm unable to catch u...what are u talking about?

Nazo: maybe I should call him and explain that i love him. .u know friend today after doing the deed he just got of and went to take a shower  got dressed and left me some money for an uber..I mean I know the sex was good..he enjoyed it as much as I did..but then

I folded my hands and decided to listen to the madness she was telling me because trying to stop her didn't make any sense..she picked up her phone and called the so call guy

Nazo: hi

Sechaba :(sleepy voice) hi

Nazo: its Nazo...I mean we hooked up earlier...

Sechaba: I know who u are but why are u calling me this late? 

Nazo: I wanted us to talk about...

Sechaba: look its really late..my girlfriend is sleeping so it would rude talking disturbing her sleep...goodnight 

I saw her facial expression changing and immediately tears dropped..I didn't know what to do..I just went and hugged her

Nazo: friend he has a girlfriend..

Me: I'm so sorry friend...

Nazo: he has a fucken girlfriend..but what was I thinking?  I mean a man in his calibre is capable of having a girlfriend or a wife...

Me: eix friend sorry..


Kgosi brought Thando over dinner again at Sechaba's house...he was trying  to sort out the mess he created last time

This time around Thabi wasn't around to make dinner she went home so they decided to order in

Thando was looking over at the collection of wines leaving the two brothers to talk...she hold one reading the ingredients 

Sechaba:one of my finest wines..u know my business mentor gifted me when we finished a huge deal at Lagos two years ago

Thando: wow..so u kept it here for two years?

Sechaba: yes..ive served it for special occasions 

He said taking it from her...took two glasses washed them with water and opened it pouring it on the glasses 

Thando: I thought u said u served it for special occasions

Sechaba : well let's just say u being here it is a special occasion 

Thando: wow I'm flattered..thank you

So where Is your girlfriend? 

Sechaba: whoaah...who is my girlfriend? 

Thando: the lady that prepared us dinner the other day? 

Sechaba: I think I introduced her as my friend...what gave u the impression that she's my girlfriend? 

Thando said " wow" silently sipping her wine and continued  looking at the wines

Thando : so u mean to tell me that u are single?

Sechaba : yes I am..but sex is excluded...

Thando : ofcourse I mean u have a " friend" living with you

Sechaba chuckled at that sipping the wine too

Sechaba: let's just say...I'm not ready to be in a relationship..I mean I don't know anything about love..never got any as a kid..how the hell do I begin loving someone else? How do I give someone something I don't know?

Thando : u don't have to know it to give it. .no one actually attends a school of love or relationship to love someone..it has to be something that comes within..something that makes u happy...

U  see with Kgosi..I don't love him..if I were to be honest with you..but I'm giving myself a chance to learn to love  him

Sechaba: how old are u again?

Thando rolled her eyes hitting his Arm

Thando: its rude to ask a lady how old is she..didn't your father told u that?

With that  statement Sechaba frowned and gulped his wine

Thando : I'm sorry..did I say something wrong? 

Sechaba : not really...lets  go back to the dining area..I'm sure Kgosi is done with bathing 

Thando: oh he was taking a bath? Can u show me his bedroom ? I think I need a bathroom

Sechaba led her to his room and left her there..

Thando walked in and Kgosi was naked..he jumped up when he saw her and picked up his towel...Thando was drooling over his sexy body

Kgosi : Jesus Thando knock next time! 

Thando: I'm sorry..I need a bathroom 

Kgosi: go straight 

Thando walked to the bathroom..did her thing and walked out...Kgosi was now on his shorts and a vest

Kgosi :I'm sure our food is here..let's go out

Thando pulled his hand to her...

Thando : wait...ummm..I think I wanna sleep here tonight?

Kgosi : whaaat? No!

Thando raised her eyebrow..Kgosi cleared his throat 

Kgosi: not that i don't want to but I mean tomorrow its school's day and I don't want u to...

Thando put  her finger on his mouth indicating that he should shut up...wine was doing things ku girl..

She moved closer and kissed him..at first Kgosi was dumbstruck...Thando opened her eyes to look at him

Thando: thought u will kiss me back?

Kgosi" uhmm I'm sorry just that u caught  me offguard 

Thando smiling kissed him again..this time slowly..he responded..his lips were  sweet and very soft...when the kiss was heating up Kgosi pulled out 

Kgosi: I think we should go...my  brother is...

Thando: I dont think he will mind..

Kgosi: no Thando let's go..

Thando: are u seriously going to leave me hanging like this ?

Kgosi went to the door and opened it and stood outside his room...Thando looked at him in disbelief 

Kgosi:let's go...supper is ready...



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